King's Field: The Ancient City Item Location FAQ v1.2
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King's Field: The Ancient City Item Location FAQ

by seorin   Updated to v1.2 on
King's Field: The Ancient City Item Location FAQ
Author: Seorin
Date: 04-07-2002
Version: 1.2

Revision History
1.2 - Added a few websites that asked to also host the FAQ
1.1 - Added locations of Earth Folk Chests (thanks to gozioso!)

This document copyright 2002 Nick Emmerich
This FAQ is free for personal use only. Anybody wishing to include this guide 
(or any part thereof) anywhere besides GameFAQs must first contact the 
author. If any part of this guide is found reproduced anywhere besides 
GameFAQs without having received written permission from the author, legal 
action will be taken.

This guide is meant to be a comprehensive list of all the important or hard-
to-find items in King's Field: The Ancient City.

This does not include every single item in the game (such a FAQ would be 
nearly impossible to write and it would also be absolutely enormous 
considering that 95% of everything you find in the game is found and not 
bought). This doesn't even include where you find the Hand Axe. First of all, 
I can't imagine anybody that absolutely MUST find the hand axe. Second of 
all, it's easy to find. To keep the file size down to a minimum and make this 
FAQ possible to write, I have not included the Hand Axe and many other 
similar items.

What I HAVE included are the locations of all the spells in the game, 3 major 
sets of armor, all the crystal vials, all the forest folk chests that you 
forgot where they were, all the guidestones and wands, all the keys, and a 
handful of really good weapons. I will try to be as specific as I can in 
describing the location of something. If you are having trouble finding an 
item, try checking my walkthrough that (hopefully) will be posted the same 
day as this FAQ. If you still can't find it, post your question on the 
message boards or e-mail me (note: if you e-mail me a question that is 
CLEARLY answered in this FAQ, the walkthrough, or both, your e-mail will be 
ignored). I did my best, but King's Field games can be very difficult to 
describe and some of the item locations can be hard to understand.

Please, if anybody reading this FAQ finds it on ANY website (besides the 
websites listed below), let me know as soon as you can! I worked hard to 
gather the information for this FAQ and write it up and all I ask is that I
be contacted before my work is posted on another website. If you find this
FAQ on a website not listed below, I have not been asked. Please help me
protect my work! These are the following sites that have permission to host
my FAQ:

GameFAQs (which will ALWAYS have the most updated version)
Cheat Code Central

Lastly, if anything in this FAQ is found to be inaccurate, PLEASE e-mail me! 
If you think I haven't included an item that I should, e-mail it to me (with 
the location if you know it) and I will probably include it. If you find my 
writing style difficult to read or otherwise have problems with this FAQ, 
please e-mail me, as this is the first FAQ I have ever written. Enjoy!


Armor Sets

Lord Myu's Set
This armor is the best in the game. It's the armor that you see floating in 
the gigantic, purple orbs in various locations. To get any of it you MUST 
have the moonlight sword first. Slash the orb with the moonlight sword and 
then claim your piece of Myu's. Here are all the locations of the various 

Helmet: This is underwater and behind a secret door right by Center Tower 1F. 
From the gold fountain, head out the door (exiting the tower proper). Turn 
left and walk along the side of the tower. Keep walking, right off the edge. 
In the corner straight ahead and a little to the right you should see some 
bars. Search the wall to the right of those bars to open a secret door that 
will lead to the helmet. Make sure you bring plenty of healing as you WILL 
run out of air.

Arms: Probably the easiest piece to find. These are in the Great Graveyard. 
If you're standing on the magic circle facing the closest wall, follow that 
wall right. It will lead down a small hallway and the arms will be floating 

Legs: Almost as easy as the arms! These are somewhat near the Mansion of 
Howling Winds. From the Mansion of Howling Winds you would leave the mansion, 
cross the bridge and go through a door. Follow the left wall up some stairs 
and into a small room with the legs.

Shield: Easy to find, but very late in the game (as if the moonlight sword 
weren't late enough already). This can be found in the jail. After entering 
the first door you open with the jail key, go down the first set of stairs on 
your right. Once at the bottom follow the left wall into a room. The shield 
is on the right side of that room.

Armor: The final piece! You honestly can't miss it. To get to the final area 
of the game you need to walk across the skeleton of a giant beast to cross a 
large pit. Instead of crossing the pit, turn left and walk onto the small 
plateau containing the armor.

