Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough v2.0
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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

by Chobi   Updated to v2.0 on
Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Copyright: Chobi

All right, here is another walkthrough that I have done for a detailed game. ^^ The last one I think turned out pretty well
with its layout, and it is almost done. ^^ And again, I didn't make so many spelling mistakes!

In this walkthrough, I tried to include enough information to beat the game, but not enough to totally spoil everything
for you (I hope =P). Also, as in my other walkthroughs, when there is a section about a place, it tells what you need 
to do there and if there are any bosses.

I'll add some more things like Character Attributes into this walkthrough in the future. =)

[table of contents]

1] Copyrights (yes, again! -.-)
2] Characters
3] The Beginning
4] Destiny Island
5] Traverse Town
6] Gummi Ship
7] Wonderland
8] Gummi Ship pt2
9] Olympus Coliseum
10] Deep Jungle
11] Traverse Town pt2
12] Agrabah
13] Traverse Town/Hundred Aker Wood
14] Monstro
15] Halloween Town
16] Atlantica
17] Neverland
18] Traverse Town pt4
19] Hollow Bastion
20] Traverse Town pt5
21] End of the World

~*Secrets and Side quests (also some extra info)*~

1] Secret ending
2] Trinity Point locations
3] Dalmatian locations
4] Torn Pages
5] Weapons
6] Postcards
7] Coliseum Tournaments
8] Secret Bosses
9] The Heartless
10] Basics of Gameplay



Okay, this walkthrough belongs to me! It takes a great deal of time and effort to make these...especially ones like
this that are for a detailed game. I even had to dose up on caffeine to continue sometimes! So you can use this as long as
you don't copy. You can even use it to help make your own walkthrough, but if I catch you copying anything
exactly as it is, I'll kill you! (And you think I'm joking...) Well, that about sums it up. Enjoy the walkthrough!

And if there is anything I missed, or you want to comment or contribute, my email is
I hope to hear from you! ;) You can even email me to ask me questions, for I would be happy to help.

Oh, and thank you to everyone in the Kingdom Hearts forum on Neoseeker. Without observing what they say about this game, I
would never have been able to actually beat it myself. I owe you all one. ;)



Okay, here is a list of the main characters...or at least the ones who are mentioned a lot. ^^


Age: 14

Sora is the main character of the game. He is also the Keyblade master. He enjoyed life on his island with his friends Riku
and Kairi, but wanted to visit other worlds. When his island disappeared he got that chance, but now he must fight to save 
all the many different worlds!


Age: ???

Goofy somehow managed to become the Captain of the royal knights. He doesn't like using weapons, so fights with a shield
instead. He goes with Donald to help find the one who holds the 'key', and to help save King Mickey!


Age: ???

Donald is the court wizard for the king. On the king's orders, he goes out to try to find the one who holds the 'key', along
with his friend Goofy. Donald has a bad temper, and it sometimes gets the group in trouble.


Age: 15

Riku didn't mind living on his small island with his best friends Kairi and Sora, but he wanted something more. He wanted to
go out and explore new worlds. He ended up teaming with Maleficent and the bad guys in order to save Kairi. He was the
rightful bearer of the Keyblade, but the moment he chose evil, the Keybalde automatically went to somebody else.


Age: 14

Kairi moved to Sora and Riku's island a few years ago. She is a fun loving girl and has a very strong will. When Destiny
Islands were destroyed, her heart was taken. It turns out that it was actually in Sora's own heart. When Sora was turned
into a Heartless, her strong feelings for him brought him back.


There are many different types of Heartless, so I have provided them with their own section. ^^


[3][The Beginning]

When you first start the game there is a little opening movie. ^^ I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. It also
segues nicely into the first area of the game, a dream that teaches you the basics of game play and determines how the
game will go on from that point.

The first three choices determine Sora's strength in combat. There are three areas--physical attacks, magical attacks, and
defence. These are shown as a sword, wand, and shield. Choose one to improve, and then you will have to choose one that
weakens as a result.

After you make these choices, there are a few tutorials that teach you the basics of combat, and also introduces the
lock-on system and ways of interacting with your environment. After you are done with these tutorials, a white door will
appear. Go through it to another set of questions that must be answered.

Sora is now on Destiny Island, and he must answer questions from Selphie, Tidus and Wakka. What you choose determines
how fast you level up, and how fast your enemies also level up to match him. Each question has three answers. Picking the
top one generally means that you will level up faster. If you pick the second question then you will level up at a medium
rate. And of course, picking the third question makes you level up at a slower pace.

After you choose where you want to go, you are back in the dream world for a little bit more practice, and then a final
boss encounter.

Boss: Darkside

This boss isn't too hard to defeat, seeing as he is the first boss in the game. His weak spots that you can attack are his
two arms, and his head. You can get to his head by running up the arms, but lazy people like me are better off just hacking
away at the arms. Darkside has two attacks. He will either summon heartless (by plunging his hand into the ground), or he
will send off energy blasts that home in on Sora (when he creates a ball of energy near his chest). This aren't too
difficult to dodge, and you should have this boss beat in no time.


[4][Destiny Island]

After this, Sora wakes up. After a little movie, you will have to go and collect some things for the raft that your friends
and yourself are building. You will need to find two logs, Cloth, and a rope. Here is where to find them.

Log #1: On the shore, under the bridge.

Log #2: Across the bridge on the island near Riku.

Cloth: In the tree house. The tree house is on the left of the waterfall.

Rope: On the far platform where Tidus is getting in some sword fighting practice.

After this, return these items to Kairi. There will be another little movie cutscene thing. Meanwhile, there is trouble
in Disney Castle! There will be a little animated cutscene with this too. Once this is over, head to the cove on the other
side of the island to meet Riku. (To get there, just go through the door that Kairi was standing in front of the other day)
Riku is thinking of naming the raft. He asks you what you want to name it, so just enter in a name. Whoever wins the race
gets to name the raft. The winner is the one who touches the star at the end, and then comes back.

There are many routes to take, and you will just have to find out which one works best for you. It doesn't really matter
who wins or loses, because it only determines what the raft will be named. Don't worry, Riku is not really going to share
the fruit with Kairi. It was all a joke. ^.~

After this, go to the raft. Kairi wants you to get some more items for her. You need to get a seagull egg, three mushrooms,
two coconuts, three fish, and some fresh drinking water.

Seagull egg: On top of the tree near the bridge on the first part of the island. Climb the skinny tree beside it, and then
just hop over.

Mushroom #1: One is right near Kairi. There is a boulder blocking the way, so just push it out of the way.

Mushroom #2: This one is on the same cliff as the first mushroom, but on the opposite side. It's in the bushes.

Mushroom #3: The third mushroom is in the Secret Place, on the first side of the island. It is to the right of the
treehouse. If you are unsure what I mean, just talk to Wakka. He will show you.

Coconuts 1 & 2: They are in the trees right next to Kairi. Just continue to chop at the trees with your swords until
the golden coloured ones fall out.

Fish 1, 2 & 3: They are all on the first part of the island in the water. You will be able to see them swimming around. Just
swim up to them and you will catch them.

Fresh Drinking Water: You can get this from the waterfall on the first part of the island, or on the second part of the
island as well. On the second part of the island, it can be found under the bridge that breaks when you walk on it. There
will be a little bit of water spurting from the wall.

Bring all this stuff back to Kairi. After all this happens, another little cutscene will start playing. Trouble is stirring
on destiny island. Go to the place where Riku normally hangs out, on the island across from the bridge. You won't be able to 
kill heartless until you have the power of the keyblade, so don't bother attacking them with Sora's wooden sword. 
After Riku is sucked up by the shadows, go to the Secret Place. Go through the door, and you will encounter something

Boss: Darkside

He is basically the same as before. His weak spots are still his head and his arms, so just focus on trying to chop at him
there. The only difference is that he has one more attack, which is a rain of energy blobs. Other than that, just try to
kill him the same way as you did before.


[5][Traverse Town]

After a long cutscene movie thing, Sora wakes up in an alley in Traverse Town. There are several shops, and a lot of
places that you cannot visit right now.  First, go to the Accessory Shop, which is run by some guy named Cid. Then go into
District Two, which can be found behind the Accessory Shop. There are many Heartless here wanting to get you, so be careful!
From there, you can explore several places like the Dalmatian痴 House, the Gizmo Factory, and the hotel. If you want the
plot to continue forward again, then just enter the Accessory Shop, and then exit again. Some guy is watching you...who
could it be...?

Boss: Leon

Yay! It's Leon! *waves pom poms around* Ahem..okay sorry about that. Leon is basically impossible to defeat. It doesn't
matter if you win or lose this battle, so don't get too concerned if you lose. 

Now it's time for a long cutscene, in
which you are introduced to familiar faces like Yuffie and Aerith. Along with Leon, they explain to you what is going
on. Once the scene is over, talk to Leon. The Heartless will attack, and it's time to fight! After this, go to District
Three. You can get there from District Two. There is a door in one of District Two's alleys that leads there, and it may
be tricky to find at first. Here is where Sora meets up with Goofy and Donald, and then it is time for another boss battle!

Boss: Guard Armour

Guard Armour has six different places in which you can attack him. You can attack his arms, legs, body and head. The best
bet would be to take out the arms first, because that's what he mostly uses to attack. After you take out his arms, aim
for his legs, and then attack the rest of him. It isn't hard to dodge his attacks, and if you are almost dead, Donald and
Goofy can heal you.

After the battle, Sora and his two new friends are back in the First District Town Square. Here you should check out the
Nephew's shop. You can buy potions and such there with your munny that you have earned thus far. You can also check out
the blue Trinity, and you will get an explanation of how it works. You can always wait until later, but you can go to
Merlin's house now. In the third district there is a door with a flame on it. Shoot a Fireball at it and you should be
allowed access. You can meet up with Merlin and the Fairy Godmother there. They help you with your magic, and there are
hidden items there as well.


[6][Gummi Ship]

After you have finished with Traverse Town, you can either exit via the main gate of the city, or you can exit by a save
point. Both of these will take you to the Gummi Ship. It may seem fun to go around blowing up things as you travel to
different worlds, but it soon gets quite annoying. Go to the world that has a battle level of one star. This is the
easiest place to begin with. Be prepared, we are heading to wonderland! ^.~



There goes the White Rabbit! Follow him! You will end up following him to a door. He goes through, but you cannot. There is
a rather rude doorknob there that would rather sleep. Plus, you are too big. Don't bother turning small right now, instead
push the bed out of the way. There will now be an exit from the room. Now you can drink the potion and turn small. Now you
can go through the newly created exit.

When you enter this room, you will quickly find that Alice is on trial for something. Apparently there was an attempt on
the Queen's life, and the evil ruler thinks that Alice is the one who did it. Sora interjects, and now he has to find
evidence to prove her innocence. Most of this evidence is in Lotus Forest, which can be accessed via the hole in the left
wall. You can tell it is the exit because a guard is standing beside it. Here is where all the evidence is.

Footprints: These are in the little grove thing that is just to the right of the forest.

Antenna: These are in the far back of the forest, on top of a low platform.

Stench: Climb the mushroom platforms in the back of the forest. Head left to the tall tree. Enter the hole in the trunk.
Sora will land on the stove in the Bizarre Room. The Stench is in the treasure chest.

Claw Marks: Go to the beginning of the Lotus Forest. There will be a yellow flower asking for a potion. Give the potion
to it, and it will make you grow bigger. Now jump on the tree stump that is sticking up. It will go down, and will raise a
platform. After that, turn around and grab the acorn thing that is hanging in the tree. Sora will eat it and then shrink
back down again. Go to the grove thing to the right of the entrance and climb up the mushroom platforms. This leads to
a bridge of platforms to the right-hand corner nearest the entrance. This leads to the top of a faucet. Jump to the shelf
that is on your right, and you will find the Claw Marks. After this, the Cheshire Cat will appear on the faucet. He will
congratulate you, and give you the spell 'Blizzard'.

Now head back to the Queen's Court!

Boss: Card Soldiers

When you arrive back at the Queen's Castle, talk to one of the Cards by her throne to show the evidence. The Queen says that
it would be a waste of time to check all the evidence, so she scrambles up your evidence and her evidence, and you have to
choose one. If you choose a box with Goofy or Donald pictures in it, then one of them will sit out. You can chop their cage
down later. If a Heartless appears, you can fight at full strength. But no matter what, you have to fight the Cards. When
the Queen sics the Cards on you, focus more on the machine in the middle of the battlefield. Destroy all three levers and
the machine itself, because it is holding up Alice's cage. The Cards will still attack you, but you should let Donald and
Goofy focus on beating those.

