Krusty's Super Fun House

  • Released on Feb 19, 1992
  • By Acclaim for SNES

Krusty's Super Fun House Cheats

Krusty's Super Fun House cheats, and Codes for SNES.


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Cheat Mode
Enter _Joshua_ as a password, where "_" indicates a space. This allows all rooms to be accessed, unlimited live,s and pies/balls to be refilled by pressing L+R.
Easy Rat Trapping
This may be done in any room where Krusty has at least two moveable blocks. Position the first block near a wall. Wait until the rats have crossed and are betwene the wall and te block. While stangin on top of the 1st block, release the block that Krusty is carrying and trap the rats. If the area where the rats are trapped is only as wide as one block, all the rats in that spice will be compressed into a single rat. THis is especially useful in the areas where Krusty must build stairs for the rats to climb in order to reach the trap.