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Knights of Honor

The good:

Deep Gameplay
Kingdom Availability
Completely unique diplomacy system
Decent AI, in Kingdom, not to smart in some of the battle zone things
Music fits in nice
Realistic in many ways

The bad:

Takes a lot of patience
Rebels get frustrating when you've got a lot of provinces
Kingdom Power drops in accordance to some things
Some diplomacy things are WAY to easy. Example:
"We must Declare war against you do to our alliance... Blah"
Audience > Offer Peace Treaty > White Peace
"Our hearts spring with joy at the prospect of peace"
There needs to be more 'royal court' members to hire, especially later in the game.


Alright, I honestly like this RTS as it fits my RTS playing style, I'm not that good at warfare, so I can just let my marshals handle it... Though seiges are fun to lead, IMO. The whole way the game progresses is amazing. You start off with a province that varies in a lot of ways depending on who you choose, and you build it up, way up.

I like how the AI will react to some things, like if you declare yourself leader of Europe to early, the top powerful people declare war on you. I do not like how when you're the most powerful nation, you get a TON of people trying to get you to break r...

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