The King of Fighters '99: Evolution (DC) Cheats

The King of Fighters '99: Evolution cheats, and Codes for DC.

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King of Fighters '99: Evolution Cheats

Full pause screen
Pause during a game and press X + Y.

Omake data
Place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find graphics and HTML web pages for the game in the "Omake" directory.


Point prices to buy/unlock extra strikers:
The Justice version and Dark version of each extra striker is different. To unlock the Dark versions, buy all the Justice versions of the extra strikers. The Dark versions can then be purchased with points.

Justice version extra strikers
Fio:2000 points
Kyo:800 points
Goro:800 points
Chizuru:800 points
Athena:800 points
B. Kane:800 points
Yamazaki:800 points
Alfred:2000 points

Dark version extra strikers

Fio:2200 points
Kyo:1000 points
Goro:1000 points
Chizuru:1000 points
Athena:1000 points
B. Kane:1000 points
Yamazaki:1000 points
Alfred:2200 points

Easy points to buy extra strikers:
Play game in single or team battle mode. Select four fighters for team battle or two fighters for the single battle game.

For team battle, choose the order of fighters, then play the first team. After last CPU fighter loses, points will be awarded to the player. Choose the order of fighters again for the second team. Play the second team and intentionally lose. Lose with all three fighters and wait for continue screen. Do not continue and wait for countdown to complete. Points will be awarded to overall points to buy strikers.

For single battle, choose a fighter and striker to play with. Play against first CPU fighter/team. After defeating the CPU fighter/team, points will be awarded. Play against the second team and lose. Wait for the continue screen to appear. Do not continue and allow the timer to count down. Points will be awarded to overall points to buy extra strikers.

If your continue at the continue screen, the player will play the team over again. The player has chance of lowering overall awarded points after playing the last fighter of the second team, and so on with other teams.