After this fight, go to the very back of Lotus Forest. There will now be an entrance that leads to the Tea Party Garden.
You can sit in the chairs to get health, items, and munny, but Heartless may attack as well. You will have to fight a
Heartless called 'Big Body', and you should attack it from behind.

Now go into the door that leads to the Bizarre room. Now you are on the ceiling of the Bizarre Room! Light the two lamps
that are on the tables, then take the exit on the right side. It leads to the Queen's castle, and don't forget to grab the
Dalmatians on the way out! Finally return to the Bizarre Room the way you first came in. The Doorknob is still asleep. You
will have a little chat with the Cheshire Cat, and then you will have to fight!

Boss: Trick Master

This boss is annoying. His points that hurt him when you attack are high of the ground. Your best bet would be to go and
cast Fireballs at him from the top of the table, and when he slouches down attack him with your Keyblade. You can also
jump off the table and attack him with the Keyblade. His attacks are a homing fireball that is easy to dodge, and he also
swings his batons at you. When he is defeated, the prize is an Ifrit horn! The Doorknob will be angry at all the noise, and
then he will yawn. Surprise, surprise! The Doorknob's mouth is actually the Keyhole. After you seal it, you will get a piece
for your Gummi Ship called Navi-G. Now go back to a saving point, and go back to the Gummi Ship.


[8][Gummi Ship part 2]

You can either go to Deep Jungle, or you can go to Traverse Town and Olympus Coliseum. If you choose the latter, then you
can stock up on items. If you go straight to Deep Jungle, then you won't get so many items, but it is quicker. In this
walkthrough, I am going to take you through the second option first. ^^


[9][Olympus Coliseum]

This area is almost all fighting. Go inside and talk to Phil. He will ask you to move the giant stone block. You won't be
able to, so talk to him again. He will offer you tests of strength. The first challenge is easy. First, smash all the
barrels. Then, smash all the barrels again. The second challenge is a bit more difficult, because you have to pick up
barrels and throw them at other barrels to smash them. But it isn't too hard to master.

After this, Phil will give you the Thunder Magic. But he will continue to deny Sora a shot to compete in the games. Now
go outside, and Hades will give you a ticket so that you can compete.

And just remember, if you are going to fight in the games, equip yourself with potions! After each battle your HP doesn't
go all the way up, it stays the same. So bring potions so that you can heal yourself to win. =P

------[Fight One]------

Four Soldiers and three Blue Mages. Not too hard. ^^

------[Fight Two]------

Three Blue Mages and ten Shadows. It may seem like a lot, but it is easy to take out the Shadows. Focus on the Mages, and
the rest should be a piece of cake. :D

------[Fight Three]------

Five Blue Mages and five Red Mages. This is actually a difficult one. Attack with Blizzard and Thunder attacks to hit many
targets at once.

------[Fight Four]------

Three Blue Mages, three Red Mages, two Soldiers and two Shadows. The only hard part here is the Mages. Again, Thunder and
Blizzard magic would be ideal.

------[Fight Five]------

Nine Blue Mages. Attack the Mages that are charging up to attack you.

Now what's going on? It seems as if Hades is arguing with the strange warrior that you saw at the beginning of the Games...
What is going to happen now? (For those of you who have played FF VII, you already know who this guy is.)

------[Fight Six]------

Four Blue Mages, four Red Mages, and a Large Body. Remember, the Large Body has to be hit from behind. Again, just focus on
the Mages. Large Body probably won't be able to hit you, because he is slow moving. When he is alone, then you should attack

------[Fight Seven]------

It's you against the strange mysterious warrior...Cloud! You don't have to win, but if you want to, then shoot Fireballs
at him from a distance, and avoid his powerful jump attack.

Boss: Cerberus

Cerberus is strong, but he is not totally impossible to defeat. His most dangerous attacks are at long range, like his
homing Fireballs and Pillars of Darkness. When he stomps and releases a huge thing of dark energy, then just run around
him in a circle and it won't hit you. It's a good thing that Sora knows Dodge-Roll, because it will be very useful. When
he lowers his heads, then chop at them. From a distance, shoot Fireballs. I heard that you can even jump onto his back and
attack his heads from there, but I have never tried it before. ^^ After you win, you will get an Inferno Band.

After you have finished with the fight, talk to Cloud. He will give you the Sonic Blade skill.

And the last available place is...Deep Jungle!


[10][Deep Jungle]

Because of Sora, the Gummi Ship goes out of control. Now he is alone in an abandoned tree house, separated from his friends.
Poor Sora, the first thing that happens to him is that he is attacked by...

Boss: Sabor

Don't worry, this isn't very hard. ^^ You are not expected to beat Sabor yet, just continue to dodge his attacks and
slash at him with the Keyblade until Tarzan shows up.

Now that Tarzan had made his appearance, it is time to leave the Tree House. Sora and Tarzan are having slight
communication problems, but that's okay for now. ^^ Follow Tarzan and jump off the house. Don't worry, you won't die.
Go into the hollow tree thing, and then there will be a little mini game in which you surf along on a big vine. Again, don't
fret. ^^ You won't be able to fall off. All you have to worry about is not getting smacked in the face by a tree branch.
Ouch. ><

Now you have landed in Jane's campsite. It is necessary for you to find certain items, and so I have compiled a list.

You have to collect six slides from around the campsite. ^^

Slide #1: On top of the tent

Slide #2: On a dark green chest of drawers under the canvas awning

Slide #3: By the blackboard

Slide #4: On top of the stacked crates

Slide #5: On top of the canvas awning...get there by jumping onto the tent and then jumping to the canvas

Slide #6: On some suitcases by the tent entrance

Get all of these and go into Jane's tent. Give her the slides. Now it is time to go see the Gorillas.

Boss: Sabor

What do you know? As soon as you leave the tent, Sabor is waiting for you. He is still easy to defeat, and will run away
before you can finish him off.

Now go to the Hippo Lagoon. Hop across the Hippos to the other side of the lagoon, and climb up the vine. (You can also get
to the same place by climbing up the ivy near the beginning of the Hippo Lagoon, but you will have to swing across a lot of
vines first.)

There is a cutscene with Kerchak. Climb up the ivy on the nearby tree to get to the Climbing Trees area. Go through the exit
there to get to the Tree House. There will be a cutscene with Clayton. Go back to the camp by the way you first came there.
Go into Jane's tent so that you can see her again. 

After this, leave the tent. You will have to fight many Heartless that look like a band of monkeys. After you defeat them,
you will have saved a Gorilla. He will give you a piece of Gummi block called Protect-G. Now, go to the Bamboo thicket.
You will have to fight more monkey Heartless. After this, head to the cliff area (it's another exit from somewhere in the
Bamboo Thicket.) You will have to fight more monkey Heartless. Now go back to the Climbing Trees, where you will have to
fight to save another gorilla. Now, go back to the Tree House for one last fight. After you are done fighting all these
monkey Heartless, head back to the camp. Talk to Jane. After that is over with, you will hear a gunshot come from the
Bamboo Thicket. Head over there...and then guess what happens?

Boss: Sabor

Heh...are we sick of this guy yet or what? Well anyways, continue to fight him as you did the other few times. The only
difference is that he can enter the walls of the Bamboo Thicket, and come out in another part. It's not so hard because
you have your two teammates fighting with you, but be careful because Sabor mostly goes after Sora. After you defeat
Sabor, you will get a White Fang.

Too many bad things are happening in the Jungle. Just when you bust your butt and finally beat Sabor, Jane is kidnapped.
Will the madness ever stop? Go back to the Climbing Trees area to rescue them.

While here you will have to fight the big purple fruit that is hanging off the tree. It's not too hard to destroy the fruit,
because it doesn't fight back. But there are tons of monkey Heartless, so watch out. After you have done this, go back to
the Cliff.

Boss: Clayton

There are two stages to this fight. First, there is Clayton and some monkey Heartless. This is extremely easy, just attack
Clayton until he is defeated. But he actually isn't defeated, and is joined by Stealth Chameleon. At first, the Chameleon
is invisible, and Clayton is riding it. When the Chameleon begins to glow green, it is a signal to dodge its claw attack.
Continue to slash at the Chameleon until Clayton is thrown off of its back. Now both Clayton and the Chameleon attack you.
The best bet is thunder magic, because it hits both of your enemies. Tarzan is a good fighter, so include him. It is easier
to attack Clayton after the Chameleon is permanently down for the count, but do as you will.

After you defeat Clayton, Kerchak comes. He picks up Sora and throws him onto the top of the Cliff. There is an entrance to
a cavern. Enter, and Tarzan says that it is his home. You are now in the glory of Waterfall Canyon! *drumroll* o.O anyways,
make your way to the top of the cavern by hopping on the ledges, and make sure to get the treasure chests on the way. At the
top, Sora locks the keyhole for Deep Jungle, and also gets the Jungle King keyblade. He can also now use Red Trinities!

Congratz! You have completed all the worlds in this ring. It is time to go back to Traverse Town for a little fun. ;)


[11][Traverse Town Part 2]

Yay, back in Traverse Town. :p I know, most of us wish we never have to come here again, but too bad. You will just have to
ignore the horrible music here for now. ^^ Donald mentioned that you should try finding Leon. Leon is training in an
underground cavern on the outskirts of the city. To get there, use the Red Trinity behind the Hotel in District two. it is 
by the bars on the far end. When you get inside, you get to see Aerith and Leon. Talk to Leon and he will tell you some 
things about keyholes. He'll also give you an Earthshine item, which is actually your first summon gem. Don't bother to ask
Leon what it is for, because he seems to be very confused at this point. Now what you should do is go talk to Cid. 
Go back to the Accessory Shop in District 1. He explains about the two strange Gummi blocks you have, and then asks you 
to deliver an old book to Merlin.(If you didn't do it before, Merlin's house is in the third district. 
There is a door with a flame on it, so shoot a Fireball at it. There is also a quick route from District One to Three. It is
in the Town Square, across from the Main Gate.)

Now that you are at Merlin's house, he will put the book away for safekeeping. You should talk to the Fairy Godmother, who
will explain what the Earthshine is. It is actually a summoning Gem, and Simba is inside.

Now go back to the house that used to be deserted in the third district. Now it is known as Small House, and Sid is there
along with Leon and the gang. On the way there, you bump into an old friend...

After you talk with Cid and everyone, head to the Gizmo Shop in the Second District. Go into the entrance by the Hotel and
then come out the other end. There is now a ladder to the top of the roof. Climb it, and pull the bell rope. It will turn
the mural behind the fountain. Turn it three times, until it shows the Traverse Town keyhole. And who should appear but...

Boss: Guard Armour 2

Ack, too many familiar faces! Old bosses just keep on coming back! But anyways, he isn't totally the same. After fighting
his original form, he changes and gets some new attacks. In his new form, he usually just uses charging attacks, and will
leap across the battleground in great distances. He can also split into two sections that can fight on their own. Fight him
the way that you did before. Attack his arms, legs, body and head. Make sure to use a lot of magic now as well, since you
have collected quite a lot of spells through your adventure so far. Once he only has his body section, he will fire a blast
that will home in on you. You can avoid that by running really far away, or going really close to Guard Armour 2.

After this, go talk to Cid in District One. He will give you a Comet-G Gummi. Now go back to the Gummi Ship. There are warp
holes now. Now that you have the warp drive, you don't have to fly around so much anymore. Just warp drive to the Coliseum
and then fly to the warp hole. What nifty new place have we encountered? Continue on to find out!



When you first enter Agrabah, Jafar and Mileficent are having a little convo. Feel free to eavesdrop. ^^ Once you can start
walking around, head through the passage way to the Main Street area. There is a pole that leads to Aladdin's house, but
right now you want to go through the large passageway into the Alley. Here, you will find Princess Jasmine hiding behind
some boxes. The bad thing though is that the bad mean people have found her as well. *criez* Jafar summons some Heartless,
but you shouldn't have any trouble with them.

Climb up the boxes to where Jafar was standing. Use the keyhole to unlock one of the Town's gates. Turn right, and jump
along the window shutter things to get to the high point on the other side of the Alley. Climb a little more and you will
get to the place that Sora has just unlocked. Go through the door and you will find yourself on the awnings above
Main Street.

