The King of Fighters 2000 (Import) (PS2) Cheats

The King of Fighters 2000 (Import) cheats, and Codes for PS2.


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unlock kula and another strikers
Below shows the code to use the hidden character Kula Diamond:

1.Highlight Whip and press START (but do not hold on to START)

2.Highlight Vanessa and press START again

3.Highlight Seth and press START

4.Highlight Maxima and press START

5. Highlight K' and press START

6.Highlight ? (the '?' icon) and press START

7.Then Press Up , down

8.Kula should now appear below the roulette icon (?) after a brief moment!
unlock memory scene (the head of the scene without playing)
KOF '94 - To unlock it, play the game with 10 hours.
KOF '95 - To unlock it, play the Training Mode with 30 minutes.
KOF '96 - To unlock it, in the Training Mode, set the opponent into Quick Recover life, then defeat it until no life for opponent.
KOF '97 - To unlock it, win the Team Play at least 200 wins.
KOF '98 - To unlock it, win the Single Play at least 300 wins.
KOF '99 - To unlock it, set the Level into 8-Expert in Option Mode, then win the Team Play.

*Note: Make sure you must save game or you have start again to gain them.
Unlock Strikers
While you are selecting the striker for your team at the Character Order Select Screen, go to the Another Striker portrait and press up,left,left,left,right,right,right,down and the hidden Another Striker for the character (only those listed below) will appear!

Character = Hidden Another Striker

Ramon = Neo & Geo

Ryo = G-Mantle

Kasumi = Unknown (Kasumi's father Ryuhaku)

Chang = Smart Chang

Choi = Cool Choi

Kyo = Saisyu

Iori = Another Iori

Kula = Rugal