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How You Get Life From Agrabah
Once you hit the thing that wouldn't budge in the treaure room(cave of wonders in one of the chambers,i have no clue what chamber it is)go in and it will go into story mode.before the battle starts,Jafar(the ugly dude)will wish his 2nd wish to crush you.Aladdin will say,"Geine,NO,"in a mad voice.Then Geine says,"Sorry Al,I have a new master now,"in a sad voice and the battle stats.In the middle of the battle when Jafar isn't looking,Geine will give you life then Jafar will look,Geine is still giving you life and looking like he is crushing you.Well I'll tell you how to defeat Jafar/Geine. all ya have to do is hit his stupid bird Yago to get the lamp


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New Battle Record Screen
If you complete the whole game 100% meaning all trinities, puppies, colliseum cups (including Gold and Platinum, and all time limits for Phil, Pegasus, Hercules, and Hades cups), kill both the Phatom in Neverland, and Kurt Ziza in Agrabah, you get a new battle record screen at the very end of the game.
UnlockableHow to unlock
New "battle record" screenComplete the game 100%
Spells and Upgrades
UnlockableHow to unlock
Fire Defeat Guard Armor in Traverse Town
Blizzara Defeat Jafar in Agrabah
Firaga Obtained while talking to Princess in Hallow Bastion
Blizzard Get all four pieces of evidence in Wonderland
Fira Defeat Jafar in Agrabah
Blizzaga Defeat Behemoth in the Hades' Cup
Thunder Finish Barrel Training in Coliseum
Thundara Defeat Ursula
Thundaga Defeat Cerberus In the Hades' Cup, second time
Cure Defeat Clayton in the Deep Jungle
Cura Defeat Shadow Sora in Neverland
Curaga Talk to Aerith in the library in Hollow Bastion
Gravity Finish the Phil Cup
Gravira Defeat Oogie Boogie
Graviga Defeat Hades in the Hades' Cup
Stop Defeat Parasite Cage in Monstro
Stopra Finish the "Pooh's Swing" mini game in 100 Acre Woods
Stopga Defeat Phantom Neverland
Aero Defeat Opposite Armor in Traverse Town
Aerora Located in the room behind a Yellow Trinity in Neverland
Aeroga Find all 99 of the Dalmations


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99 Dalmations
Location of all 99 Dalmatians! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> plus the rewards for rescuing.

1, 2, 3: Traverse Town, the little island across the water from the mystical house (magician’s study) need high jump and glide abilities.
4, 5, 6: Traverse Town (location where Sora first appears in Traverse Town) use red Trinity.
7, 8, 9: Travers Town, Item Workshop (Green Trinity)
10, 11, 12: Traverse Town, Secret Waterway
13, 14, 15: Wonderland, Queen’s Castle
16, 17, 18: Wonderland, Louts forest
19, 20, 21: Wonderland, Tea Party Garden. Need high Jump and Glide abilities.
22, 23, 24: Olympus Coliseum, (blue Trinity)
25, 26, 27: Deep Jungle: Hippo’s Lagoon
28, 29, 30: Deep Jungle: Vines 2
31, 32, 33: Deep Jungle, Climbing Trees (Blue Trinity)
34, 35, 36: Deep Jungle, Camp (Blue Trinity)
37, 38, 39: Agrabah, Aladdin’s House
40, 41, 42: Halloween Town, Bridge
43, 44, 45: Neverland Clock
46, 47, 48: Agrabah, Palace Gates
49, 50, 51: Agrabah, Cave of Wonders, Entrance. Need High jump and Glide.
52, 53, 54: Agrabah, Treasure Room.
55, 56, 57: Monstro, Chamber 3
58, 59, 60: Wonderland, Queen’s Castle
61, 62, 63: Hollow Bastion, Grand Hall (after you get Oathkeeper)
64, 65, 66: Halloween Town, Cemetery (doesn’t appear till after you fight Oogie Booie)
67, 68, 69: Halloween Town, Guillotine Square, below Jack’s House
70, 71, 72: Halloween Town, Guillotine Square, (top of Jack’s house) Need Glide abilities.
73, 74, 75: Monstro, Mouth, After water recedes
76, 77, 78: Monstro, Chamber 3
79, 80, 81: Monstro, Chamber 5
82, 83, 84: Neverland, After defeating Captain Hook, fly up on beam.
85, 86, 87: Neverland, Ship’s hold. (Yellow Trinity)
88, 89, 90: Neverland, Captain’s Cabin. (Green Trinity)
91, 92, 93: Hollow Bastion, Rising Falls
94, 95, 96: Hollow Bastion, Castle Gates (use Gravity on floating chest)
97, 98, 99: hollow Bastion, High Tower (use Gravity on floating chest)

