Arcade Advanced review
Great Arcade Fun. . . for the most part.

The good:

-Multiple games.
-Tons o' fun.

The bad:

-To get updated graphics (in some cases,) you need to input the famous "Konami" code.
-High scores are not saved.
-Little replay value.


Okay, honestly, who doesn't like Frogger? I mean, how can sending a frog across an insane highway and floating logs and turtles not be fun. So let's just skip that for now.

Then there's Scrambler. It's decent. Not terribly fun, but provides an interesting challenge. . . until you beat it and the game starts over again.

Then there's Time Pilot. Ridiculously simple, yet ridiculously hard at the same time. This game is almost guaranteed to make your thumbs go numb and cramp up after extended play.

Gyruss. Gyruss is my personal favorite. It's like space invaders, only it's in a circle instead of just up/down. Eh, that one's a little tricky to explain, but needless to say, it's darn fun.

Yie-Ar-Kung-Fu is perhaps the worst of the bunch. Probably one of the first one-on-one fighting games, so there aren't really any combos, and you only get a couple of moves. Blocking consists of attacking your opponent's attack. Control is nearly impossible.

Rush n' Attack, however, is awesome. This game was clearly made with anti-communist views. (Enemies fly planes with red stars, other enemies wear cossacks. Rush n' Attack = Russian Attack. Coincidence?) But it's ridiculously fun, nevertheless. You run around killing communists in order to rescue P.O.W.s in a few levels with some mildly challenging bosses. Kind of like Contra, except not quite as good, and with communists instead of aliens. Oh yeah. And you get a knife. Not a gun.

Most of these games are very entertaining to play, and since you'll probably find this game at bargain pricing, it's a good buy. There are some problems, however. Most of the games just don't retain their replay value. Once you've "beaten" one of the arcade games, it just starts over from the beginning again, and this would be fun except for one tiny thing. It doesn't save your high scores when you turn the cartridge off. Every time you turn it back on, it's a clean slate, and what fun is that if you can't show off to your friends how amazing your scores are when theirs are terrible? There are updated graphics on some of the games, (namely Frogger, and Scrambler) and some bonuses on the others, however these can only be accessed by use of the famous Konami code. Konami would have been better off leaving them as features that you can unlock by getting higher scores in a manner similar to the Game & Watch series that has spanned three generations of Gameboy. It would've given players something to work toward, as opposed to "Hey, it's a Konami game. Let's use the code and see what it does, it always does something." And since you have to input it every time you turn on the game, in all honesty you're only ever going to try it once, just for kicks.

A SUMMARY: Great games, great fun, great bargain, but be wary of cramped fingers, no high score save feature, and no motiviation to play it for more than a couple of hours.

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