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Immediately press Circle when the name of the current room is displayed.


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Try training Edward as a bareknuckle fighter from early on in the game. You won't find your first set of knuckles until the second disc, but if Edward can fight without a weapon, he's a useful back-up for those times when you run out of equipment.
In order for this particular sword to be released, Koudelka's party must first defeat the gargoyle in the chapel.
Try training one party member - usually Edward - as a fighter, another - usually James - purely as a magic user, and your third - usually Koudelka - as something inbetween. You don't get enough stat upgrades to have your characters be amazing at everything.
The Pendent
You people think that if you didn't get this some where before that No return point at the end of the game, you think your screwed. Well your wrong. There a black cat you can fight on the ledge with the antenna thing. Climb up on the ledge and walk the opposite direction of where the antenna thing is. You will automatically fight the cat if you don't have the pendent. This is at the screen that is right before the room where you have to have the pendent.

btw since the cat is easy to kill and it automatically fight you if you don't have the pendent. You can use this fight to lvl you characters. Just get rid of the pendent before each fight.
Three Endings
There are three endings to Koudelka.

Without the Pendant
If you don't have Koudelka's pendant, or your discard it, you will have an extra FMV and a game over-scene rather than fighting the final boss.

With the Pendant - Lose to Elaine
If you lose to Elaine in the final battle, you will get the second ending, and the one which Shadow Hearts continues from.

With the Pendant - Defeat Elaine
Although in theory this is the best ending, many people feel differently, and since Shadow Hearts continues from the other ending, it cannot be assumed to be the 'real' one. Still, worth seeing.


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The pendant that you get in disk three is NOT TO BE THROWN AWAY, if you do the game will not end.
Secret Items
Okay, there are secret items that you can get in the game depending on the number of all the items that you have put together(weapons,tools,armor,pendants).

Here is how it works, each of the items listed below have a number next to it, that number is the time. If the time on the game clock reaches which ever the number that is to the right of the item below, then you get that item, for example:

If you wanted Roger's tsue you would have to wait until the clock reaches 22:22:22, meaning 22 hours,22 minutes, and 22 seconds, and you would have to 10, 21, 32, or 43 items in your inventory, then the Roger's tsue will magically appear in you inventory.
Hint: you must kill the gargoyle before the clock reaches 11:11:11 in order to get the gargoyle claw( note: that weapon brings your VIT,STR,AGT,and DEX all to 99, but it breakes after you use it 3 time, So don't use it unless you are fighting the last boss).

01:11:11 -> Besh no yubiwa (some kind of finger ring)
02:22:22 -> Ogden's Shatsu (Ogden's undershirt)
03:33:33 -> kuronuni no esa (some food)
04:44:44 -> Charu no Eben
05:55:55 -> Tamacosoziru
10:10:10 -> Ogden's Ono (Ogden's Axe)
11:11:11 -> Gargoyle Claw
22:22:22 -> Roger's Tsue (Roger's bacon cane)
The unreal ending
In process of the game, you must get the Pendant in because you can't complete the game without it. It's on the fountain behind guilotine room in the Inner Ground. While playing, you mustn't discard it.