Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land review
Kirby:Nightmare in Dream Land

The good:

same music from Kirby Super Star(SNES) with new tune, most of the same bosses that were in Kirby Super Star, graphics are an amped version of the ones on SNES, some of the same copy abilities that were in Kirby Super Star, 4-player mini games which you can supposedly play with only one cartridge, you can play the adventure with 4 players but each will need a copy of the game, just like the Kirby on SNES just portable

The bad:

not as many copy abilities, Kirby seems to be the size of a tennis ball, too easy, really short game


The story behind this game is that the Star Rod has been stolen from the Fountain of Dreams and the residents of Dream Land aren't able to have dreams.So, our pink warrior, Kirby, must set out and recover it. This game is just like Kirby Super Star for the SNES.There are a few tunes from there, some of the bosses are from there, and the copy abilites are also from that game but there aren't that many as there were in Kirby Super Star.It's almost like a portable version of it with a few things left out from it.People who loved that game will love this one since it brings back old memories.It was a pleasant walk down memory lane. The bad thing about this game is that there aren't that many abilities to copy.So, there isn't much of a variety.The game is really easy and way too short(it took me around 3 hours to finish the game). It's really hard to decide whether to buy it or not.If you're a die-hard Kirby fan and are buying it for the multiplayer and single player, then you should.If you're buying it for the single player, then it's best not to since it's really easy.If you're somebody new to the Kirby games then you defintely shouldn't buy it since people this isn't the best Kirby game to get started with.You'll get bored with it because of the difficulty and its length.It'll be collecting more dust than an antique.

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