Kirby: Squeak Squad Cheats

Kirby: Squeak Squad cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Kirby: Squeak Squad cheat codes.


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When using tornado kirby the tornado can get bigger if the tornado hits ice fire or water

Do not! use ice sword kirby to freeze lava LOL see how that turns out when you try to freeze the lava twice

Important! When you see something exploding and you have wheel kirby it's important that your wheel must not be stopped until you get the box or get to the door
Extra Mode
Obtain all 120 chests in adventure mode
free one up
when you get three little kirbys in the bubbles mix then together and you get a one up.
Hidden treasure
Sometimes in an area there will be a golden wadle dee(orange blob with no whip)that starts running away.Usually there will some way he can die and you can\'t get the treasure.Kill him before he kills himself so you can get the treasure.(small treasure)
Ike's Eather
To use an attack that looks like ike's eather attack from SSBB, use fire sword and press B and up on the D-Pad.
Here is a tip to get the map pieces

each extra level in each world [exept world 8] has a map piece
The Invincible Move and the Somewhat Invincible Move + Other Tips
1. Tornado Kirby is invincible while using his ability. Spam this on bosses for easy win.

2. Wheel Kirby is somewhat invincible while using his ability. If you turn or stop, he becomes vulnerable.

3. Once you get the Ghost Medal, you will be able to fight the Ghost Mini Boss in place of some other bosses! This means you'll be able to use the Ghost ability and take control over certain enemies. Try stuff!

4. Sword Combos

Fire Sword - Flame + Sword
Ice Sword - Freeze + Sword
Thunder Sword - Spark + Sword

5. Bomb Combos

Ice Bomb - Freeze + Bomb
Thunder Bomb - Spark + Bomb


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If you get the chalk spray-paint every power you get will be all-grey, the fire, electricity... everything!
Ghost House
Don't know how to get the chests in 4-EX? Well when you enter the room with the exit go up and not in the exit. There is a bomb bubble so if you want ice bubbles grab it and go find an ice bubble. I can't write all of how to beat it but you will come across the chest.

The way to get the first chest is kinda tricky so I will tell you how to get it.
When you first enter the room there is a parasol bubble. Use it!! Float down until you get to the bottom. Don't go to the mirror go in the closing things. There is a chest in there. To get out just destroy the bomb thing and move on.
Ghost kirby
Once you collect all the ghost medal peices, one mini-boss in each world will turn into a ghost. If you beat then swallow it, you will become ghost kirby. Ghost kirby is, lets say "special"
Hidden World
To gain access to the tower in the center of the World Map, collect the secret map pieces from each of the other worlds. In the tower, you can get any ability bubble, including the Triple Star Rod.
How to Hold Combo Bubbles
You may know that there are 5 combinations: Fire-sword, Ice-sword, Thunder-sword, Ice-bomb, and Thunder-bomb. Impossible to hold all of them, right? WRONG!!! Here are the steps to holding all of the possible combos (in order):

> Go to the room with all of the ability bubbles.
> Pick up any two (i.e. fire+sword) and combine them.
> Exit the stage and go back in.
> Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have four of the possibilities.*

*The next part is a tad tricky, but not so hard to get used to.

> Go back inside.
> Get only ONE component of the remaining combo and leave it.
> Drag one of the bubbles toward Kirby to suck in.
> Now, move Kirby to the last component and combine the two.
> Finally, squat and VIOLA!!! All possibilities are in the storage and ready for use.
Kirby is Safe...with his Powers, at Least
If you don't want to risk losing your ability to an enemy, just squat. If the enemy hits you, you'll lose a little health, but your ability won't escape in a star. This also works on bosses.**

*Note: This can't be done underwater.
**Note: Here's a tip. While down, just push A or B to do a slide technique which causes damage.
strawberry shortcake dream
when the game start on the map, just keep it, but don't press any button, your kirby will sleep and dream his cake, and when he's wake up, he will eat his dream!
this isn't a cheat, but it's funny to see it!
super swords @ bombs
First you need the sword scroll. Goto world 1-2. Get sword power-up. Now it gets tricky.
FIRE SWORD: have sword and fire power-ups in Kirby's belly, mix them and BOOM fire sword power-up. burns and cuts enemies.
ICE SWORD: same thing as fire sword except ice power-up is needed this time. mix them and vwala Ice Sword.
THUNDER SWORD: same thing, again but spark. you guessed it thunder sword.

Now lets get harder now (not really¬Ö a little maybe)
ICE BOMBS: not too deadly, but still strong; Ice+Bombs.(duh)both scrolls needed.
Unlimited lives
If you want all the lives you want keep doing level 1-1. Near the end there is a room you go through and there is a 1-up in there.

NOTE: Do not turn off your DS unless it's completely necessary because you will have 2 lives again.
Unlock a Boss Endurance mini-game
If you successfully complete the game, you can unlock the Boss Endurance mini-game!
Unlock the Cake in Collections menu
To unlock it, successfully complete the game and you will unlock the Cake in the \"Collections\" menu.