Now you want to get to the blueish green awning. Step down to the pink one, jump over to the yellow one, and then jump 
across to your destination. Climb the pole, and now you are in Aladdin's house. In Aladdin's house, the Magic Carpet is 
stuck under the Chest of Drawers. Move the chest so that the Carpet can get free. Now the Carpet flies away. Now go back 
to Main Street, and from there go out into the Desert. Accept the Carpet's offer for a ride, and off you fly!

Out here in the Desert, the Heartless have gotten to Aladdin and Abu. Just continue to attack the Heartless until no more
pop out of the sand. You will talk to Aladdin, and you will also meet the Genie. Now it's time to go back to Agrabah.

Climb the pair of stacked boxes that are located to the right of the entrance. Now you are on the second level of this
area. Jump across to the awning opposite of you and go through the nearby passageway. As you did before, jump across the
window shutters to get to the Alley and Aladdin's house. After the cutscene, go down to pole into the alley. Follow the
awnings around the corner. From the red one that is on the end, hop over to the passage way and into the Bazaar. On the
platform that is in the corner of the Bazaar, jump across the two open shutters to the platform that has two crates on it.
Jump up these crates onto the high platform, and from there jump to the opposite wall. There is a chest sitting at the right
end. On the left there is another keyhole, and this unlocks the door to the Palace Gates. This door is right above the
yellow awning on Main Street. Anyways, here Jafar has captured Jasmine. What?! Even the Genie can't help? Okay, I guess it's
all up to Sora.

Boss: Pot Centipede

This boss is really annoying. He can regenerate himself by picking up segments from around the area. Concentrate on
attacking his segments. When he curls up, you can only hurt him by chopping at his head. Do this until he is defeated.
Oh yeah, and watch out for his antennae.

Aladdin suggests going back out to the Desert, so away we go! Get to the Desert by first going to the Plaza. First though
you should save. If you haven't already done so, switch Aladdin into your party. You're going to need him. So now our
heroes find themselves at the Cave of Wonders...

Boss: Cave of Wonders Entrance

Yeesh! Somebody isn't too happy about having been disturbed during their catnap! His vulnerable spot is his two eyes.
The best way to reach him would have to be climb up his neck, over his head, and jump down onto his nose. There you can
attack him. You can also attack him when he leans forward. This cranky kitty likes to spit fire at you, and send out swarms
of mean Heartless. He also launches energy blasts that home in on you! When he is defeated, head into the Cave of Wonders.

The Cave of Wonders seems pretty tough, don't it? Along with all these Heartless that just love to attack Sora, there are
also many holes in the ground that you can fall through, and a booby trap that just can't wait to have Sora flattened. There
are also booby traps that spit out water attacks, so try to avoid them as best you can. 
Fight the bad guys (or run like Hell)until you get to the entrance to the Hall. Go inside.

There are more holes in the ground here. If you fall into the holes around here you will end up in the Dark Chamber. There
is a Torn Page down there among other things, so it would be a good idea to snatch them. Okay so anyways, either jump
through one of the holes in the ground, or go down the stairs between the two torches. Swim up the waterfall by the save
point, and you will now be in...the Silent Chamber! *evil laughing echoes* oO Anyways, go down the next waterfall to 
continue from there. Here you can see a monkey statue. Don't worry, the Cave of Wonders will not self destruct like on the 
movie if you touch it. In fact, you want to touch it. Touching it activates a doorway. Now swim back up to the Silent 
Chamber. Go up the first bit of stairs, then jump over the landing and swim to the far passageway. This leads to the Hidden
Room, where there is a suspicious looking pillar. Hit the pillar with your Fire magic, and another cutscene happens.

So now we know where the Keyhole is, thanks to out friendly neighbourhood Genie. :p Swim back to the Silent Chamber, and
then go up the stairs. This leads you back to the Hall. Go to the big door in the far right hand corner. Don't fall in the
gap, and use those water spitting heads to get across to the other side. Go through the door, and to the Treasure Room!

By the way, it would be a wise thing to save right about now. ;)

Boss: Jafar and Genie

Genie shouldn't even count as a boss here. He floats around slowly and attacks you with slow swinging punches. As a bonus,
he warns you when he's going to hit you, so you can dodge it then. Jafar drifts around from platform to platform, laughing
at you and yelling out to the Genie. Sometimes he will stop and launch fire at you. Other times he will launch a Blizzard
attack, but it only spins around the centre of the room, so it's no big deal. Jump off of the platforms and hit him with
arial attacks. Soon he will succumb to the power of the Keyblade!

Now you get the spell Blizzara! Ha ha ha, feel the wrath of Sora. ^_~

After the battle, go and see Jasmine at the World Lock. Just when you think it's all over, something else happens! Jafar
isn't dead yet, believe it or not. You're in for another fight!

Boss: Genie Jafar

Even though it is tempting to attack Jafar's big red body, he is actually not the target. The main target is Iago. He can
be seen flying around, clutching Jafar's lamp in his talons. Follow him around while dodging Jafar's lava balls. You can
either chase him to attack, or you can wait for him because he has a pre-set pattern. You can attack from long range using
fire magic. Once Iago is defeated, Jafar goes back to his lamp and the battle is won.

Once you win, you get your hands on the Fira spell, the Three Wishes Keyblade, and Ansems Report 1.


[13][Traverse Town/Hundred Aker Wood]

Goofy and Donald suggest taking the torn page you acquired from the Cave of Wonders and returning it to Merlin's book. Warp
back to Traverse Town, and do what they suggest. It turns out that this book is a copy of Winnie the Pooh. Every time that
you bring a page, it unlocks another piece of the Hundred Aker Wood. It also brings back the characters that go a long with
that page. The page that you bring from the Cave of Wonders unlocks a meadow. Go there, and you get to have a nice chat 
with Pooh.

Thus, a side-quest arises. You must find the missing pages of the book and bring it back. In the start, there's only the
meadow, the Hunny Tree, and Pooh's house. I'll come back to this later on in the walkthrough. For now, just go to the
Hunny Tree and help Pooh get some hunny. This earns you the Naturespark item. Bring this back to the fairy Godmother, and 
you will be able to get the Bambi summon.

Now that you are already in Traverse Town, head back to Cid's Accessory Shop. Since you can now use the green trinity
points, you can access the one in his shop. This brings a ladder down from the roof, and you can go up into the attack.
Here you will meet the lovable Moogles, and they will teach you about item synthesis.



Alright, playtime is over. It's time to roll up your sleeves and get back to business! Fly to the point that is east from
Agrabah on the map. The one that is on the lower arm of the new ring, and has a battle rating of 5 stars. The Gummi Ship
won't make it there though. Monstro, the giant whale that we all know and love, appears and swallows you up!

After being swallowed, Sora has a flashback of his childhood. The party gets to Monstro's throat, with some unexpected
company. Swim towards the back area where you will meet up with Geppetto. He seems to be having trouble keeping Pinocchio
in line. And is there another familiar face around here?

Where did Pinocchio go? This little puppet is one bundle of trouble. Follow him through the triangular door to Chamber 1.
Next, jump up onto the platform on the left. There will be a cutscene. When this is over, enter Chamber 2. Fight the
Heartless inside and then go through the door to chamber 3. After this, go to your immediate left to the Chamber 2 entrance.
When this has been done, go down the passageway on the right, to Chamber 5. Now go straight to the end, and this leads to
Chamber 6. From there, jump down and head up the steps. A little to the right, and into Chamber 5. (Be careful! Down the
steps there is another entrance to Chamber 5, but it leads to a dead-end.) Finally, go right past the barrels to Chamber 4.
Follow Riku through the passageway to the bowels.

Boss: Cage Parasite

The Cage Parasite's most vulnerable spot is his head, but it's high up and difficult to reach unless you jump and use Fira
magic. Attacking him down low is risky, because when he swings his arms they are very hard to dodge. The best thing to do is
to use physical attacks when his arms are at rest, and then back off and get Fira shots in at his head. Every once in a
while he'll totally stop moving, and this is the best time to attack, and attack hard! Riku helps you out in this battle, so
it's not too tough.

After this, Pinocchio will fall down the hole. Yes, you have to go after him. There will be a cutscene that shows the water
level dropping. This means that some trinity points and some platforms have been revealed in this first area. Climb up high
to get the Watergleam item. This can be brought back to Traverse Town to be turned into a summon item. Also, open the chest
by the save point to get the high jump shared ability. When this is equipped, Sora can jump from Geppetto's platform to the
L shapes piece of flotsam that was unreachable before. You will find Tornado-G in the chest on the left, and also the way
out! This passageway is the one located above the chambers. It's almost time to escape, so go through this entrance and
into the throat!

Once you are in here, make your way up the spiralling platforms to the stomach. After the cutscene, it's time to fight some

Boss: Cage Parasite

He's basically the same as before. There are two differences though. The first one is that when the Cage Parasite is still,
he leans his head back instead of forward. He also spits balls of acid at Sora. This means that you have to be careful when
his head is pointed at Sora. Watch out for the stomach acid, because Sora will become harmed if he falls into it. Follow the
same strategy as before. Your new High Jump ability makes it easier to attack Cage Parasite's head as well.

After seeing a scene that involves Maleficent, Monstro spits you out near Agrabah. After this you can go back to Olympus for
another tournament. But to continue on your quest, go back around to the other world on the second ring. This leads you 
away from Monstro. It also leads you to a tougher area, but it spares you a little bit of Gummi Ship flight. =D



Go forward and through the gate to Guillotine Square. Some Heartless are waiting for you, and boy are they scary. ^_~ They
are pretty weak though, so don't worry. While you are in the square, head right and you will encounter the mayor. He then
will introduce you to Jack Skellington.

Follow Jack around to the left and go through the door marked 'Lab Entryway'. Continue on from here until you get to the
research lab. Here, the Doctor and Jack offer their assistance. They also present you with a quest. Now you must find Sally,
the Doctor's assistant.

Add Jack to your party and go out the door. The Heartless are causing trouble again! Go out to Guillotine Square and
around to its left side. Go through the small door that leads to a steep flight of stairs. There are in fact two of these.
We want the one that's a little farther around to the left. It bends up to the doorway that leads to the Graveyard.

The Graveyard area is crawling with Heartless! Destroy them and Zero will appear. He in turn takes us to Sally. She will
give you the item that is needed to complete the Doctor's experiment, so go back to his lab and see what he has in mind.
What? He needs another ingredient? And Oogie Boogie is up to no good either.

Go back to the Graveyard and defeat the Heartless there. Go to the coffin at the far end and examine it. This opens the
passageway to the Boneyard, and here we find the mayor. He introduces a memory puzzle. You have to examine the tombstones
in the order that the ghosts come out of them. Good thing that this isn't so tough! Once this is done, go back to where the
giant pumkin just was and open the chest. This is the next item that the doctor needed, so bring it back to him.

Oh no! Follow that heart! The experiment may be over, but there is no end to the trouble. Luckily, Zero leads you in the
direction of the heart. Go out to the Boneyard via the Graveyard, and take the passage on the left. If you are having
trouble finding it, it's a big smiling statue next to the burst pumpkin. Once you go through this passageway, you get to
the area known as Moonlight Hill. This area is full of troublesome Heartless, and they are hard to defeat. Don't be afraid
to use your magic in order to kick their butts. ;)

Opposite of the curly top is a tombstone. Examine that tombstone to open up a path to Oogie's Manor. Walk across the
bridge when it uncurls to get to the next area.

How would you like to live in a place like this? To get in, cross the suspension bridge and destroy the Heartless along the
way. Examine the double doors to enter. Once you are inside, shoot the platform with fire magic to create a floating
platform. Jump from there to the wooden bridge, and run all the way up the spiralling wooden platform. If you fall off, 
don't worry! Just find the wandering bathtub and he will give you lift back to the double doors. Once you get to the top, 
enter the doors that lead to the Evil Playroom.

Boss: Lock, Shock, and Barrel

These guys aren't very tough at all. They take a lot of damage, and they jump around a lot. Just focus on them one at a time
until they are defeated. Your best bet is to use physical attacks.

Whack the big lever to open a hidden door. Now you are back on the outside of Oogie's Manor. Climb down until you see a big
green door that looks like Oogie's face. Go through that door and you will enter the Torture Chamber.

