Kirby's Air Ride Glitches

High Jump Glitch
First go to city trial, set the settings on 7 mins an high jump. now start (obviously). this may take several city trial until u get the dragoon with about 12-18 glides, now when u get to high jump u will fly up to 9999 ft, BUT after u pass 9999 ft the score will restart and u will land at about 4000 ft, now when u finish ur score will be at 9999 ft! yup...u heard me, the dream score. now i bet i know wat ur thinking..."12-18 GLIDES!!!! THATS IMPOSSIBLE!!!" well think again...i did this within 3 tries <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
good luck (and dont forget to take a pic of the score) XD