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TA Kingdoms cheats, and Codes for PC.

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TA Kingdoms Cheats

Cheat Codes
Begin a game in either skirmish or multiplayer mode. Display the message box during gameplay by pressing [Enter]. Now press [Plus], and enter one of the following codes. Press [Enter] again to activate the cheat. Enter the code again to de-activate it.

Alternate fog colorfogcolor <1-256>
Alternate race color logo <1-9>
Change render lightinglightrange <1-20>
Change screen resolutionvidmode
Completely fill manaatm
Deselect selected unitsselectunits
Display menuf2menu
Dither replaces line of sightdither
Double damage weaponsdoubleshot
Exit to Windowsquit
Faster unit buildingzipper
Half damage weaponshalfshot
In-game clockclock
Kill indicated playerkill <1-4>
Kill opponentscombustion
Limited resource increaselushee
Lose missionilose
Maximum men and materialtilt
More bloodlotsablood
Nanolathing and metal usage doublednanolathing
Random meteor showermeteor
Rename indicated unitnameunit
Screen shotmakeposter
Toggle CD musiccdstart
Toggle fog of warinfrared
Toggle rolling fog effects¹rollingfog
Toggle wavy fog effects¹wackyfog
Toggle wavy water effects¹wackywater
Units say new phrasesbigbrother
Win missioniwin

1. Only with 3D accelerator video cards


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List of Cheats
atm -- maximizes your mana
bigbrother -- CPU cycles through units
clock -- In -- game clock
f2menu -- Display menu
fogcolor [1-256] -- Alternate fog color
lightrange [1-20] -- Change render lighting
logo [1-9] -- Alternate race color
lotsablood -- More blood
makeposter -- Screen shot
nameunit [unit] -- Rename indicated unit
nowisee -- shows full map
quit -- Exit to Windows
rollingfog -- Toggle rolling fog effects*
selectunits -- Deselect selected units
vidmode -- Change screen resolution
wackyfog -- Toggle wavy fog effects*
wackywater -- Toggle wavy water effects*
cdstart -- Start/Stop Music
combustion -- Enemies Die
dither -- Dithering Instead of Line of Sight
doubleshot -- Weapons do Double Damage
halfshot -- Weapons do Half Damage
ilose -- Instant Loss
infrared -- Fog of War On/Off
iwin -- Instant Win
kill 0-4 -- Kill Player #
lushee -- Limited Resource Increase
meteor -- Random Meteor Shower
nanolathing -- Nanolathing and Metal Using Doubled
noenergy -- No Energy
nometal -- No Metal
radar -- 100% Radar Coverage
shareradar -- Share Radar Info
shootall -- Units Target All Enemies
sing -- Units Sing when Given Orders
tilt -- Maximum Men and Material
view 0-4 -- View Player# Metal and Energy
zipper - Faster Unit Building