Rescued Reward:
12 Curaga- G
21 Firaga- G
30 Thundara – G
42 Mythril Shard
51 Torn Page, Mythril
60 Megalixir
72 Orichalcum
81 Ultima-G
90 Ribbon
99 full gummi set, Aero spell upgrade

And don't forget! Your Journal has a puppy counter, to which ones you've gotten and which ones your still missing <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
A better way to level up fast
first when you start out on destiny island beginning of the game.Talk to the boy who have the wooden sword(I forgot his name)fight him.when you begin the battle he charges attack too if you hit his sword you get 2p run back and do it over it's better than fighting riku plus it's faster
ansem faq
Ansem1: Difficulty Very Easy
He will start offshooting razor like blasts in the air, dodge them and attack every chance you get. If he says submit move or you are in big trouble. then his guardian will try to punch you. not very effective. but dodge it to keep your heath up. use cura/curaga when needed and you will win in no time.

Ansem2: Difficulty Semi Medium
When the battle starts he will shot thing out from the ground. just dodge them and attack him. then he will say submit, just dodge it. after he is down by 1 1\2 guage he will get mad and use a dreadful attack. just dodge roll till the move is over. when he says take this dodge it or you will be seriously hurt. heal when necessary reapet the pattern and he will go down in no time.

Ansem final form 1: Difficulty hard
all you have to do is just hit him as much as you can. his attacks are simple to dodge. the he will begin to shoot lasers and this gets annoying. if you try to heal it may hit you and it does a lot of damage. so get as far away from him as possible. heal when necesary and you will win in no time.

