Kirby's Air Ride review
Start your Warp Stars- Kirby's Air Ride

The good:

• Interesting and smoothly designed courses
• Multiple character choice
• The ability to absorb enemy powers
• Multiplayer compatibility

The bad:

Unfortunately the game gets somewhat repetitive after a while of game play. Also, there is no exact story unfortunately, but that also leaves you with freedom whilst playing.


Start your Warp Stars, Kirby is back in a new game, a racing one. With the ability to absorb enemy powers as well as using them against your foes, this is a must buy for fans of the Kirby series, as well as those who enjoy racing titles. There is a large amount of work to do in this game, as well as just relaxing and having fun.

City Trial:

For those of you who just like monkeying around, City Trial will be your best friend. There is also a Free-Run option where you can drive around the city on your favourite Warp Star. You can also unlock other colours of Kirby by completing items of on the City Trial Check List. By doing so, you can unlock Brown, Purple, Green as well as other colours of Kirby for just playing around in Free Run. You can also unlock multiple colours for a Timed Run in City Trial with Events activated. After completing various parts of the City Trial Checklist, you then have the option to use Metaknight or King Dedede whilst in City Trial. After completing certain events, you can use the legendary machines called Dragoon and Hydra.

Racing Mode:

Although it's not specifically noted as that, this title would catch people's eyes more commonly. This is where you will spend most of your time whilst playing the game. Although there is no main story, you can still hone your racing skills whilst driving your favourite Kirby Air Ride machine. Racing against friends or foes, this is a great way to spend your time. You can try beat your best time in Time Trials, or just get a low time to boast to your friends.

Stadium Games:

There is a unique option in this game that enables you to play Stadium Games, or if you prefer the term, Mini Games. You can unlock many of these by completing events in City Trial, as well as getting higher scores on the multiple Stadium Games. Many of these include Destruction Dirby, Drag Racing and Target Flight.

My Opinion:

I personally think this is a great game. People of many ages enjoy playing this game, you also get your money back in fun. This game can also teach you to learn from your mistakes. It may get repetitive at times, but overall it is very good.

Ending Statement:

• Graphics;

Good and clean-cut, these are crystal clear as well as worth looking at. You get a visual pleasure as well as entertainment.

I truly recommend getting this game even if you are not a large Kirby fan.

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