Kirby's Adventure (NES) Cheats

Kirby's Adventure cheats, Tips, and Codes for NES.


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Alternative Mini-Boss Route with 1ups
In level 7-2, instead of taking the door into the mini-boss tower, you can also enter another hidden door above the visible one. This route will still send you face to face with tough mini-bosses, but at the end you'll receive 5 1ups as a reward.
Get UFO on the first level
In the second area of 1-1, you'll come to the first waterfall in the level. There is a series of four blocks. Look closely and you'll notice the first block is different. Carefully float underneath and press up to reveal a hidden door and be taken to a room with a UFO!
Hal Trick
In level 1-2, head over near the canon. Beyond this you'll find a Sir Kibble and warp star. Check out the warp star, then where the Sir Kibble is standing, destroy him and head back near the cannon. Drop down to the lower step (but not the one underneath the cannon), face in the direction of the warp star and reject your ability. The ability star will bounce, and as it does head slowly over to the warp star with the ability star following you. The warp star will now be gone! Keep heading over to the right and you'll find a content Broom Hatter sweeping the word HAL made out of star blocks.
Unlock Bonus Games
Beat the Egg Throw, Crane, and Quick Draw to get them on the start screen. Start up the game and go to your file and you will be able to play them as much as you want.


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Get 256 Microphone Uses
When fighting Paint Roller, hit him three times, and then wait for him to draw the microphone. When he does, inhale it and swallow to get microphone. Use the microphone two times, and on your third and final time, stand in the very center of the screen, jump up and when you are at your highest use the ability. This will not only destroy Paint Roller, but Kirby will pick up the star rod piece at the same time, a glitch will occur that will allow you to use the ability 256 times! Look at your ability use number, and it will say P5.
Unlock Extra Game
Beat the Normal Game with 100% and you will unlock the Extra Game. In this mode, you will play with 3 bars of health instead of the normal 6.
Unlock Sound Test
Beat the Extra Game with 100% to unlock the sound test. Here's the order of the songs in the Sound Test:

00-Vegetable Valley (Full)
01-Vegetable Valley (Short)
03-Rainbow Resort Level 6 (Full)
04-Rainbow Resort Level 6 (Short)
05-After Beating a Boss
06-Rainbow Resort Map
07-Victory Dance (Full)
08-Victory Dance (Short)
09-Crane Game (Waiting)
0A-Crane Game (Moving)
0B-Game Over
0C-Boss Battle
0D-Nightmare's Final Form Intro
0E-Nightmare's Final Form
0F-Grape Garden Level 3 (possibly more)
10-Kirby's Dream Land Title
11-Dark Area/Forest (Full)
12-Dark Area/Forest (Short)
13-Egg Throw
14-Rainbow Resort Level 2
15-Orange Ocean Map
16-Quick Draw Shot
18-Quick Draw Shot (Big)
19-Quick Draw "FIRE!"
1A-Quick Draw Intro
1B-Rainbow Resort (Full)
1C-Rainbow Resort (Short)
1E-Yogurt Yard (Full)
1F-Yogurt Yard (Short)
20-Grape Garden (Full)
21-Grape Garden (Short)
22-Vegetable Valley Map
23-Grape Garden Map
24-Yogurt Yard Map
25-Egg Throw Chirp
27-Lose a Life
28-Ice Cream Island (Full)
29-Ice Cream Island (Short)
2A-Orange Ocean (Full)
2B-Orange Ocean (Short)
2C-Ice Cream Island Map
2D-Butter Building Map
2E-No Bonus
2F-Big Bonus!
31-Game Intro
32-Butter Building (Full)
33-Butter Building (Short)
34-Nightmare Appears
35-Title Screen
36-Ability Museum
38-Level 8 Intro
39-Nightmare's First Form