Boss: Oogie Boogie

This boss is pretty complicated to fight. I know that it took me quite a while to actually figure out what to do. You and
your party are down on the spinning 'wheel of fortune' thing. Flying Heartless attack you, and Oogie tosses down exploding
dice. One part of this pit had knives that rotate and try to slash you. You have to jump in order to escape unharmed.  The 
other part has toy soldiers that shoot at you. When the buttons in the middle of the wheel glow, jump on the one that is
near where Oogie is standing. A fence will appear around this segment and close it off so you can't escape. Now you can
attack Oogie directly. Stay and attack Oogie as long as you can. Sometimes he uses an explosive attack that will knock
Sora back down onto the wheel, but if that happens just wait for another chance to climb up. This fight can get annoying,
but once you learn the pattern it's not too hard, and Oogie will be defeated in no time.

Hmmmm...that was an interesting cutscene. After Oogie goes down, you get a Holy Circlet.

Just when you think that battle is's not. What's with this guy...?

Boss: Oogie's Manor

As Jack suggests, the targets here are the big purple globs on the outside of the Manor. Climb up the roots of the manor,
and attack them one by one. Dodge the flames that swirl along the outside of the house. Once you get higher up, flying
Heartless are added into the mix. Don't let them distract you! Remember, you're not after them. Make sure that they don't
knock you down as well. There are seven globs in all, so you may have to backtrack a little to get them all. This actually
isn't a very tough boss, because it's more time consuming than anything.

When Oogie is defeated, Sora locks that Halloween Town keyhole. It's time to go to another area! =D You get the Pumpkinhead
keyblade, and also an upgrade to Sora's Gravity magic.



This area is quite easy if you took my advice and did Halloween town first. Warp down to around the area where Monstro was 
located and you will get to Atlantica!

Thanks to Donald's magic, your party has been...transformed. But hey, at least you can get around better in this environment
now! It's kind of tricky to get used to moving around under the water, so pay attention to Sebastian's tutorial. Soon after,
the Heartless will attack. This gives you some practise with fighting beneath the waves. Make use of your lock-on ability,
because it really comes in handy in this world.

Destroy all of the enemies, and hit the big clam to let Flounder and Sebastian know that everything is okay. Now it's time
to rescue the palace! Follow the yellow tridents that are painted on the walls, and these will lead you to the palace. The
first trident points to the Undersea Valley area. This is a pretty big area, but just follow the tridents. They point around
the right wall, and then down to the entrance of the Calm Depths. Go into the running current, and go bear right when there
is a fork in the path. Here, a trident will point the way to the next passage. Get past the Heartless in the Whirlpool
Grotto area, and follow the tridents across the way into the Undersea Cave.

When you get to the Undersea Cave, the tridents will point up. Go all the way to the top to get to the Undersea Gorge.
Destroy all of the Heartless there to get to the small passage on the opposite wall. There are two tridents around it,
pointing in opposite directions. This passage leads to Triton's Palace. Swim all the way to the end to get to Trition's
Throne room.

After getting lectured by the King, swim across the palace to the Undersea Gorge area. Ariel shows you where her hidden
Grotto is, so swim down to the rock she pointed at and enter the hidden area.

There are a lot of items in the Grotto. Make sure to get all the chests, as there is a torn page there too. Once you have
everything, leave the Grotto via the passageway on the bottom.

Oh no! What is Ursula up to? Just ignore her for now. Go all the way back to the Atlantica area by following the tridents
backwards. Destroy all of the Heartless in this area until you come across a dolphin. Grab onto its fin when there are no
enemies around, and he'll carry you through the current to an area that was previously unreachable. Go through the passage
that is straight ahead to enter the Sunken Ship.

Make your way inside the ship through the open hatch on its deck. Below deck, there's a treasure chest. There is also a
giant shark trying to smash his way in through the side. Ignore him, because he's no threat as of now. Open the chest. It
contains a Crystal Trident. Get all of the other chests, and then go back outside.

You want the exit that's marked by a broken chunk of mast. It looks like a big cross of sorts. When you go through this
passageway it will lead you to a hidden corner of the Undersea Gorge. Whack the glowing switch thing, and a water spout
will launch Sora and friends back near the entrance of Arial's Grotto. There is an imprint of a trident when you are back
in the Grotto. Place this Crystal Trident into the imprint.

Yikes! It's bad when King Trident is mad. Once all of the cut scenes are over, return back to Triton's Throne room. More
things happen, and everyone is mixed up in it.

*sigh* Now we have to go all the way back to the Sunken Ship area. There's so much traveling involved in this area. Anyways,
once you get there, the shark can be seen swimming around. Now he is a threat, so knock him out to keep him away from you 
and your party. Swim to the opposite side of the wreck. There is a boulder on the floor with an odd bluish pattern on it.
Sebastian now opens the way to the Den of Tides.

Destroy the Heartless in here and head to the left. There is a passageway that leads to the Tidal Abyss, and this in turn
leads to Ursula's Lair.

Boss: Ursula, Flotsam, and Jetsam

The key here is to target Ursula's cauldron with magic. When you shoot magic at the cauldron, it reflects back at Ursula.
This in turn damages her. If you run out of Ether to regain your magic power, just beat up Flotsam and Jetsam to get
magic. When Ursula is knocked silly, you can swim up to her and use physical attacks. Watch out for when Ursula when she
spins around the area, swinging her tentacles in attempt to hit you. After you defeat her, you get the Mermaid Kick ability.

After Ursula has been defeated, swim back to the Sunken Ship area. Now you can swim against heavy currents when toy equip
your Mermaid Kick ability. When you are at the shipwreck, swim into the cave that is on the opposite side of the ship. This
leads to the Calm Depths. Now you don't need the dolphin because of your great new ability. Swim against the current to
the head of it, and enter the passage to the right. It is called '???'. Now it's time for one more fight.

Boss: Ursula

She's big. She's bad. She's ugly. This is one tough fight! Ursula uses major attacks that are hard to avoid. Use the
Mermaid Kick ability to get around to the back of her head. You can attack from here, and Sora is also out of range from her
attacks. Make sure you have a cure spell hot keyed, because you are going to need to heal a lot. You can also use an Aero
spell, because this makes your party's defence go up.

Once she is defeated, take the trident to Arial's Grotto. This locks the Atlantica keyhole. Now Sora gets a lot of cool
stuff! Thundara spell, Crabclaw Keyblade, and Ansem's Report 3. Now go back to Triton's Throne room, and use the save point
located in the shell to leave the world.



Go to the world on the right side of this ring. As you are flying, a pirate ship attacks! This can't be good...

On the deck of the ship we meet old enemies...and new friends! Peter Pan and Tinkerbell can now join your party.

Outside the door of the cell, Heartless and Shadow Sora block the way. These enemies aren't too tough though, and you get
some great power ups once Shadow Sora is defeated. Jump up to the last platform and go through the right hand door, opposite
the one of the yellow trinity. In the next room kill the barrel spiders and the shadow, then drop down through the hole in
the floor. In the hold below, cross over to the opposite ladder to get into the Galley.

In the Galley, Peter shows you how to fly using pixie dust. Riku and Captain Hook are up to no good though. After this
cutscene is over, jump up on the shelf at the one end of the room, and through the hole in the above netting. Then enter
the door that is to your immediate left. There's a save point, and also a green trinity. Climb up the ladder, and you will
be at the Captain's cabin.

Boss: Shadow Sora

This Shadow Sora can melt into the floor and pop out again, just like a regular Heartless. He also makes doubles of himself.
This is bad for two reasons. One is because it messes up your lock on, and two because it makes you wonder whom to attack.
The copies go down in one hit, but they're really a waste of time if you get them and not the real thing. Near the end, the
Shadow seems to teleport every chance he gets. He's vulnerable to Stop magic, so keep that in mind. Continue to hack away at
the Shadow, and you should have him beat in no time. Once you win, you get the Cura magic.

Once Shadow is defeated, examine the outline of a trap door in front of the door that Riku left from. Drop through here to
find Wendy. It is also here that we say goodbye to Peter for now. Go out the main door that is next to the save point. Go
through the door that has the horn communication thing next to it. This leads to the ladder that in turn leads to the
Captain's Cabin. Wendy has been saved, so you can now go through the door that Riku had left from.

Hook is freaking out. Just concentrate on the Heartless for now. They come in a couple of waves, and there are also flying
battleships. Flying in Neverland is just like swimming in Atlantica, so the battle isn't so tough. After these are destroyed
Hook is pretty angry. Time for another showdown!

Boss: Captain Hook

He may act tough, but he certainly is not. The Battleships can be annoying, but they aren't very tough. Attack hook with
physical attacks and keep Sora's strength up with your new Cura spell. Hook won't last long, and you get some great items
for kicking the Captain's butt. Another one of Ansem's report, and the Ars Arcanum combo for Sora.

Fly up to Big Ben, and look for the clock face that isn't showing 12 midnight. Hit it three times to restore the clocks
hands to their proper time. This scores you a Navi-G piece, so it would be good to go and see Sid later. Watch the brief
flashback and flash forward, and then warp back to town. The save point on the clock is on the corner of a roof, just above
the level where Wendy's standing.

This is a pretty good time to backtrack to certain areas to get secret items. You can check out the part of my guide that
tells you where everything is, if you're having trouble.


[18][Traverse Town pt4]

Don't worry, you don't have to do a horrible amount of things here. Give Cid the Navi-G piece, and you will get a long
flashback as well as some bad news. Get out of town, and fly the Gummi Ship to the far right area of the map. This warp
will bring you to Neverland, and from there you can fly to the next area.


[19][Hollow Bastion]

Jump and glide across the platforms to make it to the castle in the distance. Partway there, Riku meets up with the Beast...
and Sora meets up with Riku. This isn't good. On the good side, Beast joins your party. He's pretty powerful.

After the cutscene, get all of the treasure chests in this area by using your Glide ability. After you have done this, take
the platform that leads to the Castle Gates. Go to the right, go down the short steps that lead to the iron gate, and
through there to the next platform. When the two sensors flash, activate them. Go down into the water, and you will see
a couple of air bubbles. Jump into the one that's near you, and slightly to the right. This takes Sora to the Waterway.
Once you are there, examine the iron bars by the save point. Once you do this, Beast will smash through the wall. Go through
the hole in the wall, and hitch a ride on the air bubble.

Once you have hopped out of the bubble, proceed to the zigzagging passage. Make sure to keep an eye out for the gems on
the walls. There are four of them, and you must examine them in order. The first three are on Sora's left as he goes
through the passages, and the last one is behind him on the ground. After you release the fourth gem, proceed to the next
air bubble through the passage that opened.

Now there are some more stones. First, release the one that is directly on Sora's right as he appears. This will activate
an elevator. Go onto the elevator and examine the last gem on the right-hand wall. Beast will take care of the Heartless
that is guarding it. From here, go to the castle gates. You must go the way that you came. This means that you have to hit
the gems in reverse order. On the way back, stop at the Base Level area and use the other bubble to get some extra treasure

Once you get back to the castle gates, you will realize that the double doors are now unlocked. Go through the doors, and
prepare to battle a familiar face.

Boss: Riku

Yes, you really do have to fight him. And he's not as easy to defeat as he was on Destiny Islands in the beginning of the
game. Riku is immune to most of your magic, so you should use mostly physical attacks. If you find things are getting tough,
you can smash the pots around the ring to get Hi-Potions and HP power ups. Make sure to keep your HP up, and slam away at
Riku. Try to get at him from behind. He's very fast, and it can get quite frustrating. Just be patient and keep at it,
aiming shots while he's open. Once Riku is defeated, you will get the white trinity ability.

Go up the stairs in the entry chamber, and go around to the left. Go inside the doors, and they will take you to the

Once you are inside, follow the path and grab the red book on the corner (Khama no. 8). A little bit further down the path,
there's a set of red books on the shelf with a gap in them. Examining the gap will replace the book. This also opens a path
that leads further into the Library. Next, go up the stairs to the second floor, where there is a brown book on the desk.
This is near a save point. This is the book 'Theon No. 6'. Just past the desk and on the left wall, there's a shelf where
there's a row of brown books. The only problem is that there's a green one where Theon No. 6 should be. Examine the green
book (Maya No.5), to swap it with the Theon volume. This opens yet another hidden spot. It's not a new path this time, but
a button on the wall. Hitting the button unlocks the door on your right. Go through this, and you will be back in another
area of the Entrance Hall.

Just to the left, there is a tombstone with a lighting symbol on it. Zap it with Thunder magic to drop a platform to the
centre of this room. You could also just glide across, but the platform could come in handy. Before you cross over, light
all the candles that are in the sconces on the wall. If you don't know what I'm talking about, they're by those weird mouth
statue things. Once you have done this, you get a blue Emblem Piece.

