Kirby: Canvas Curse User Reviews


It's not perfect for ONE reason..

The good:

The 24 levels, the difficulty and joy this game brings to you is implausable. This game is just TOO GREAT. From the 8 worlds with 3 levels in it each! The 3 "subgames" which are oh-so addictive! The "medal machine" in which medals you collect throughout each level are actually traded in for new designs for your "rainbow line" new tracks for your music and even NEW CHARACTERS! This game will have you hooked and will give you about 15+ hours of game play! It's just to addictive! The innovation is great!

The bad:

Personally, I think that the 15+ Hours of gameplay just isn't enough, I mean after beating the main storyline and unlocking 3 of the 4 unlockable characters it gets kind of boring/hard. I mean I still haven't unlocked the 4th unlockable character and really don't plan to it just takes to long, and if you actually do try and unlock the 4th character, you'll probably get about 20-25 hours of gameplay. I wish you good luck I'll do it one day but for now I think that's just to annoying. Because what you have to do is go through those 24 levels THREE more time with the characters you just unlocked... I've only done it with 2 so far..


You seriously need to get this game, 24 levels, 3 subgames that'll last you forever, the unlockable things with your "medals", and the awesome innovation. I'm telling you BUY IT.

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