Necklace: Though not an actual piece of armor, the necklace is great as it 
turns all hidden doors green! Ironically enough, it's behind a hidden door in 
the very beginning of the Great Graveyard. As soon as you enter the graveyard 
climb up two (very) small sets of stairs to the left. Turn left at the top 
and walk all the way to the wall. Now turn right and search that spot for a 
secret door (it might be a little right to where you are searching, too). 
Inside the secret door turn left and head down some stairs. Break the large 
pot and claim your necklace!


Ancient Set
Something about this set is just really cool. It's almost entirely useless, 
but it's really neat! Anybody else notice that the suit of armor 
(specifically the helmet) seems to be made for the 4-eyed creatures that 
Serrak seemed to be involved with? He did have all those 4-eyed skulls in his 
room, anyway. As far as actual usefulness, each piece of this set has its own 
unique curse to give you (the sword casts darkness on you, the shield 
prevents you from running, etc). These curses all go away (and the weight of 
the set reduces tremendously) when you equip every single piece, but that 
means using the ancient sword. Nobody deserves that punishment. All pieces of 
this set are found in chests that require the Ancient Key to open.

Helmet: This is in a room off to the side of the room where you fought the 
first 4-armed knight in the Passage of Light. It's at the far end of the 
room, on the right side.

Arms: Same as the helmet, except in the room where you fought the second 4-
armed knight. Similarly, it is in a small room at the far end and off to the 

Legs: This one is in the room where you fought the third 4-armed knight (do I 
detect a pattern?). This time it's in the opposite corner, though! It's on 
the end of the room where you enter, and off to the left (the room where the 
knight actually came out of).

Shield: You can find this in a corner of Serrak's room in the Mansion of 
Howling Winds. This would be the room with Serrak's body praying (or 
something) over a fire. Tragically, Serrak has turned himself to stone. You 
get to take his shield from the corner, though!

Armor: You need both Serrak's Key and the Ancient Key for this one. Exit 
Center Tower 1F and turn right. Go down the stairs on the right and then 
across the bridge on the left. Turn left and head down the stairs. Pass up 
the first door and then enter the second door (Serrak's Door) on the left. 
The armor is in a chest on the floor of this room.

Sword: At the very bottom of the Great Graveyard is a save point in some 
water sitting next to an enormous gate. Don't go through that gate. Instead, 
walk away from the save point and out of the water. Turn left (and promptly 
left again) and go down the hallway and through a door. In this area you will 
go down some stairs that lead underwater. Once you reach the bottom, stick to 
the right. Enter a building there and turn right. Go up the stairs on your 
left and take a breath of air. Now, turn right and face the center of the 
stairs (the stairs being a semi-spiral). Look down a bit and you should see a 
sword floating mid-water. Jump into the water and grab it on your way down.


Demon Set
This would be the most unusual set of them all. It's difficult to determine 
which pieces are which or if this can even be considered a set. Strangely (or 
fittingly) the curses on each individual piece do not go away when you equip 
them all (although I am going to try many ways to nullify these curses). The 
helmet of this set could be either the Shadow Mask or the Sacrificial Mask 
(I've included the locations of both). The Guardian Bracelet may or may not 
be a part of the set (it looks like it, and it just might make the set 
wearable if it works well enough!). Also, do you need the Scorpion to 
complete the set? I'll leave that all up to you. Here are the locations:

Shadow Mask: This is in the egg field between Widda Castle and the Great 
Graveyard. There is a room with a save point in the very beginning. Exit that 
room and turn right. Walk down the stairs and around a wall. Step on the mine 
cart here for just a brief moment and then jump off. Hopefully the mine cart 
will think you're on it and leave for its destination. When it does that, 
look on the track where it used to be and grab the mask.

Sacrificial Mask: This is in the underwater caves between the Widda Castle 
and the Ocean Fort. To get here you will need to get to the cliff behind the 
lighthouse where you placed the icon of fire (you can jump if you wish). Go 
all the way to the end of this dead-end path and look off the edge to see a 
broken boat. Look closer to see a ledge. Drop onto that ledge and you're in 
the underwater caves. There are five barrels floating in the water throughout 
the caves, three of which cannot be hit with a sword. Instead, when you drop 
into the piranha-infested water, follow the right wall and enter a tunnel. 
This will lead to a ledge overlooking the three barrels. Fire a spell (I 
personally like Flash because it is easy to aim) at each barrel to break it. 
One will drop the Sacrificial Mask.