Grab that, and it's time for more adventures. =P Now it's time to destroy the two vases that are on either side of a statue
of a messed up looking face. Once you do this, a pink Emblem Piece drops into a fountain down on the floor. After you get
the piece, use the floating platforms to make it up to the second level again. In front of a bust of a bull head is a red
trinity. If you want to re-order your party for some reason, it would be wise to do so now by going back to the save point 
in the Library. Activate the red trinity, and the statue will be smashed open. This drops a green Emblem Piece down onto
the floor. Finally, up on the second floor, there is a statue with tusks. It's standing against the outer wall, and there
is an empty square on the floor just to his left. Push the statue over to the empty square, and chest appears on the first
floor. This contains the final Emblem Piece! To complete the puzzle, go through the central door on the main floor and put
the Emblem Pieces into the big Heartless seal.

Meanwhile, what has Riku gotten himself into? Poor guy. -_-;

Back in the Entrance Hall, go through the Heartless door to the Lift Stop. Follow the balcony around to the left and go
through the passage. This brings you to the Castle Gates. Flying enemies attack you here, but be sure not to fall off! This
will send you plummeting down to the Base level, and it's a long hike back up. Anyways, take the path up and to the right.
When you see a blue crystal, activate it. This will take the platform up.

Now go up the stairs to the right. Hit the orange crystal to activate the large platform there. This will transport you
to a battle with Heartless wizards! Once they are defeated, examine the crystal that appears in the middle of the ring.
The platform will then let Sora off in front of a blue trinity and a chest. Get those and head down the stairs to the left,
which leads you back to the lift stop area.

Examine the blue crystal, and take the lift that leads to a higher part of the Great Crest area. After you get off the lift,
take the stairs to the right. Examine the blue crystal there, and another lift will be activated. This takes you to an area
filled with our friends, the Heartless. There's an orange crystal tucked away in the corner. Activating this will lower half
of a large block staircase. Climb up and around to the dark passageway on the left, back to the Lift Stop. From there, cross
the hall and go into the entrance to the Castle Chapel.

After the cutscene, enter the Chapel proper.

Boss: Maleficent

Maleficent flies around on a floating platform, which can be targeted independently. Attack the platform until Maleficent
falls down to a more convenient position, or else you can get the same effect by using Gravity magic on it. When you attack
the platform, be careful! Sometimes she sweeps its edge with a lightning blast.

When she's in range, get away. If you hear her yelling something about meteors, run like Hell. That means that she's going
to use her deadly Dark Meteor attack. This pelts anyone near her with major damage. Avoid it by staying to the sides of the
circular area. If you're running low on MP, don't worry too much. Sometimes she'll summon Heartless, and you can destroy
those to get some more MP. Ranged magic attacks are one of the safer ways to target Maleficent, but a melee attack could
get the battle over with more quickly. Sora's Ars Arcanum would be good to use for this battle.

Once you have won, you get the Cheer ability for Donald, and Ansem's Report 5.

After you beat Maleficent, save and switch Beast into the party if you haven't already done so. His strength will come in
handy in the next battle. Make sure to have Sora's combo attacks ready, and equip items and abilities. Now it's time for
another deadly fight.

Boss: Dragon

Now here's a tough boss. Saying that though, the graphics are pretty awesome! If you try to fight the Dragon from the head
on, there's a good chance you won't win. She has attacks that effect the whole area, and deal out major damage. A good
way to defeat her is to climb up onto her back, and attack her head with spells and Strike Raid. If you try to attack from
the front, the Dragon will try to fry Sora with acid breath. When she shoots acid balls, I found a good way to avoid it
was to go onto the sides of the ring. Then I would Guard using my keyblade, and the acid balls would deflect. It takes
good timing though, so this means it doesn't work as often as you would like it to. Be careful if you are in front of the
Dragon because not only does she try to get you with acid breath, she'll stomp you. If you really want to attack from the
front, stick to aerial attacks and Glide away frequently to use magic and recovery items.

Once you win, you get the Fireglow summon gem. This contains Mushu! Hehehe, we all love this guy. ;)

After this is all over, go back out through the void and into the Chapel. There's a new entrance just beyond the save point.
I would highly advise you to save before you go through that door. This passageway leads to another part of the Lift Stop
area and from there, the entrance of the Grand Hall. Go through the large double doors there, and prepare to meet someone
very familiar...

Boss: Riku

Again? There seems to be something different about Riku. And he's even tougher than before! Just like the other fight with
Riku, this one takes a lot of patience. If you're good with Sora's sword abilities like Counterattack and Guard, than this
battle will be much easier. Attack and then move out of the way, using combo attacks when Riku is at rest. It's best to get
out of his way when he attacks. Use your Dodge Roll or Glide to avoid his strikes when he charges up for a running slash, or
when he goes physco around the ring. The most effective thing is to use an Ars Arcanium while he's vulnerable, but this
misses often and uses a lot of MP. This battle can get extremely frustrating near the end, because Riku's defence just
seems to get better. Use this opportunity to gain tech points with Guard and counterattacks. 

After a hard-won victory, Sora learns the Ragnarok special combo.

There is a cutscene after Riku's defeat, and then Sora takes the form of a shadow for a little while. Head back out to the
High Tower area through the Castle Chapel, from whence you came. Now it's time to get back to the Castle Gates. Just jump
off a ledge when you see one, and eventually you will get back to the Castle Gates. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt Heartless
Sora any when he hits the ground. Once you get inside the Castle, you meet up with the rest of the party. And wow, isn't
Kairi happy to see you? ;) Now, it's back to Traverse Town.


[20][Traverse Town pt5]

First, go talk to Cid in District 1. Next, head to the Secret Waterway in District 2. You have to get one more Navigation
Gummi. Examine the sun mural on the wall (there used to be a moon there) to get that. Then talk to Kairi. There will be a
long cutscene, and then you get the Oathkeeper Keyblade.

After talking to Cid once more in District 1, leave Traverse Town (yay!) and go back to Hollow Bastion. If you want to level
up then you can stay in Traverse Town for a while. It is now filled with the same enemies that are in Hollow Bastion.


[21][Hollow Bastion pt2]

Enter the new warp point that is now on the map by Traverse Town. The route through the Bastion is simpler this time. Go
through the double doors at the main gate and go up the stairs to the Library, just like before. Now, go up the stairs to
the second floor. Be wary of the enemies in this area. They may look weak, but they have new abilities and more HP.

Don't you just love reunions? n_n Now go back out to the Entrance Hall and back up the stairs. Now you have to go ALL the
way back to the Castle Chapel. It's time for Sora to meet some Princesses! On the way, make sure to stop in the Grand Hall
where you fought Riku. Here, you can pick up some extra chests, including the last set of Dalmatians. Talk to the
Princesses one by one, and enter the Keyhole to the Dark Depths.

Boss: Behemoth

This boss isn't so hard, compared to what you've gone through, and what you're going to go through. Jump up onto his back
and attack his horn with powerful combos. He'll take a while to go down, seeing as he has even more HP than the Dragon does.
If he gets Sora off of his back with a Lightning attack, just hop right back on again. Just like the Behemoths in the Final
Fantasy games, this one is vulnerable to Gravity magic.

Winning this battle scores you an Omega Arts from the Behemoth, and the Firaga spell from the Princesses.

Be happy! Hollow Bastion is over with, and you never have to come here again. Sora locks the Keyhole, and proceeds to the
end of the game. If you want to complete the side quests, now is the time to do it before you complete the game. Before you
totally leave Hollow Bastion though, go back to the Library one last time and talk to Aerith, Belle and Beast. Doing this
gets you some more healing magic, some Ansem's Reports, and the Divine Rose Keyblade. Now it's time for the final stage...


[22][End of the World]

If you're under level 50, you should go and level up. Go train in Traverse Town or maybe in the Coliseum, where the Hades
Cup is now underway. Once you think that you're ready, fly to the warp point that is beyond Hollow Bastion and get ready
for some extremely long battles.

After Sora reminisces for a bit, go through the rocks here in Gate to the Dark and kill the Heartless on the way. These
guys are really very tough, so watch yourself. It doesn't look like there's anything to walk on, but the nothingness is just
like ground. Follow the floating islands, because these are the landmarks that point you in the right direction. If you
want, you can clear the chests in this area. Some of these contain battles, but others contain vital items. There's actually
a Behemoth in one of the chests, but it's easier to destroy than the last one.

Continue going forward to the glowing crater that is surrounded by six rocks. To enter you must battle another Behemoth. :(
Also make sure to stock up, because you're going to need it.

This is the Giant Crevasse area. It is filled with enemies but also items. Use Glide to drop down from ledge to ledge,
destroying Heartless and getting chests until you reach the bottom. The ground is veined with glowing light, which adds
an interesting effect. See the big crater over there? Jump in. ^_^

Now you're in a big mouth type thing. Go to the blue light on the other side. This transports you to another mouth. Guess
what? This is one of those revisit-every-area-again places. Don't you hate it when games do this type of thing? Each level
has a treasure chest, so get these before leaving.

None of these next levels should be very hard to beat, which just makes the whole thing even more annoying. >_<

The first world is Traverse Town, and it's filled with Largebodies and Soldiers. Destroy the bad guys, and leave via the

The next blue light leads to Wonderland. Here you will have to fight the wizard Heartless.

Next is the Coliseum, which is filled with Defenders and Gargoyles.

Last on the first ring of worlds is Deep Jungle, which is swarmed with monkey Heartless.

Next up is Agrabah. Time to face Fat Bandits and Swordsmen.

Atlantica! Make sure to brush up on your swimming skills as you fight Jellyfish.

Ooh, remember this? At least you get to see Halloween Town's graphics again. (Damn you, roulette wheel!)

Now your back in the hold in Neverland. Go up the ladder and into the open doors to fight and explore. The exit is down in
the bottom of the hold, a door with a small slit in it.

Last of all is a green column of light. Don't worry, there's no fighting here. It's only the Hundred Aker Wood. Located here
is the last save point. I would think that you should use it.

Boss: Gargoyle

You are flying during this boss fight. The strategy is similar to Ursula's. Fly around to the back of his head and slam
away. When he leans forward or rears back, these are signs of his big attacks. The worst one is when he leans forward, and
then the mountain erupts. To avoid this, fly out to really long range. When his health is in the green area he'll launch
homing energy balls. Make sure to stick to your strategy, because his attacks are easy to avoid when you're behind his head.

After you win this fight, Sora and the gang get the Superglide ability.

Now fly into the crater and work your way downward to a spot where a light shines from the ground. Continue following
each lighted spot through the passageways. More enemies await you here including, yes you guessed it, Behemoth. Attempt
to get through all of this so that you can get to the Heartless symbol at the far end of the passage. Enemies will continue
to be born here, but the more you kill, the more the symbol breaks down. Continue fighting the Heartless until the symbol
totally collapses.

Are you ready for some boss fights that are a real pain? Enter the Heartless symbol and go from there to the door to the
Secret Place. Be prepared...

Boss: Ansem

Get him with physical attacks. Attack him repeatedly while he's relatively dormant in this early stage. Eventually, Ansem
will send a familiar to latch onto Sora. When this happens, don't try to hit Attack when the many says Freeze. This will
damage Sora a little more than is good. Instead, cure Sora while the familiar eats his HP and keep attacking Ansem.

Boss: Darkside

And you thought you saw the end of this guy. He's a little tougher now, but it's nothing that you can't handle. Like before,
attack his head and his hands to take him down. Before this battle, use the respite to re-equip items and abilities if you
feel the need to. Sora will be doing this fight all on his own.

Boss: Ansem pt2

This is like before, except Sora is fighting by himself. You must have curative items, Elixirs in particular. Unlike the
other Ansem battle, you can't just bash away on him. This one requires a little bit of patience on your part, kind of like
the second Riku battle. Go on the defensive when Ansem's familiar guards him or else latches onto Sora. Use the Glide
ability to stay out of the way when Ansem feels the need to hurtle around the arena. When the familiar begins to leech
Sora's HP, Ansem will put up a force field. It's possible to break through that with the Ragnarok combo attack. Use that
for major damage. Late in the battle, the familiar will separate and burst out of the ground with blasts of dark energy.
As when you fought Cerberus' similar attack, use Dodge Roll to get out of the way.

