Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Tips

defeating miracle matter
miracle matter is the boss on ripple star. Dont take an ability into battle. go into battle without an ability. This boss is only hurt by the power he transforms into. when he transforms into cutter suck in the dark green cresent on the very top of him. spit it at him.for ice he'll turn into an ice cube with ice spikes floating around him. wait until he floats to the top of the screen then suck in the ice spikes and spit it at him. for fire he'll turn into a floating eye ball he'll float to random parts of the screen and shoot fire when he stops suck in the fire drop looking things and spit it out at him. For rock he'll turn into a boulder he'll follow you around for about 4-5 seconds then fall on the ground. Rocks will fall with him.suck in one of the rocks but be careful because he rolls around.stay on the far left or right of the screen.on the very edge.he wont be able to hurt you.(you have to do it right).for electricity (he has no exact routine for this). Be very careful when he transforms into this. He shoots electric beams at you but thats not all.electric beams will come through sections of the walls and they will richochet (i dont know how to spell this word) off walls.when the beams turn into sparky things suck them in a spit it at him.Spike.He turn into a spike ball and shoot stalagmites everywhere.when he picks them up there will be a little spike left suck it in spit it out.For bomb he will shoot out bubbles (i dont understand it either) the bubbles will bounce around and start spliting.when they disapear some will be left over.they look purple and they dont move when this happens suck it in and spit it a him.Thats all of his attacks. a little tip for you.Each ability that he was has three have to hit each ability three times. a way to tell his hp (you have the his hp bar under yours i know)but for exact hp.look at him.He is white with red dots.Every time you hit him a red dot disapears.if there are 4 red dots on him then you have to hit him 4 more times.a way to tell if defeated an ability.there will be a mini explosion on him.