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quick time events are shit


Let me read that out loud again: Quick. Time. Events. Are. SHIT! I'm sick and tired of games incorporating these nasty little things because what could be awesome boss battles and cutscenes end up sucking mad dick because developers think that we have to be pushing buttons at all times. Go *bleep* yourselves. This might've been alright for like Shenmue or Heavy Rain because some game designers are such greedy pricks (ie. Team Bondi) that they think they're too good for a 30 dollar price tag - *bleep* that bro, let's jack it up to a hundred dollars and add in some half assed "game" to our mo...


It's good, but oh god, those quick time events...


Should I choose this, or the fighting game with recognizable characters, or one of the two shooters?
Towards the end of February 2011 came a slew of games – Bulletstorm, Killzone 3, Marvel Vs Capcom 3, and this one right here, Knights Contract. Now, 3/4 you've definitely given a shot if you have a PS3 or 360 (and only 1 if you have PC), but 1 will be missed by all but the most curious of gamers, and this game right here is that 1 game. Maybe it's the lack of Marvel characters? Perhaps it's not a first person shooter? Or could it be the bad press, with the aggregate score in the low 50s on Me...


Interesting narrative bogged down by frustration


Developer: Game Republic
Publisher: Namco Bandai

In many ways, I feel sorry for Game Republic. They are, financially, a much smaller company than many other third party developers, and seem to never get the credit and respect that they deserve for their games... okay, Clash Of The Titans sucked, but every company needs a blunder to make the rest of their projects seem better, and when they consist of games such as Folklore, Genji: Dawn Of The Samurai (can't say I cared much for Days Of The Blade, however), and one of my personal favorite games, Majin And The Forsaken Kingdom, it's actually su...


Douchebags Contract


Knights Contract is a game that promises you excellence, and delivers something that feels... mixed. To give you a better idea, it has good ideas, but not all of them turned out good when taken from paper to the gaming grid. The biggest problem Knights Contract has is that it goes out of its way to make sure it's as frustrating to play as possible, and it's quite a shame, because if Game Republic had decided to instead make this game fun, this might've actually gotten a pretty high rating, both on Metacritic/Gamerankings, and from myself.

The story is that just as Heinrich executes a witch k...


I wouldn't sign it


I won't beat around the bush with this one - Knights Contract is quite possibly one of the most frustrating games I've played in ages... that's still technically, well, not a piece of shit I guess... if piss poor level designs, horrendous escort missions, lag, and incessantly unforgiving quick time events are considered decent! It really is riddled with problems that prevent it from being what it should be - a good, wholesome, fun little game.

While most reviewers prefer to start by getting the crap out of the way, I prefer to start by getting the story out of the way because I like to let r...

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