Bone Arms: These can be gotten by dropping down the well in the beginning of 
the game (make sure you have at least 150 hp - the fall causes near 125 
damage). At the very bottom (deep in the water) are a small, closed gate and 
a small, open gate. You need to close the open gate and open the closed gate. 
Now search that bottom area for secret doors. Kill a skeleton behind the 
secret door and he will drop the arms.

Demon Legs: These can be found by searching a gravestone in the Great 
Graveyard. Entering the Graveyard from the Egg Field, go up the stairs on the 
left and head into the next room. Drop down on the right and head left (or 
straight depending on how you look at it). Go past a few gravestones and turn 
right. Walk forward and go up the first staircase on your right. Turn left at 
the top. There are a few gravestones up here all in a line. Search the one on 
the far right for the Demon Legs.

Demon Shield: This is in the Jail. As soon as you enter the door you first 
opened with the Jail Key, head down the stairs on the left. Pass up the 
gnarled, twisted bars on the left and go under the already-raised bars on the 
left instead. In this cell, on the left, is a hole leading to the cell with 
the gnarled, twisted bars. Inside that cell, look on the ground right next to 
the gnarled, twisted bars to find the shield.

Armor: In Forest Folk Chest 3. See the locations of the Forest Folk Chests 
for directions.

Scorpion: On the opposite side of the Jail (in the area called Old 
Battlefield) is the skeleton of Lord Myu. Lord Myu's Armor is visible from 
this skeleton. This skeleton is right next to the broken bridge that can be 
seen if you head right when you first enter the Old Battlefield. Anyhow, find 
that skeleton! It's holding your Scorpion.

Guardian Bracelet: In the tower that leads to both the Treasury and the 
Mansion of Howling Winds. There is a room with a lot of little spiders and 3 
giant spiders. Going way around the edge of the room you will come to a wall. 
Search this wall for a secret door. Go down the ladder and open up the chest 
for the Guardian Bracelet.


Magic Crystals

Fire Magic

1: You must get this to proceed in the game. Find a life rock and give it to 
the sick mother. Then go outside and talk to the daughter to get the fire 
crystal. If you're really having trouble finding this, consult the 

2: Found MUCH later than the first, this is in the fire cavern near the 
Refinery (the refinery is the area that is highly frozen when you first see 
it). In the fire cavern you kill a large blob to thaw the refinery and then 
head back to the refinery to kill a boss. The boss gives you the icon of ice 
that you then place in an altar in the fire cavern. Placing the icon of ice 
makes the lava recede a bit. Head down the stairs that lead to the altar in 
the first place and look right. There is now a path there that travels 
underneath the flowing lava. Follow that path to its end and you will fight a 
boss. Behind the boss is a fire crystal.

3: Now that you've gotten Fire Crystal 2, head back to the very beginning of 
the Refinery. As soon as you enter (coming from the Earth Folk Area) turn 
right and head down the stairs. Enter the first room on the right and claim 
the fire crystal in the corner (inaccessible until you place the icon of 

4: Dropped by Queen Widda in the Widda Castle. Killing her is important to 
beating the game (not 100% necessary, I guess, but the game's going to be 
tough if you don't!). See the walkthrough for more detail.

5: Back to the room with the 3 giant spiders! Instead of searching for a 
secret door, take a VERY close look at the middle torch. Nestled in the 
flames is your last fire crystal!


Water Magic

1: Look on the ground in the room with the altar of healing (the room where 
you killed your first gigantic spider!).

2: Visible from the watery area near David Bunch's Shop. Follow the 
directions to get the bone arms. When you're done, the only exit to this area 
will walk you right past this water crystal.

3: In the underground caves (see the Sacrificial Mask for directions) there 
are many carved statues. Hit them with your sword. One of them will break 
(the rest will dull your sword) and reveal a water crystal.

4: Follow the directions to get to Myu's Helmet, but instead of heading to 
the bars that are on the right side of the screen, head into the tunnel on 
the left side of the screen. At the end of the tunnel is the crystal. As with 
the helmet, make sure to bring plenty of healing.

5: The last water crystal is in the area where you place the icon of water. 
It's right next to the place where you get the ancient armor so follow those 
directions if you're having trouble finding it. One of the 5 rooms in this 
area has a very large version of the strange creatures that pop out of the 
water. Kill him and he drops a water crystal.


Wind Magic

1: Buy it for 2500 gold from David Bunch.

