[edit] Background

Anyone who's familiar with the game of Golf is going to be in for a surprise! Leave the clubs and the bag at home, because Kirby is about to put a new twist on the game of golf with Kirby's Dream Course!

[edit] Game Play

In Kirby's Dream Course, the objective is to hit all the enemies and make the cup appear, then hit Kirby into the cup to close out the hole in as few strokes as possible. You're in control of the force and trajectory of your shot, so you're able to plan ahead before executing.

Elements of other games in the Kirby franchise are present here, including enemies that will wield Copy powers that will have an effect on Kirby's trajectory. Wheel and Fireball both propel Kirby forward at high rates of speed, while Tornado can be controlled to turn Kirby into different enemies en route to the hole. Needle and Stone are great for stopping, but be careful using Stone on a hill! Hi-Jump allows Kirby to jump over obstacles and walls--just don't jump into them! And if you get a UFO, you're in control of where you go for 10 seconds, provided you don't crash into anything, plus you can land on command before then!

Kirby-themed obstacles include Whispy Woods and Kracko, which can both be destroyed with Spark, and Gordo, which cannot be removed--avoidance is the best strategy here. Spikes are also a prominent hazard--those will hurt Kirby for one Tomato each. Conveyor belts will move Kirby along them to their destination, while Warp Panels will warp Kirby to another part of the course!

In Single-Player mode, Tomatoes are critical because you only have four, and if you lose all four or go Out-Of-Bounds you lose a Life. Run out of those and your round ends!

Each course in Single-Player and Two-Player has 8 holes, with a different objective in each. Single-Player has a lowest score objective with the possibility of Medals, while in Two-Player the objective is most stars wins. And yes, you can intentionally hit your opponent, but you'll switch Copy powers unless you're using one or you try running into an opponent that's used Stone or Needle--the latter WILL hurt!

Try to clear all 8 Single-Player courses and defeat King DeDeDe at the end!

[edit] Features

  • Rewards for clearing all 8 Single-Player courses with at least a Bronze Medal, and even greater rewards for Silver and Gold!
  • One Boss at the end of Single-Player where the Power Meter is always Maximum, but getting hit costs you a life!
  • Multiplayer adds hours of replay value!

[edit] Hardware Info

  • SNES: 1 Game Cartridge
  • Wii U Nintendo eShop

This game is also known as:

  • Kirby Bowl in Japan
  • Kirby Bouru in Japan

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