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Could Have Been a Sweet Dream

The good:

The theme was actually quite dark and moody throughout. Every chapter in the story was usually accompanied by many grim tales and masses of thick fog.

It’s something new. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but at least Sting were brave enough to implement their Wisp system.

The bad:

The story. I always felt out of the loop, and didn’t know which characters to follow or not. With 200 or so characters in total, it’s hard to get attached to anyone, especially if those characters do not even have proper names…

The Wisp is flawed and unreceptive. I felt that combat was literally more of a struggle than a fun alternative to normal JRPGs, whilst dodgin on-screen projectiles, you would have to navigate troops whilst trying not to get hit or choose the wrong ally.


I usually refrain from playing RPGs on the Nintendo DS system, especially after The Dark Spire, but I heard from fellow critics that Knights in the Nightmare was something very different and fresh, so I gave it chance, and managed to slot it into my weekend gaming rota. I wasn’t surprised to see it was a Japanese port (well, duh) and wasn’t surprised to see that Atlus was at the helm of the NA version’s publishing, something they have managed to pull off on roughly 40% of the DS titles I have been browsing through as of late.

Knights in the Nightmare is what it says on the tin in terms of pl...

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