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Kingpin cheats, and Codes for PC.

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Kingpin Cheat Codes

Kingpin: Life of Crime
Various Cheats

Start the game with the command-line parameter +developer 1 (eg, c:\kingpin\kingpin.exe +developer 1).
Then, during gameplay, press ` to bring down the console and enter any of the following "Codes":Code Effect

NOCLIP Clipping Mode
EXTRACRISPY Sets On-Screen Enemies on Fire
NOTARGET Enemies Cannot See You
TOGGLECAM Toggles Third-Person View
GIBTEST Spawn Gibs at Crosshair
GIVE ALL Gives All Items, Except Cash
GIVE CASH ### Gives Money in Amount of ###
GIVE COIL Gives Coil
GIVE WATCH Gives Watch
GIVE BATTERY Gives Battery
GIVE WHISKEY Gives Whiskey
GIVE CHEM_PLANT_KEY Gives Chemical Plant Key
GIVE FUSE Gives Fuse
GIVE SHOP_KEY Gives Bait-Shop Key
GIVE WAREHOUSE_KEY Gives Warehouse Key
GIVE LIZZY HEAD Gives Lizzy's Head
GIVE SHIPYARD_KEY Gives Shipyard Key
GIVE OFFICE_KEY Gives Moker's Office Key
GIVE VALVE Gives Valve Handle
GIVE TICKET Gives Skytram Ticket
GIVE FLASHLIGHT Gives Flashlight
GIVE CROWBAR Gives Crowbar
GIVE PISTOL Gives Pistol
GIVE SHOTGUN Gives Shotgun
GIVE TOMMYGUN Gives Tommygun
GIVE HEAVY MACHINEGUN Gives Heavy Machinegun
GIVE GRENADE LAUNCHER Gives Grenade Launcher
GIVE BAZOOKA Gives Bazooka
GIVE FLAMETHROWER Gives Flamethrower
GIVE JET PACK Jet Pack Mode (Then type USE JET PACK and use Jump or Duck to Fly)
GIVE MODS Pistol Silencer
GIVE BULLETS ### Give ### of Bullets
GIVE SHELLS ### Give ### of Shells
GIVE 308CAL Give ### of 308Cal
GIVE GRENADES ### Give ### of Grenades
GIVE ROCKETS ### Give ### of Rockets
GIVE GAS ### Give ### of Gas
GIVE SPISTOL Give Silencer for Handgun
GIVE PISTOL RELOAD Auto-Reload for Handgun
GIVE SMALL HEALTH Gives Small Medical Kit
GIVE LARGE HEALTH Gives Large Medical Kit
GIVE ADRENALINE Gives Adrenaline
GIVE HEALTH Gives Full Health
GIVE HELMET ARMOR Gives Helmet Armor
GIVE JACKET ARMOR Gives Jacket Armor
GIVE LEGS ARMOR Gives Legs Armor
GIVE ARMOR Gives Full Armor

(The following use MAP to jump to different parts of the map)

MAP SR1 Skidrow
MAP SR2 The Super
MAP SR3 Mean Streets
MAP SR4 The Jesus
MAP PV_H Poisonville
MAP BAR_PV Club Swank
MAP PV_1 Louie's Errand
MAP PV_B Blanco Industries
MAP PV_BOSS Nikki Blanco
MAP SY_H Lizzie's Problem
MAP BAR_SY Salty Dog
MAP SY1 Pier Pressure
MAP SY2 Das Boot
MAP STEEL1 Steeltown
MAP BAR_ST Boiler Room
MAP STEEL2 Steel Mill
MAP STEEL3 Steel Processing
MAP STEEL4 Moker Shipping
MAP KPCUT3 Consequences
MAP TY1 Derailed
MAP TY2 Dark Passage
MAP TY3 Trainyards
MAP TY4 Depot
MAP KPCUT4 The Picnic
MAP RC1 Radio City Station
MAP RC2 Enter the Dragons
MAP RC3 Streets of Fire
MAP RC4 Skytram Station
MAP BAR_RC Typhoon
MAP RC5 Central Towers
MAP RCBOSS1 Crystal Palace East
MAP RCBOSS2 Crystal Palace West