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In Knights Contract, you take control of Heinrich--an executioner responsible for the death of numerous witches--and face off against Faust's army of Homunculus creatures. The game features grotesque creature designs and over-the-top violence, with blood spraying as you slash away at your foes, seas of blood forming as you advance through the stages, and flashy quick timer-style "Execution Attacks" for finishing moves.

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Making an appearance and taking out the win, Crazyhand has topped the thirty-fifth round of Articles of Excellence with his review for Knights Contract. Failing to make a new fan, he describes it as a mediocre title, with a decent storyline being far from enough to take away attention from such issues as the quick time events.

 Knights Contract     Score: 2.2/5
 Genre: Action Fighting

 In many ways, it feels like Knights Contract aimed for a fine line between a niche audience and a blockbuster. Sadly, it's a game that has some of the worst quick time events and escort AI in gaming history. All in all, it's not even worth playing.

quote Crazyhand
This might've been alright for like Shenmue or Heavy Rain because some game designers are such greedy pricks (ie. Team Bondi) that they think they're too good for a 30 dollar price tag - *bleep* that bro, let's jack it up to a hundred dollars and add in some half assed "game" to our movie! ho ho, capitalism sure is fun! Granted, Knights Contract isn't some quick time event filled hunk of junk, but when they're there, good *bleep*ing gravy, do they ruin the game or what!? Not that it's all that good to begin with, but the one good thing about this game gets wrecked by those god forsaken quick time events...

Although my central issue is with the quick time events, I can't really let the story off with anything below a warning. At first, it seems rather intriguing - an immortal executor by the name of Heinrich teams up with a witch known as Gretchen, and there are two twists to this. First off, Gretchen was one of the witches that he has executed, and she was the one who cursed him with immortality. The second twist is that the other witches he had executed are planning on destroying the world, and Gretchen wants to stop them. You want to know what's even more shocking? It's actually being orchestrated by a man named Faust, who had originally made witches out to be these evil demons that had to be stopped, despite the fact that the black plague was caused by something else (oh yeah, gotta have the black plague in there somewhere to make it different from all the other medieval games), all so he could get all the pieces of the gem known as the Anima Del Monde, which will grant the user powers beyond their wildest dreams.

But then something happens a little after the halfway point - nothing. The story pretty much comes to a screeching half, only being progressed by Heinrich killing a few witches. It's not until the final boss that the story gets back on track, but it takes a while to get to that point, so be prepared for a complete standstill in storytelling. Quite a shame actually, because the story is actually pretty good and very well told. Aside from some voice acting (Gretchen in particular - *bleep*, could you be any less enthusiastic), the cutscenes managed to stay interesting due to the amount of depth there is. It was told in a way that actually made it less convoluted than I did, due to the length of the cutscenes and the writing, which managed to turn a potentially confusing story into one that's not only easy to follow, but easy to get absorbed in... until the aforementioned standstill. Seriously, that pissed me off.
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Sep 1, 11 8:38am

Let me read that out loud again: Quick. Time. Events. Are. SHIT! I'm sick and tired of...

Monterey Jack
Mar 30, 11 9:47am

Should I choose this, or the fighting game with recognizable characters, or one of the...

Mar 16, 11 1:18am

Developer: Game Republic
Publisher: Namco Bandai

In many ways, I feel sorry for Game...

Mar 10, 11 8:44pm

Knights Contract is a game that promises you excellence, and delivers something that...

Mar 7, 11 2:15am

I won't beat around the bush with this one - Knights Contract is quite possibly one of...

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