Kirby's Air Ride Tips

Multiple Tips
Tip #1: The invisible barrier!
Here's how you get past the waves that defy the laws of physics by acting like walls: Glide REALLY high (I suggest gliding off of the Garden of the Sky using Dragoon) and go past the waves. Done. There's another barrier, and the reason you can't get out of that is, if you have the time for techno jargon, because if you did, you'd be in a map which doesn't exist, and if you're in a map which doesn't exist, you don't exist. Thus, the game will try to show nonexistant items and glitch up. Luckily, the developers made this second barrier impenetratable.
Tip #2: Events and How to Handle 'Em:
- Meteor Shower:
There's one safe place; the Garden of the Sky.
- Dyna Blade: Glide high and whack it in the head repeatedly. If you do this when it's about to leave for good, you'll get an All powerup!
- Rowdy Charge Tank: If you keep boosting (without charging completely!!), you can get a little more control.
- Giant Pillar: Bust the pillar and...powerup madness!
- Tac: If you pummel him hard enough, you'll get an All powerup! Watch out for the Sleep Abilities he lays as traps!
- Fog: You can still see shadows, and, if you want to beat up a CPU...follow the shadow...
- All Items Are The Same: Prey that they're what you need, and avoid them all if they hold a dangerous item. Also, if you see a Red Box that's not spinning, get it to find a legendary machine part.
Tip #3: There's no "Marmalade"
I've heard some stuff about "Marmalade the witch," an unlockable char in City Trial. I've beaten the City checklist--if there was a MARMALADE, I'd know. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble.
Tip #4: If you're trying to beat Dedede in one minute in City Trial's VS King Dedede, use the Shadow Star with TONS of Offense, and Defense! Trust me, Dragoon and Hydra are too fast, and Hydra requires too much time wasted on charging.
And that's all I have for you all.