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Kirby Dream Land: Dream or Nightmare?

The good:

The Graphics were good for a Gameboy Color Game. The buttons are easy to understand. The bosses, are hard and easy, which differ as such. The monsters are very easy, and Kirby is fast. This game also has a harder version after the original game.

The bad:

No Transforming. There is no transforming in this game. If you swallow an enemy and try to transform, you will not be able to. Kirby stays the same after swallowing.
You cannot save in this game. If you do not have time to finish a level, either turn it off and start from the beginning of the game, or waste your batteries.


The graphics work really well in this game, and they change when you do the game after it. The graphics look nice, and they flow together with the background. Some of the monsters have a basic shape, with a nice color and shading to add it all together. I'm not sure the graphics could get any better for this game, but only because it is for the Gameboy Color. If it was for a new system, the graphics could be made much better, and many improvements could be made to the game.

The button set up is easy to get the hang of after you get used to it, which should not take long. The only bad thing a...

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