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The Adventure of Creampuff: The Search for the Star Rod


Released on the tail end of the NES's lifespan, Kirby's Adventure is the follow up to Kirby's Dream Land for the Game Boy. Kirby's Dream Land was a fun enough game on the go, but it wasn't much if anything special besides the fact that Kirby sucks up enemies and spits them out as a means of attack. HAL Laboratories took this concept and expanded on it when they decided to put this up on a bigger screen with an NES release. The way that they expanded on it vastly improved on the experience and it's due to this that Kirby's Adventure winds up becoming one of the more creative and fun games to...


Kirby's Adventure: A late inning Home Run for the NES

The good:

Innovative ability to copy an enemy's ability, which was absent from the first game of the series.
Expansive maps covering seven worlds that include, in addition to the levels:
-Enemy museum, where you can copy an ability of your choosing
-3 different mini-games, where you can earn extra lives
-The Arena, where you fight a mini-boss for its ability
-Warp Star Station, great for proceeding between previously visited worlds quickly
Unlockables upon the game's completion, percentage pending

The bad:

Shorter than some of the older NES games.
Most of the abilities only have one or two different attack variations
Audio quality inadvertently out-shined by the sound quality of the newer SNES


The initial release of Kirby's Adventure in 1993 showed the true power and capabilities of the NES/Famicom with pseudo 3D backgrounds that includes towers that appear to rotate in a 3-D like manner-this was virtually nonexistent when the NES/Famicom was first released-special visual effects, and parallax scrolling, where background images scroll by the camera at a slower rate than the foreground images. And Kirby's Adventure became a good example of how far the NES/Famicom had come since its release following the video game crash of 1983.

The objective of the game is simple: reach the end of...

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