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KlashBall FAQ v1.0
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KlashBall FAQ

by Apathetic Aardvark   Updated to v1.0 on
                                   Klash Ball

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                         i) Disclaimer (Legal stuff)

Copyright 2004, Apathetic Aardvark
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                          ii) FAQ/Strategy Guide

----> Rules/How the Game Works

Klash Ball is a futuristic game not unlike soccer.  It has a field which is
12 squares up/down and 6 squares left/right.  At the middle of the field is a
face off.  A spinner will spin for a few seconds and launch the ball out in
a random direction.  The sides of the field have openings, if the ball goes
through these openings it will appear on the other side of the field moving
in the same direction as when it left.  The openings at the top and bottom
of the screen are the goals.  If you are unfamiliar with soccer, simply score
more goals than the other team!

The game lengths for Klash Ball are 1,2, and 3 minutes.  Do not be fooled.  
Even a 2 minute game can take a substantial amount of time if one team is 
scoring goals left and right.

Klash Ball allows for 1 or 2 player action.  In one player action, the two
options for playing are a League play and a Knockout play.  League play is a
single match against other teams.  The top teams meet in the respective 
finals.  The other option, Knockout, pits your team against 10 other teams one
at a time.  These matches are best two out of three.  The two player options
are just single games, either one round or three rounds.

Unlike soccer, there are some obstacles on the field.  The most notable are
bumpers, which will knock the ball in a different direction upon contact.  Each
field in the game seems to have a different location for the bumpers, but they
are always symmetrical from one angle or another.

Each team has four players and one goalie.  The goalie moves only left and
right to defend the goal, the players may move in any direction.  The player
with an arrow above its head is the one you are controlling at any given time.
Shooting the ball is done with the A button, it will fire in the direction
you are facing.  To get a slower shot with elevation, press and hold the A
button.  Klash Ball also allows you to catch the ball if it is over your head,
this may be done by pressing the A button while the ball is above you.  The
B button enables players to dive.  Diving may be done to block the progress of
a ball or to attempt to knock down another player.  Goalie's can also dive left
and right across the goal plane to block shots.

----> Powerups

While playing, small tiles about 1/16th the size of a Klash ball field square
will appear in random places.  Each one has a letter and a different function.
Simply run over the tile with a player to activate its power.

F - Stops all movement from the other team for a short while.
S - Decreases the speed of all players on the opposing team.
R - Inverts the movement of opposing players.  Pressing Up will cause them to
go down instead.
G - Gives one of your players the ball.
D - Lowers the stamina of your opponent.
B - Creates an automated goalie to aid yours.  It bounces back and forth inside
of the goal at a constant speed.  While it is nice to have, it will seldom 
block any shots as it is easily avoided.
I - Increases the stamina of your team.
P - Protects your team from taking damage for a while.

----> Playable Teams/Team Bonuses

Now that we're familiar with the game, let's take a look at the playable teams.
There are only three of them.  I will list their beginning stats.  My personal
favorite is Draco, but the differences are not too large.

Team Verna 
Stamina - 050
Power - 100
Skill - 140

Team Lacata
Stamina - 040
Power - 200
Skill - 140

Team Draco
Stamina - 040
Power - 100
Skill - 170

At the end of each game in a Knockout Challenge, teams are given one coin for
how many goals they won by, so run up the score!  A player may buy:

Extra Time - 2 Coins - Creates a one minute overtime to the previous game.
Extra Stamina - 3 Coins - Team Stamina increases by two!
Extra Skill - 4 Coins - Team Skill increases by ten!
Extra Power - 6 Coins - Team Power increases by one hundred!!! [300 max]
Extra Goal - 8 Coins - In the next game you play, you start out one goal ahead
of the other team!

Be aware, you may only buy up to one of each upgrade before each game.  So
you can not buy three goals to give you a huge lead for the next game.

----> Opposing Teams

In the Knockout Challenge, here is a list of the opponents:

Round 1
Team Mira
Stamina - 035
Power - 100
Skill - 050

Round 2
Team Auriga
Stamina - 035
Power - 100
Skill - 090

Round 3
Team Castor
Stamina - 040
Power - 100
Skill - 090

Round 4
Team Volans
Stamina - 040
Power - 100
Skill - 130

Round 5
Team Dorado
Stamina - 045
Power - 100
Skill - 130

Round 6
Team Vela
Stamina - 045
Power - 200
Skill - 170

Round 7
Team Tucana
Stamina - 050
Power - 200
Skill - 170

Round 8
Team Antlia
Stamina - 050
Power - 200
Skill - 210

Round 9
Team Pavo
Stamina - 055
Power - 300
Skill - 210

Round 10
Team Persus
Stamina - 055
Power - 300
Skill - 250

----> Quick Tips

  - Always shoot the ball on a diagonal, or a wall bounce, shooting straight
at the goal will not often succeed beyond the first team.

  - The dive/slide [B button] is way too powerful.  Abuse this to no end.  Use
it for breakaway speed on offense and to slide beyond the goal for an essential
free shot.  

  - Remember that you can catch balls overhead, this comes in very handy.

  - Your goalie can slide too, it makes covering the net a breeze.

  - In knockout mode, do not be afraid to run up the score so you have can 
afford any upgrade after every game.  Having a stat advantage is very big in
this game, and it is very possible to out-stat the first nine opponents.

  - As players run low on stamina, they will become slower and slower.  While
it will drain their stamina even more, keep using slide/dive moves to keep them
moving on pace with the rest of the field.

  -  Short periods are much better if you are looking for a chellenge.  One
reason, you can not run up the score to get a lot of coins.  For another, if
you fall behind by two goals early, it is often a great challenge to come back
in that game.

                                   iii) Credits

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