Boss: Ansem pt3

Sora is still alone here, and it's getting increasingly difficult. This is just like the Ursula and Gargoyle battles, but a
much more complex version of it. The strategy is still the same. Fly around, and swing from behind. The differences is that
Ansem moves around a lot more, and has an even nastier close-in attack. Get away when he twirls his blades around, and
change altitude to avoid his orbiting lasers. Every once in a while, HP globs will appear to heal Sora if you kill the
orbiting enemies. You can use the skill Treasure Magnet to make it easier to get the globs.

Boss: Nowhere Place

Sora is now in a small pit filled with Shadows. Kill them to get HP globs and maybe an item or two. Once they're beaten,
a glowing ball will appear. Kill that to get out of there.

Boss: Cannons

Now you're back on Ansem's giant ship. You have to destroy the large and small energy cannons that are placed on the ribs of
the ship. They're the little purplish blue things. As you destroy them, they will drop HP and MP globs for you to grab. This
makes it easier for Sora, and you really shouldn't die during this fight. Just like in the Endless Abyss battle, avoid
the orbiting lasers.

Now you must fly to the Portal of Darkness. It's the swirling mass of colours in front of the end of the ship.

Boss: Nowhere Place pt2

This is the same as the last Nowhere Place battle, except for that the enemies are a little tougher. You also have Goofy
to help you here. If the target is invisible against the dark background, use lock-on to find it. In the end a symbol will
appear, so kill it to escape.

Boss: Ugly Face

This guy may have a lot of attacks, but he's really not that hard to defeat at all. He offers enough opportunity to bash
away at his face, so Sora can attack him for some damage. When you are weary, fly to the periphery, heal up with Curaga,
and go back to attack some more. You can use Aero for defence, and spend an item on MP only if you absolutely have to. Keep
a good eye on Sora's HP, and heal him when you need to.

Now that he's beaten, fly into his mouth to rescue Donald!

Boss: Nowhere Place pt3

This is the toughest of all these places. The good thing is that you have Donald back on your side though. His curative
abilities were sorely missed, and they should help you out a lot here. Like before, destroy all the enemies and then the
symbol to escape.

Boss: Ship's Core

Now that the shields are down, it's time to finish off this baby. This battle is a lot easier if you destroy the cannons
located at various points around the ship. You can use the lock-on to find them individually. After that's done, attack
the blobbish core with combos, and it should be destroyed in no time.

Boss: Ansem pt4

You're almost there! The final battle! This is just like the last battle with Ansem, except now you have your pals Donald
and Goofy to help you. Most of Ansem's attacks are the same, so employ a similar strategy to avoid his orbiting lasers and
hand-to-hand attacks. He can curse Sora with an effect that was similar to the familiar痴 strike in the second battle. If
this happens, get yourself over to the periphery and heal yourself up.

Now that Ansem is destroyed, you get to watch the ending.Watch the credits for cute reunion scenes. =P I hope you all 
enjoyed this game as much as I did. Damn, Disney games sure have gotten tough. :)


~*Secrets and Side quests (also some extra info)*~

[1][Secret ending]


[2][Trinity Point Locations]

Trinity points are very helpful throughout the game, and can only be used when Sora, Goofy, and Donald are all together in
the party. There are five main types. Blue, red, green, yellow, and white. You acquire them in that order. Sometimes you
won't be able to access a trinity point, but don't fret! You'll be able to get them as you acquire new skills in the game.

Blue: Trinity Jump - The party either calls down an item, or ends up hopping up somewhere. This is earned after clearing
Traverse Town for the first time.

Red: Trinity Smash - The party breaks through a barrier. Earned after clearing the first ring of four worlds.

Green: Trinity Ladder - The party climbs up to a high place. Earned after clearing Agrabah.

Yellow: Trinity Push - The party shoves something out of the way. Earned after defeating Hercules in the Coliseum

White: Trinity Touch - The party all touch their weapons together, and then something appears. This is earned after the
first battle with Riku in the Hollow Bastion.

|---~*Traverse Town*~---|

Blue: In the First District, behind the cafe; First District by the World Exit; Third District, up in the corner behind the
fountain; Merlin's house, by the save point.
Red: First District alleyway; Second District by the gate to the Secret Waterway; Second District atop the Gizmo Shop.
Green: Cid's Accessory Shop.
Yellow: Behind Merlin's house.
White: By Leon in the Secret Waterway.


Blue: Lotus Forest in the grove near the entrance; Lotus Forest, farther to the back.
Green: Rabbit Hole near the save point; Bizarre Room in the empty fireplace.
White: Lotus Forest, on the other side of the picture in the Bizarre Room.

|---~*Olympus Coliseum*~---|

Blue: By the gates on the left side; by the gates on the right side.
Green: Infront of the Coliseum gates.
Yellow: By the stone block in the Lobby.
White: In front of the Coliseum gates.

|---~*Deep Jungle*~---|

Blue: In Jane's camp; in the Climbing Trees on a high platform.
Green: In a hidden spot in the Treehouse. Don't worry, it's there. ;)
White: in front of the Keyhole in the Waterfall Cavern.


Blue: Atop a platform in the Bazaar; in the Silent Chamber in the Cave of Wonders.
Red: In the treasure room in the Cave of Wonders.
Green: in the Storage Room just off the Plaza.
Yellow: In the Hall in the Cave of Wonders.
White: In the main entrance of the Cave of Wonders.


Blue: Atop a platform in the mouth; on one of the spiral platforms in the Throat; Chamber 5.
Green: Mouth, on the roof of Geppetto's makeshift house.
White: Chamber 6.

|---~*Halloween Town*~---|

Red: In the entrance to Oogie's Manor. You can only get this before Oogie is destroyed.
White: Moonlight Hill.


White: In Triton's Palace, in the center beneath the purple shell.


Green: Ship's Cabin, at the entrance to Hook's Cabin.
Yellow: On a platform half way to the top of the Ship's Hold.
White: On the deck of the ship.

|---~*Hallow Bastion*~---|

Blue: After the large platform battle in the Great Crest; hidden in the dungeon.
Green: On the second floor of the Library.
Red: Second level of the Entrance Hall in front of the statue.
White: Halfway to the top of the Rising Falls.


[3][Dalmatian Locations]

Scattered throughout the various worlds are Pongo and Perdita's 99 puppies. Pongo and Perdita will give you some great
rewards as you get the puppies back. The dalmatians can be found in groups of 3. There are 33 sets in total. They are
mostly in treasure chests that are scattered throughout the worlds.

In order to get some dalmataons, Sora must get certain abilities. If it seems like you can't reach a treasure chest or 
certain areas, then you probably can't yet. Come back later when you have acquired some new abilities.

|---~*Traverse Town*~---|

キ  1, 2, 3: The island across from Merlin's house. Come here after you have gotten the Glide ability in Neverland. 
Then you can just glide to the island.
キ  4, 5, 6: In the District 1 alley behind the red trinity.
キ  7, 8, 9: In the Item Workshop. This is above Cid's Accessory Shop. You can get here by using the green trinity in Cid's 
キ  10, 11, 12: Hidden in the Secret Waterway. This is also blocked by a red trinity.


キ  13, 14, 15: On a platform in the Queen's Castle. It's pretty high up, and it's reachable via Lotus Forest. You can get 
there by going above and to the right of the main entrance of the forest. (You have to be in the forest)
キ  15, 16, 17: On one of the higher platforms in Lotus Forest.
キ  19, 20, 21: In the Tea Party Garden. You need to get the High Jump ability to get to it.
キ  58, 59, 60: In another part of the Queen's Castle. Turn the faucet on in the Bizarre Room and jump into the pot.

|---~*Olympus Coliseum*~---|

キ  22, 23, 24: Use the blue trinity located to the right of the gate.

|---~*Deep Jungle*~---|

キ  25, 26, 27: On the far end of the Hippo Lagoon.
キ  28, 29, 30: This is located in the Vines 2 area. Climb the ivy in the Hippo's Lagoon and swing over to the far platform.
キ  31, 32, 33: Use the blue trinity in the Climbing Trees area.
キ  34, 35, 36: Use the blue trinity in the Camp area.


キ  37, 38, 39: In a chest in Aladdin's house.
キ  46, 47, 48: This one is on a high point in the Palace Gates area. Use the High Jump ability to get there.
キ  49, 50, 51: In the entrance area of the Cave of Wonders.
キ  52, 53, 54: Aladdin must be in the party to get this one. Bounce on top of a treasure pile in the Treasure Room.

|---~*Halloween Town*~---|

キ  40, 41, 42: Right before Oogie's Manor, in the bridge area.
キ  64, 65, 66: In a treasure chest in the Graveyard. This remains hidden until Sora seals the Keyhole and Oogie is 
キ  67, 68, 69: In Guillotine Square. Pull the bell rope at Jack's front door, and then look under his stairs.
キ  70, 71, 72: In Guillotine Square, on top of the gray pumpkin. You need to use the Glide ability to float there.


キ  55, 56, 57: In Chamber 3.
キ  73, 74, 75: On top of a stack of jetsam in the Mouth. You can reach it once the water level drops.
キ  76, 77, 78: In another part of Chamber 3. Try all of the possible entrances. ;)
キ  79, 80, 81: In Chamber 5. 


キ  43, 44, 45: In a corner of the Clock Tower.
キ  82, 83, 84: On a beam in the Ship's Hold -- fly there after gaining the flight power.
キ  85, 86, 87: Yellow Trinity in the Ship's Hold.
キ  88, 89, 90: Chest in the Captain's Cabin, after Shadow Sora battle. 

|---~*Hollow Bastion*~---|

キ  61, 62, 63: In the Grand Hall, accessible the second time you visit here.
キ  91, 92, 93: Bottom of the Rising Falls.
キ  94, 95, 96: Cast Gravity on the floating chest in the Castle Gates.
キ  97, 98, 99: Cast Gravity on the floating chest in the High Tower.

As your party gets Dalmatians, go back to Pongo and Pertida's house. You will get a reward for a certain number of puppies
that you bring back to them.

キ  9 puppies: An improved Aero spell, and one of every Gummi 
キ  12 puppies: Curaga-G Gummi Block
キ  21 puppies: Firaga-G Gummi Block
キ  30 puppies: Thundara-G Gummi Block
キ  42 puppies: Mythril Shard
キ  51 puppies: Torn Page, Mythril
キ  60 puppies: Megalixir
キ  72 puppies: Orichalcum
キ  81 puppies: Ultima-G Gummi Block
キ  90 puppies: Ribbon (oO)


[4][Torn Pages]

An old book appears in Merlin's house after you complete the second Traverse Town quest. It's a copy of Winnie the Pooh. The
only problem is that it's missing a few pages. To restore Pooh's world, you have to find all of the torn pages that are
scattered throughout the levels. There are a lot of mini games once you restore the Hundred Aker Wood, and you can get some
cool items too. Anyways, here are the torn page locations.

キ  Traverse Town: Rescue 51 Dalmatians.
キ  Agrabah: In the Dark Chamber in the Cave of Wonders.
キ  Monstro: Chamber 6
キ  Halloween Town: The bookshelf in the Doctor's lab.
キ  Atlantica: Ariels Grotto

You can collect the pages in any order you choose. Pooh's world is restored in the same order, no matter which page you get
your hands on first.



Sora, Donald, and Goofy all can get different weapons throughout the game. Sora uses Keyblades, Donald uses Rods, and Goofy
uses Shields. Some you earn along the way, and others you have to go out of your way to get. You can also go back to the
Item Shop in Traverse Town to see what the Nephews have in stock.

Sora - Keyblades

キ  Kingdom Key: Default. 
キ  Jungle King: Clear Deep Jungle. 
キ  Three Wishes: Clear Agrabah. 
キ  Crabclaw: Clear Atlantica. 
キ  Pumpkinhead: Clear Halloweentown. 
キ  Fairy Harp: Clear Neverland. 
キ  Wishing Star: Go back to Traverse Town after clearing Monstro and see Geppetto at his shop in District 1.
キ  Spellbinder: See Merlin after acquiring Fire, Thunder, and Blizzard. 
キ  Metal Chocobo: Beat Cloud in the Hercules Cup. 
キ  Olympia: Beat Phil, Pegasus, and Hercules Cups. 
キ  Divine Rose: Seal Hollow Bastion and see Belle in the Library. 
キ  Oathkeeper: Talk to Kairi in the Secret Waterway after the first trip to Hollow Bastion. 
キ  Oblivion: In the Grand Hall in Hollow Bastion, during the second trip. 
キ  Lionheart: Beat Leon and Cloud in the Hades Cups. 
キ  Ultima Weapon: Synthesize at the Item Shop.