2: After you finish the refinery you enter an area that will eventually lead 
you to a bridge you previously could not cross in Center Tower 3F. This 
crystal is in the area between the tower and the refinery. There is a room 
with a couple widda (both archers and swordsmen) and a lot of exploding 
barrels. On the far left of the room is a barrel containing a wind crystal. 
Just start breaking barrels and you'll find it. If you're having trouble 
finding this room, consult the walkthrough.

3: Somewhat near Wind Crystal 2, only it's closer to Center Tower 2F than it 
is to Center Tower 3F. There is a room with a huge pillar of ice that has a 
skeleton frozen in it. Tossing a fireball at the pillar got you the 
Crystalline Sword. Search for secret doors at the opposite end of this room 
to grab a wind crystal.

4: This one is in the Egg Field. If you head downstairs when you first enter 
you will eventually come to a mine cart that travels back and forth across 
its track automatically (the only one that does that). Near the opposite end 
of the track is a very small tunnel that the cart travels through. There is 
actually a door in that tunnel that you need to enter (feel free to walk on 
the track without the cart, it's easier). Go in that door, up some stairs and 
break a pot for your crystal.

5: This is just outside the Mansion of Howling Winds. As soon as you cross 
the giant, wooden bridge turn left. Go all the way to the end of the cliff 
where you can find (or have already found) a dragon flower. Turn left and 
look down off the edge to see a barely visible cliff. Jump on that cliff and 
explore the caves down there to find the last wind crystal.


Earth Magic

1: This one is pretty hard to miss as it is behind one of two guardians on 
the way to Center Tower 3F. One of those guardians has a necessary-to-
proceed-in-the-game keystone behind it. The other has an earth crystal.

2: Look in the forest with Aeaine Vigil (the priest) and the magic fountain. 
If you look around outside (somewhat near the fountain) you will see a hill 
with some herbs on it. The herbs are actually a trail leading up to an earth 

3: Dropped by a gigantic insect in the tunnels behind the Engineer's 
Quarters. See the walkthrough if you have trouble finding this area.

4: This is yet another crystal in the Egg Field. Find the mine cart that will 
kill you when you ride it (*evil grin*). Instead of riding it, just walk 
across its track and go down some stairs to find another track. Walk along 
that track and a mine cart will soon run you down and chop off your feet. 
That's okay, though, you're a tough warrior! Just keep right on walking on 
those ankle-stubs and you'll come to another area. In this area is a hole 
that you can drop down. Do so and you'll find an earth crystal. To leave 
you'll have to drop down onto the mine track again, subjecting yourself to 
yet another leg shortening.

5: In the Treasury, up the stairs to the right as soon as you enter. There 
are a whole bunch of treasure chests upstairs. One of them is facing the 
wrong way. Open that one and press the button inside to open a secret door. 
Behind the door are two flaming statues, one on each side of the room. Look 
in the flames of the statue on the right to find your last earth crystal.


Light Magic

1: Near where you find the icon of healing is an old man (Mista Fopa) near a 
poisoned fountain. On the other side of the room is a hole in the wall. Look 
down the hole to see a strange web. Burn the web with a fireball. Now head 
back to where you first met Lee Maynor and fought the gigantic spider. Search 
in the halls around the room with the altar of healing to find the light 

2: In the King's Mausoleum is an EXTREMELY dark room that cannot be lit up 
with a light spell. Light the torch in the center instead! Now look up to see 
a bunch of creepy, hanging things. One of them has a light crystal hanging 
from it. Hit it with an arrow or a spell (you've got fireball equipped 
already!) to knock it down and claim it for your own.

3: In the area that leads you to Center Tower 2F for the first time is a room 
that you cannot enter by the door (at first). You must find a way to go up 
and around (it's not hard) and then drop into the room from a hole in the 
wall. There are about 5 ghosts in this room, a forest folk chest, and a light 

4: At the end of the Passage of Light, on a pedestal next to the king's 
skeleton and the king's key.

5: Drops off of the boss in the "You're Not Kingly" room. You should know 
what I'm talking about. If you don't, see the walkthrough.


Dark Magic

1: In the dark area just before the stairs to the forest, filled with 
spiders, bats, and creatures from the alien movies. Look around very 
carefully and use your light spell liberally. I think this is found by 
breaking a wooden box, can anybody confirm?