Donald - Rods

キ  Mage's Staff: Default 
キ  Morning Star: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town. 
キ  Warhammer: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town. 
キ  Shooting Star: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town. 
キ  Magus Staff: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town. 
キ  Silver Mallet: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town. 
キ  Grand Mallet: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town. 
キ  Wisdom Staff: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town. 
キ  Lord Fortune: Get every summon and visit the Fairy Godmother. 
キ  Violetta: White Trinity in Olympus Coliseum. 
キ  Wizard's Relic: A rare item dropped by Wizards in Hollow Bastion. 
キ  Dream Rod: Acquire every spell and visit Merlin. 
キ  Save the Queen: Beat the Hades Cup solo.

Goofy - Shields

キ  Knight's Shield: Default. 
キ  Stout Shield: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town. 
キ  Smasher: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town. 
キ  Mythril Shield: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town. 
キ  Gigas Fist: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town. 
キ  Golem Shield: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town. 
キ  Onyx Shield: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town. 
キ  Adamant Shield: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town. 
キ  Herc's Shield: Beat the Hercules Cup. 
キ  Genji Shield: Beat Yuffie in the Hades Cup. 
キ  Defender: A rare item dropped by Defenders in Hollow Bastion. 
キ  Save the King: Beat the Hades Cup time attack.



Scattered throughout Traverse Town are 10 postcards. Collect them all and put them into the mailbox in District 1. You get
an item for every postcard you return to the mailbox. Here is where you can find all of the postcards.

キ  On the roof of the Accessory Shop.
キ  Hit the fan in the Item Shop.
キ  Blue trinity by the Item Shop.
キ  The blue safe in District 1 after you finish Traverse Town for the first time.
キ  Awning of the Shoe Store in District 2.
キ  Look at the paper on the wall in the Item Workshop after locking the Traverse Town Keyhole.
キ  In District 3, cast a Thunder spell on the wires. Now go back to the Gizmo Shop and step on the three buttons to set it
in motion. Examine the clock on the wall and you will get two cards.
キ  After locking the Keyhole climb to the top of the Gizmo Shop. Follow the path from roof to roof, and take the Secret
entrance to District 3. There's a postcard in the corner there.
キ  After you clear the Monstro level, Geppetto sets up shop in District 1. There's a pot on his shelf. Go look at it, and
you will get the final postcard.

Now here's a list of the rewards that you get for each card you return. I put the items down in the order that you get them.

キ  Cottage
キ  Mythril Shard
キ  Mega Potion
キ  Mega Ether
キ  Mythril
キ  Elixer
キ  Megalixir
キ  Orichalcum
キ  Defence Up
キ  Power Up



After clearing the Olympus Coliseum the first time, Sora and friends can go back everytime there's a new tournament, so that
they can test their skills. You'll know when there's a new tournament, because Chip and Dale will inform you.

When you first enter a tournament, the whole party enters in with Sora. After beating it the first time, Sora can go solo.
He can either do it normally, or else he can be timed. All of these three stages will earn you different prizes, so try them
all out!

I've made a complete list of all the tournaments and their competetors. I've also listed the prizes that you get from that
particular tournament. I'm using the proper names for the Heartless, so you might have to check my Heartless section of the
walkthrough to see what I'm talking about.

-Phil Cup-

This is the first, and the easiest, tournament in the Coliseum. You can enter it after you lock the Traverse Town Keyhole.

.  4 Powerwilds, 3 Soldiers
.  1 Powerwild, 2 Green Requiems, 2 Red Nocturnes, 5 Yellow Operas
.  1 Hammerlegs, 4 Powerwilds
.  5 Red Nocturnes, 5 Yellow Operas
.  1 Large Body, 5 Powerwilds
.  1 Gauntlets, 3 Blue Rhapsodies, 4 Shadows
.  2 Large Bodies, 6 Green Requiems
.  1 Gauntlets, 1 Hammerlegs, 4 Powerwilds
.  1 Armored Torso, 4 Yellow Operas, 4 Blue Rhapsodies. 

Beat the Phil Cup to get an upgrade to Sora's command of the Gravity spell.

|---~*Pegasus Cup*~---|

This is the second tournament, and it's a little bit tougher. You can compete in the tournament once you complete the 
Monstro area.

.  2 Search Ghosts, 1 Bandit, 3 Air Soldiers
.  4 Shadows, 3 Barrel Spiders, 2 Bandits
.  2 Large Bodies, 1 Pot Spider, 1 Barrel Spider, 1 Fat Bandit
.  5 Pot Spiders, 3 Yellow Operas, 2 Green Requiems
.  4 Search Ghosts, 2 Fat Bandits
.  3 Black Fungi
.  5 Pot Spiders, 5 Barrel Spiders
.  3 Fat Bandits, 3 Large Bodies
.  Leon and Yuffie 

You should concentrate on defeating Yuffie first. She's the one who possesses the healing abilities. You can hit her 
shuriken back at her, if you feel you have the skill. Leon gets a litle more tough once you defeat Yuffie, because he gets 
mad. When he charges up his Gunblade for a running slash, get out of the way.

Once you win, you earn Sora's Strike Raid ability.

-Hercules Cup-

Finish clearing the second ring of areas, including Neverland and Halloween Town. This will unlock the Hercules cup. This
one is much tougher than the other two, and you have to fight Cloud again. You can win some great stuff for beating this
tournament though, so go for it! =D

.  5 Gargoyles, 3 Shadows
.  4 Wight Knights, 2 Barrel Spiders, 1 Air Pirate
.  4 Pirates, 1 Battleship
.  4 Gargoyles, 3 Wight Knights
.  1 Rare Truffle (cast Gravity to beat him)
.  Cloud
.  2 Air Pirates, 2 Pirates, 2 Gargoyles, 1 Wight Knight
.  2 Pirates, 2 Battleships, 1 Air Pirate
.  Hercules

Hercules isn't as tough as Cloud, so if you defeated him, Herc shouldn't be so bad. Hercules can actually be quite annoying
at times though. When he's glowing yellow, it means that he's invincible. This means that no matter what you throw at him,
your attacks will just bounce off. See the barrels in the ring? When Herc pauses, you can throw a barrel at him. This will
make him temporarily mortal. The best time to throw one at him is when he says "Hey, give up yet?" and poses. He's so full
of himself, he won't even realize what's coming.

Winning this gets you a whole bunch of nifty stuff. Sora gets the Olympia Keyblade for winning the first three tournaments,
as well as the Chocobo Keyblade for defeating Cloud. Goofy gets a weapon as well! He recieves Herc's Shield. You also get
the ability to use yellow trinities. Use your new ability in the Lobby of the Coliseum to move the block out of the way.
This reveals the Keyhole, and Sora can then lock it.

-Hades Cup-

All this information was donated by Vorpal_Sima Yi. Thank you!

1: Rock titan
2: X Dark Balls, X Angel Stars, X Invisibles
3: X Wyverns, X Defenders , X Wizards
4: 2 Stealth Sneaks (Yes they are Stealth!!)
5: X DarkBalls and X Shadows
6: 3 White Mushrooms
7: 3 Invisibles and 1 Stealth Sneaks
8: 2 Red Nocturnes, 2 Blue Rhapsodies, 2 Yellow Operas, 1 Angle stars and 2 Wizards
9: 5 Shadows, 3 Darkballs , 1 Invisibles (How did they beat hades??)
10: Hades


11: 3 Invisibles, 2 Angel Stars
12: 3 Defenders
13: 2 Fat Bandits, 1 Defender, 2 Large Bodies
14: 2 Fat Bandits, 1 Invisible, 2 Wizards
15: 1 Wyvern, 1 Air Pirate, 1 Air Soldier, 1 Search ghost and 1 Gargoyle
16: X Darkballs
17: 2 Angel Stars, 2 Wyverns, 2 Large Bodies
18: 3 Fat Bandits, 4 Red Nocturnes
19: 3 Large Bodies, 2 Wight Knights
20: Leon and Cloud 


21: 4 Darkballs, 2 Wyverns,1 Battleship
22: 3 Wyverns, 2 Wight Knights, 2 Search Ghosts
23: 2 Gargoyles, 3 Air Soldiers, 2 Air Pirates
24: 6 Darkballs and 1 Opposite Armor
25: 1 Bandit, 1 Wight Knight, 1 Pirate, 1 Soldier, 1 Power Wild
26: X Shadows (FUN!)
27: 5 Gargoyles, 1 Gauntlets
28: 6 Search Ghosts
29: 4 Air Soldiers, 3 Air Pirates
30: Cerberus


31: 4 Wizards and 1 Angel Star
32: 6 Shadows and 3 Wizards
33: 1 Wizard, 4 Yellow Operas, 2 Blue Rhapsodies, 2 Red Nocturnes
34: 1 Stealth Sneak, 2 Blue Rhapsodies, 4 Green Requiems
35: 3 Red Nocturnes, 2 Pot Spiders, 3 Yellow Operas
36: 1 Black Fungus and 4 Green Requiems
37: 1 Guard Armor, 2 Blue Rhapsodies, 2 Red Nocturnes
38: 7 Blue Rhapsodies, 2 Gargoyles
39: 8 Red Ghost and 1 Search Ghost
40: Behemoth


41: 1 Bandit, 2 power Wilds, 1 Large Body, 1 Fat Bandits, 1 Soldier
42: 1 Defender, 2 Soldiers, 3 Wight Knights
43: 4 Pirates and 3 Bandits
45: 1 Rare Truffle
46: 1 Power Wild, 8 Pot Spiders
47: 1 Hammer Legs, 2 Shadows, 4 Pirates
48: 3 Wight Knights, 4 Power Wilds
49: 7 Shadows and 3 Soldiers
50: *YOU*

-Hades Cup Tips-

[It is important that you equip Sora with HP and DEF boost accesories, this makes the battle with anyone in the 
Hades Cup easier. Equiping either Holy Circlet or Ribbon is recommended]

Defeating Cloud and Leon (Sora alone)

The battle will start out easier than expected trust me. The obvious strategy would be getting rid off one of 
them. Cloud or Leon? I reckon getting rid of Cloud asap, since he gets annoying when he starts to fly around 
dashing back and forth with his blade. This move hurts and it is annoying as you tend to have difficulties 
hitting him but, this move wont last, ^_^. As for Leon, he is dangerous when he uses the White glowing blade 
of his. It hurts, if* you didnt equip yourself with HP and Def equips. If you get good enough def and good 
amount of HP, squall is easy. 

[Strategy for Cloud]
- Aim for Cloud and start hitting him (He has only two bars of HP Green and yellow) and as soon as his HP gets
 low enough he will start using that *Dash move*, just keep avoiding it with dodge roll and jumping around with
 high jump, till clouds stops doing so and spam him with Arcanum till he falls. Simple? ^_^
(You can also use the Ragnarok skill when he is using his dash attack, since the Ragnarok skill only works in 
airborn, may as well hurt Cloud as much as possible while avoiding his attacks, right?)

[Strategy for Leon]
- He is harder than Cloud so becareful even if he is the only one left. He tend to use his white blade randomly, 
so if you are good with guard use it to repel his attacks, if u cant be bothered just dodge all his attacks till 
his white blade goes away. He also can cast fireball at ya...why dont you repay a favour? Heal, dodge and hit is 
the way to go. After repeating that process, Leon will fall. 

*If you ever realize, Leon tends to move slowly. So use Sonic Blade (Great for slow moving land Creatures)!! Using 
this skill properly takes a huge chuck out of Leon's HP especially when you do the "RAVE" combo. Please do pratice 
using this skill before attempt to use it on Leon*

Defeating HADES
Hades, he is one tough cookie but if u have equip either Holy Circlet or Ribbion, it will make the battle much 
easier. As Hades tend to use fire attacks, both Holy Circlet and Ribbion will reduce the fire damage by -20%. :D. 
*Note, even if he uses fire attacks, he is not weak against ice, using blizaga will be a waste*

Hades has 5HP bars and a two color transformation Blue and Red. While he is on Blue, he is easier, so make use 
of that time to get to attack him head on with Ragnarok. Why Ragnarok? Cause he moves heaps. Using guard to deflect 
his fireball will stun him!!! While he is stun, spam him with everything you got. When you hit him enough, he will 
turn red. Now you gotta be careful..