2: In the Ocean Fort, in the room with the 6 chests where you've likely 
already fallen down through the trap floor. There is actually a 7th chest, but 
it's protected on both sides by trap floors. Just RUN over the trap floor to 
get to it. Open the chest and claim your dark crystal.

3: This is in the ruins where you get the ancient sword. From the top of the 
stairs right next to the sword go across the bridge. Go down the stairs 
there, through the building, and then up the stairs on the other side. The 
crystal is on a pedestal there.

4: You can find this one behind a secret door in the jail. When you open the 
first door that you open with the jail key, head straight (ignoring the 
staircase on the left that leads to the Demon Shield and the staircase on the 
right that leads to Myu's Shield). Walk across the first bridge on the left 
and, at the end of the bridge, walk left onto a thin ledge. Search for a 
secret door in the wall there and claim your dark crystal. It's half-eaten by 
cockroaches, but it still works!

5: Find this after you exit the jail and are wandering around the Old 
Battlefield. A demon thingy with a spear will J you in the back. Kill him and 
he drops the crystal (there are actually 2, so you might need to wander 
around until a second one Js you in the back).


Rusty Key: Get it from Duhrin Pathwarden after killing all the monsters 
outside the church.

Expedition's Key: In the room where you saw a widda (lizardman) for the first 
time ever. This room is through the door nearest the first bridge you lower 
with a keystone. In the room go up the right stairs and through a door. Wind 
around the outside wall and head back into the room to get the key.

Priest's Key: In the area where the skeleton rings the bell, search the tombs 
in back.

Earth Folk Key: This one is in the Earth Folk Area graveyard. Search the 
gravestone farthest away from the entrance to find it.

King's Key: On the floor next to the king's skeleton at the end of the 
Passage of Light.

Craftsman's Key: Get it from the dwarf after you unfreeze him. Talk to him 
and he will tell you he is returning to his quarters. Head back to the earth 
folk area and go up the small ramp to the left of the hallway before the 
graveyard. You'll be in a room with a magic circle, the frostbite sword, and 
the dwarf.

Widda's Key: In a chest behind Queen Widda. Kill her to get to it.

Ancient Key: In the ruins where you find the ancient sword. Enter the ruins, 
go down the stairs, then go up the stairs on the left and look on the ground 
in the room at the top of the stairs.

Engineer's Key: Behind the door near the Engineer's Quarters that requires 2 
release rocks. First go upstairs and place 2 binding crowns on the 2 statues. 
Wait for the guardians to walk away and then head downstairs. Open the chest 
down there for the Engineer's Key.

Zastari's Key: On Zastari's Skeleton in the spear room before the treasury. 
This key opens all Forest Folk Chests.

Serrak's Key: Drops off of a boss at the very bottom of the Mansion of 
Howling Winds.

Jail Key: It is on the ground amidst some bones in the poison-water area 
where you place the icon of water. See Water Crystal 5 for directions.


Miscellaneous Stuff

Forest Folk Chests

1: Hidden in a place you forgot as soon as you left it, this chest is in the 
room where you first encountered a ghost. From Center Tower 3F, head across 
the very last bridge you lower. Go past the sign that says "commons" and head 
into the first door on the right. Stick to the lower floor of this room and 
just keep going until you reach the room with the chest.

2: In the same room as Light Crystal 3.

3: Go back to the area where all the flaming faces were/are (yes, it's 
possible to get past without shutting them off, my idiocy proved that the 
first time through the game!). Go down the path where the faces were shooting 
and into the room that connects a save point, Widda Castle, the Great 
Graveyard, and Center Tower 2F. From the save point go up some stairs and 
into a room containing the chest.


Earth Folk Chests

1: Near the save point in the Earth Folk Area

2: Fire Cavern - Take the first left when you enter and go straight all the
way to the chest.

3: Refinery - On a small ledge on the side of the circular thingy. You have
to thaw the refinery first, then walk around the edge of the lava pool (Endure
Fire helps!). When you reach the opposite side you just drop down on top of 
the chest.


Crystal Vials

1: You can actually find a second life rock. Do so and give the second one to 
Chad Breshears in exchange for the crystal vial. If you're as dumb as I am, 
you don't know where Chad is. Well, there's a second floor in the temple with 
the healing spring outside. Turn left or right (doesn't matter) as soon as 
you enter and head up the stairs. Tip: it's easier to get the second life 
rock later in the game. If you NEVER speak to Chad, he will still be there 
waiting for the life rock no matter how late you come back to him.