When he turns red, he uses one deadly move. It is a multiple line of firewalls, which you cant jump over. Getting 
contact with the firewall, will kill you very quickly, even with Holy Circlet and Ribbion. But since this attack 
moves in a circular motion, follow the motion ^_^ and once he stops using the firewall attack, heal and bash him 
with Ragnarok or Strike raid. Soon enough, Hades will fall.


[8][Secret Bosses]

.  Sephiroth: After locking the Hallow Bastion Keyhole, the Platinum Match at the Coliseum will become unlocked.
.  Ice Titan: After beating the Hades Cup, the Gold Match will become unlocked.
.  Phantom: After locking the Hallow Bastion Keyhole, visit the Clock Tower in Neverland.
.  Kurt Ziza: After locking the Hallow Bastion Keyhole, talk to the Carpet in Aladdin's house.

All of these bosses are extremely hard, and should only be attempted if you are at a really high level. Or, if you're just
crazy enough to take them on, that's fine too. ^^


[9][The Heartless]

There are different Heartless in every world that you go to. After a while, these guys can get so annoying! Alright, here
is the list that I have so far. I haven't finished writing it all out yet, and I would appreciate some help as well, if you
can find the time. ^^ I've put the list in alphabetical order, so if you know the name of the Heartless and just want to
know how to destroy them, it will be easier to find.

Air Pirate:
These guys are in Neverland, and have great offence. They key here is that they have a weak attack, so fly close to them
and smack them down.

Air Soldier:
These guys appear the second time you visit Traverse Town. You can bring them down with air combos.

Angel Star:
These guys appear in End of the World. They are very powerful, and cast tough spells at you. They become immune to physical
attacks when they cover themselves with their wings. Wait for a little while, and eventually they will stop guarding
themselves this way. When they are no longer blocking, bring them down with air combos. This can be pretty hard, especially
when there's more than one trying to destroy you at once.

These Heartless can be found in the Atlantica world. When they appear, they will have three Screwdivers by their bellies. I
mostly ignore these guys, because they only attack heavily when provoked.

You'll meet up with Bandit in Agrabah. They block the parties attacks, and then come in with their own. Attack them when
they let their guard down.

Barrel Spider:
These guys are filled with gunpowder! Hit them with a Fire spell or with your Keyblade. If you do this near enemies, they
will be destroyed by the blast as well.

Remember him from FF games? He looks a little different here, but he has the same weaknesses as he did in FF. He is found in
Hollow Bastion and End of the World. Climb up on his back to attack his horn, and watch out for his frontal attacks if you
are infront of him.

Black Fungus:
This mushroom can poison you. When they attack you, the kind of flatten and poison goes out in all directions. After this
happens you can attack them.

Blue Rhapsody:
This is the first of the spell-casting Heartless that you will meet. Attack them with Fire magic, because they use Blizzard
magic. If you use Blizzard magic at them, it will just heal them.

These Heartless can be found in Hallow Bastion. They may look tough, but they're low on HP. You can actually take them
down pretty easily. They're more in the way than anything.

Throughout the course of the game, you will have to fight this guy a lot. He just keeps on coming in different areas. Attack
his head or his arms to bring him down.

Watch out! These Heartless can be pretty tough. They have huge shields that they attack with, and also use Blizzard and Fire
magic. Sneak up behind them to hit their vulnerable spots. They can be found in Hollow Bastion.

Fat Bandit:
These are a step up from Large Bodies. They have more HP, and attack with firey breath. You defeat them the same way as the
large bodies, running behind them and whacking them on their backs.

These Heartless can be found in Halloween town, and they fly. If you go after them with air combos, make sure that you don't
fall over the edge. (They are mostly in high areas of Oogie's Mansion)

Green Requiem:
These Heartless can only use magic that cures. They aren't that much of a threat, and you can destroy them easily.

Guard Armor:
This is the first boss in Traverse Town. He has six pieces of armor, so attack them one by one to destroy them. He has some
attacks, though they aren't that powerful.

This is easily one of the toughest non-boss Heartless in the game. They can vanish and haunt one of the party members with
curse, gradually draining their HP. They are very quick and have powerful swords. Strike back with yout strongest
aerial attacks. These meanies are found in End of the World.

Large Body:
These guys are plenty annoying. When you attack their bellies, you just bounce right off. The trick here is to go behind
them and attack from there. When they get knocked down once, they'll get pretty angry. When they start glowing pink, run!
This means that they're going to chase you until they hit you.

Opposite Armor:
You have to fight this guy the second time you visit Traverse Town. He looks different and is more powerful, but you can
just defeat him the same way as the Guard Armor.

Parasite Cage:
The cage type Heartless that can be found in Monstro's belly. He can hurt you with his tentacles, and with his poison breath
attacks. His vulnerable spot is that tiny little spot on the tip of his head.

This is the main Heartless that you will encounter in Neverland. It's like a more powerful version of the Bandits in
Agrabah. Stick to the same strategy as the Bandits. Attack when they're open.

Pot Centipede:
This is a sub-boss in Agrabah, and he's totally made out of pots. Unless you destroy his head and tail, he'll just continue
to re-generate with more pots.

Pot Spider:
Another enemy in Agrabah. You think they're just normal pots until they grow legs and attack. Destroy the pot, and the whole
Heartless will go away.

These are the monkey Heartless of Deep Jungle. They jump around a lot, and have jumping combos which can be tough to avoid.
They should go down easily enough though.

Rare Truffle:
I'm not really sure what good these guys do. I encountered them on Hook's ship in Neverland. They like to jump, so you can
hit it and then continue hitting it to keep it in the air.

Red Nocturne:
These Heartless can cast spells, mostly fire ones. You should attack these guys while they're charging up for a spell,
because then they're vulnerable. Don't use Fire magic at them, because it will only just heal them and you have to try to
kill them all over again.

You can find them in Atlantica. They come into battle on the docile Aquatank Heartless. Don't hit them with Thunder magic,
because this will just heal them.

Sea Neon:
They are also found in Atlantica, and they are extremely weak. You probably only need to hit them once before they go down.

Search Ghost:
They can teleport, and are also found in Atlantica. They aren't that strong when it comes to offence.

Sheltering Zone:
They look like a Sea Neon, but they are much bigger. Destroying one of these breaks it up into three Sea Neons, and you
then in turn must attack those individualy.

These are the most common of all the Heartless. They can melt into the ground when you try to attack, and then pop
out again, usually behind Sora. They're fairly easy to take down, so don't give up!

These guys aren't so tough. They're only one step up from Shadows, so they shouldn't be too difficult. They can't evade as
well as the Shadows, but they have better offence. They even have counterattack abilities. They still go down pretty quickly

Stealth Sneak:
This is a chameleon that Clayton rode when you fought him in Deep Jungle. Be careful, because he can turn invisible and
catch you unaware.

This is the boss in Wonderland. While he's low, you have to attack him with magic attacks. Or else you could just jump up
on the table and shoot attacks at his head. Either way, watch out for his flaming batons.

White Mushroom:
These guys are completely harmless, and seem to want some magic when they appear. I gave them an Ether once and they
vanished, so it was just a waste. Do any of you know what they truly want?

Wight Knight:
These mummy type Heartless can be found in Halloween Town, and deal massive damage with their claws. Wait for them to finish
attacking, and then go in with a combo of your own.

This is one of the toughest of the Wizard Heartless. They'll let you beat on them for a while, and then they'll just vanish
and re-appear around the battlefield. Sometimes they become invincible. You'll be able to tell because they get some sort
of lighting shield around them.

Dragon type Heartless that fly around Hallow Bastion. They can deal big damage with their dive-bomb attacks, and they also
love to push you off the edge for a long fall. Get them into a corner and attack with air combos.

Yellow Opera:
These Heartless love to use Thunder magic. You know what that means! Don't attack it with Thunder magic. They like to pick
one target and stick with it, so be careful!


[10][Basics of Gameplay]

Kingdom Hearts actually isn't that difficult to control. Sometimes it takes a little getting used to, but once you get the
hang of it it's not so bad. It has pretty straightforward commands, and using some of the handy little installed shortcuts
could make a world of difference in the gameplay.


Commands in Kingdom Hearts are carried out using the little menu in the bottom left hand corner. It may seem funny at first
to be using a menu when you're trying to fight and everything, but it actually works quite well. A good tip is to practice
moving the right analog stick to move through the menu, while keeping your thumb on the left analog stick and moving Sora

To attack, press X, since the default menu setting at the top is Attack. Hit Attack multiple times in succession, and you
will perform a Combo Attack. Jump into the air and hit Attack to do some air combos. As Sora progresses through the game,
you will receive new abilities that make your combos even stronger.

Sometimes during battle, you might see a notation that says 'Tech'. That means that you just earned extra experience points
for your fine weapon skill. If you attack just before an opponent is about to land, your attack can parry his attack. This
earns you Tech points. Study your opponent's movements and learn how to exploit this system for faster character
development. Especially once Sora gets the Guard and Counterattack abilities.

-Camera Control-

Kingdom Heart's camera isn't as bad as some of the other games I've seen, but it needs some work. It's okay in the fact that
it generally sticks behind Sora, and doesn't seem to get stuck behind walls that much. If you want to rotate the camera
around sora, hit L2 and R2. Sometimes you won't be able to see Sora if he goes behind a wall, so that's when you have to
use those two buttons. Press them both to centre the camera behind Sora's head. If you want a close look at something, hit
the Select button. It will activate a first person view, but you won't be able to move around. When you are in this mode,
use the left Analog Stick to move the viewpoint.

-Locking On-

Sometimes a person wants to lock onto a specific thing. That's what lock-on is for! While you are in battle, the game will
always indicate which enemy Sora is attacking with a 'soft lock'. This is an orange indicator showing you where Sora is
aiming his attacks. This lock will always focus on the enemy that is closest to Sora. If you want to focus on a particular
opponent, hit R1 to change this 'soft lock' into a 'hard lock'. Both the camera and Sora's attacks will now focus on that
particular enemy. It will stay there until you turn the lock off, or until you switch targets. To switch the hard lock from
target to target, hit R2 and L2. This can be very handy in a very chaotic fight, or a boss fight that has multiple targets.
Note that the manual camera controls are disabled while Sora is locked onto a target. 'Forward' is defined as 'Towards the

Hitting Triangle while locked onto an opponent will instruct Donald and Goofy to attack that target too. This will take the
enemy out that much quicker.


Kingdom Hearts does not provide unlimited access to the item stock, like in some other RPGs. Instead, items must be moved
from the main stock to the character's limited active inventory. Then you can use them in battle. Use the Items sub-menu in 
the status screen to fill up your character's inventory with whatever you want. If you need an item in battle, move down to
the Item Selection in the battle menu to use them in times of need.


Magic can be activated like items. This means that you can scroll down to the Magic option while you are in battle. This can
be hard, especially when you are under heavy attack. That's why the makers of this game so nicely installed a shortcut. You
can only have three spells at once for selection during the shortcut, but it's better than nothing. While you are in the
sub-menu, you can put the three spells you want for the shortcut by selecting the Customize option. When you want to cast
the spells in battle, hold down L1 and then hit the button - triangle, square, or circle - that corresponds to the desired

-Other Maneuvers-

On the battle menu, you will notice that there's a space with nothing on it. Watch this little space for the presence of
hot spots where you can perform a special action. By this I mean opening a chest, flipping a switch, climbing a ladder, and
so on. Later on in the game Sora acquires special combo attacks. This menu will also light up when you can perform them.

Keep in mind that you cannot open chests and such while the menu is red. This is when you can use your special combo
attacks. When the menu is blue, this is the time to get chests and explore.


Tap circle to jump, and press it harder to jump higher. Once you get the High Jump ability, you will be able to jump even
higher. Once you get the Glide and Superglide abilities, it's basically like Sora and the gang can fly. To use both the
Glide abilities, just hold circle to stay in the air. Of course you have to use the analog stick to move. There is a similar
move to this, and it is known as the Mermaid's Kick. You can only use this underwater, but I'm just letting you know. ;)

-Save Points-

Save points will of course allow you to save your game, but they do other things as well. There are two kinds of Save Point.
One is a solid green circle of glowing energy. This one will allow access to all options of the Save Point menu. By this I
mean that the party can save, go to the Gummi Ship, and switch members in and out. The other one looks like two green
blobs of energy that are circling each other. You can always save your progress and switch members here, but sometimes it
won't allow you to visit the Gummi Ship.

I hope that this helped you understand the game better. ^_^