2: As soon as you give the forest golem the dew he will open the door to the 
King's Mausoleum. Go through the door, down the stairs and into a door on the 
right. Open the chest in that room for the crystal vial.

3: In a hole in the wall in the same room as Forest Folk Chest 1.

4: You can buy it from Jamarc Neely in the tunnels behind the Engineer's 

5: It's in the Treasury through the door on the far right. There is a room
with 3 half-doors. Every time you open a door a large stone block tries to
push you into a pit of poison. Behind each door is a chest that, if you're
quick, you can open and take the item from before the stone block gets you.
The middle door/chest contains your crystal vial.

6: Give the second widda egg to the guy who won't let you back into the room 
where you got the icon of fire (near Widda Castle). He'll tell you that 
you're a kind person and give you a crystal vial.


If you don't feel like being nice to him and you can wait awhile, wait until 
you're at or finished with the jail area. Come back and there will be a widda 
wandering around outside the room that the guy wouldn't let you into. Kill 
the widda and he drops a crystal vial. Serves him right!


(unconfirmed) if you miss any crystal vials you can return to Jamarc Neely in 
the tunnels behind the engineer's quarters and buy a second flask.



Red: This is behind a gate to the left of the 4 arrow towers near the room 
with the altar of healing (where you fought the giant spider). To open the 
gate, go upstairs and into the first room you see. Break 2 barrels in front 
of some stairs, go down the stairs and activate a switch.

Blue: It is in the marker in the room with the 4 locked chests and the magic 
circle near the magic fountain in the forest.

Green: Use the green wand to get to it.

Yellow: After getting Wind Crystal 3 turn around and search for another 
secret door. Open the chest there for the yellow guidestone.

Violet: After you cross the first bridge in the jail go right. Pass the first 
jail cell on your left and enter the second one. Break the wall in back for 
the violet guidestone.



Red: It is in the Hall of Five Wands. The room immediately before has a bunch 
of eyes that stare at you. Examine one specific eye to make it and all the 
rest of them shut. Then cast Endure Fire and run into the room with the fire 
statues. The wand is on one of the fire statues.

Blue: see red

Green: see red

Yellow: Buy it off of Jamarc Neely in the tunnels behind the Engineer's 

Violet: Drops off of the boss inside the jail.

Release Rocks Near Engineer's Quarters

1: In Engineer's Quarters, on a ledge over to the left

2: In a room with 4-5 walking armors by the flaming-arrow-faces. Search the 
door-thingies along the walls.


Rocks of Life

1: On Mr. Genne's corpse. Take the lift down to the bottom of the mine and 
head left on the wooden boards placed on the poison water.

2: In the poison caves near the miner, Marcus Zan, to the right of where you 
exit after finding the first rock of life.


Widda Eggs

1: Find the large hole in the wall on the ledge with all the widda archers in 
a cave in the egg field. Fire a spell or arrow at the brown egg you see 
through the hole, then wrap around to the other side and pick it up.

2: Find it in the area near Earth Crystal 4 before dropping down the hole to 
get the crystal.



Broken Katana: In the underground caves near the Ocean Fort (see the 
Sacrificial Mask for directions). When you drop into the piranha-infested 
water to go get the sacrificial mask, head down the straight tunnel instead 
of the tunnel on the right. The broken katana is stuck in the ground at the 
end of this tunnel.

Windslayer: Have the dwarf repair the broken katana and it becomes the 

Wavecrasher: To the left of the save point nearest the Ocean Fort. Search the 
shore in that immediate area. Equipping the Windslayer or Broken Katana helps 
to find it.

Dark Defiler: Kill the purple skull thingy in the Great Graveyard. He has a 
1-2% chance of dropping it each kill.


Random Stuff

Ring of Wisdom: This ring is needed to open the "You're Not Kingly" door. You 
must solve the puzzle with the 4 buttons in the Treasury. The clue for the 
puzzle is behind the secret door that leads to Earth Crystal 5 (read the back 
wall). If you still can't get it, try Earth, Water, Fire, and lastly Wind (if 
you STILL can't get it, the walkthrough is more detailed).


Contributors (in no particular order - all from the GameFAQs King's Field: 
The Ancient City message boards):

Old Dirty Ogre*

Contributors with a * next to their name are ones who contributed a lot of 
information, very hard-to-find information, or helped the process along in 
other ways (such as bumping the message topic where I gathered this 

Thanks a lot for the support, your help made this FAQ possible!