Ansem final form2: Difficuly hard

this time he has a new power and it hurts. like i said just attack and dodge his. after several hits he will use his lasers. dodge them. when angry he'll form a giant orb and it will shoot many beams. if you are hit it maybe impossible to escape because it is fast. just repeat this pattern and you should win in no time.
beat 1st riku w/o any items
first, i reccomend the crabclaw keyblade. when the battle starts, summon tinkerbell. then, attack like crazy. watch out, because the more life he loses, the bolder his attacks get! keep attacking and u will win! (u don't need potions cuz tinkerbell gives u life;D!)
Beat Ice Titan Easy
Ok first of all most ppl think that ice titan is almost impossible to defeat which isnt true,he is one of the simplest bosses in the game.Any way back to the subject,all u really need to beat him is curaga and the guard ability.WARNINGo NOT cast aertoga cause he will start shooting bigger ice spikes at u.First get on top of one of the crowd stands on either side,then when he begins to shoot ice spikes at u time ur guard right and u will hopefully reflect most of them back at him,each one is worth 24 or 25 tech points.Then after a few of those he screams and falls to the ground giving u the opurtuinty to land some good hits(i suggest arcane or ragnarock)and if u get to hurt heal and repeat the process and bam 5000 tech points for winning,no items needed.
Beating Riku on Destiny Island
It's actually really simple. All you have to do is get enough level up. At the beginning at the game on Destiny Island you cab challenge people. Challenge that one guy with the beach ball (WARNING: if you can't time good then don't bother to look or you can just challenge another person but it would take longer) ok when the guy with the beach ball throws the beach ball hit the ball at the right time and it will deflect it back at him (it doesn't have to hit him you are still getting 1 tech point or 1 XP point) repeat this over and over again until you die or he dies you'll get tons of XP and will level up.
(Don't hit him! You don't want to him to die fast.) Keep doing this till you are a level 6 or level 7 (don't remember) and you will get more health now you can challenge Riku on Destiny Island.
Beating The Malificent Dragon
When you get up to the part when you have to defeat malificent as a dragon form, the best thing to do is have goofy and donald in your party. In the large room you fight in, you have to find a small hollow in the wall. Now this is the tricky bit: You have to try to run as far right as possible. In this position, the dragon can't attack you. If it doesnt work you might have to try to jump right aswell. When the dragon cant attack you, let goofy and donald do all of the work, dont worry about healing them, because theyll just revive after they die.
Become Lv. 3 before getting to Destiny Island
While fighting Darkside, don't focus on him but all the shadows he keeps on summoning to help him. You can make it to Level 3 there and then defeat Darkside.
Black Fungus from Haloween Town
This is an easy way of getting mystery goo and lots of other things from the black fungus. If you do what I write here, you'll have a high chance of running into Black Fungi in the moonlit hill. What you'll need to do is first go to Guillotine Square, and go to the graveyard. Kill all the enemies in the graveyard and examine the coffin to take you to the area with all the tombstones that you had to examine for the mayor. In that area, there's a door that leads to the bridge. Go to the bridge and kill everything you can find there. Jump down into the water and you'll find a dark passage that leads you back to guillotine square. GO to that passage and head back to the graveyard from guillotine square. Kill everything in the graveyard and go to the moonlit hill by examining the coffin. It would help if you customise goofy and donald to make sure all their actions are either in the "Occasionally" or the "Only in Emergency" side. In moonlit hill, there will be 3-4 black fungi waiting for you. Pick up one of the big bright orange pumpkins and throw it at the fungi. The mushroom will die with one hit and leave behind a Mystery Goo, lots of munny, 96 experience and sometimes a Mystery Mold (which sells for 9999 munny at the item shop). Good luck.
The moogles candles will need to be put out first before you can open the chest which contains a Defense up. Cast any level of blizzard at the candles, and they will go out and stay out.

The “candles” in the Olympus coliseum, or the big torches, can be put out the same way. Extinguish all of them to obtain a Holy G.

Cerberus - The SUPER Easy Way
Yeah we all know how to beat him.... or the people who already have know. But I've noticed something that some people may not already know.

1. As soon as the fight starts run under Cerberus to avoid the fireballs and stay there until he stops.

2. Now he'll most likely raise all three heads and start to bite bark and whatever he does, now lock on it one of the outside heads NOT THE MIDDLE ONE! Do at least 7 combos. Then run to where his hind legs are. One should be sticking out. Use it as a step to get on his back. After his barking fit he'll jump up into there air. As he jumps you must jump also and move if necessary to make sure you land successfully on his back.

3. Don't attack or anything while on his back. You may fall off and end up losing the fight. And when he Stops DON'T move. He'll raise his Middle head. Which means he's about to do that Darkness attack thing. You can avoid it completely on his back.

4. Now when he's done wait until he raises ALL three heads.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 until victory is yours!

(Note: I do this ALL the time in the beginning and in the Hades Cup)
darkside fast experience
when fighting darkside when he kneels down and shoots out the orbs just hit them and for hitting them you get 1p and when it hits him they each cost 2p
Defeat Black Shadow Sora
So when you get to Hook`s Cabin you find Black Shadow Sora waiting by Riku.Riku disipears with Kiarie. Wich leaves you with Darky.He`ll start walking around and then he`ll multiplie himself into three.If you don`t have scan,get it,keep you`re eye on the one with most life,that's the original.And keep doing that until you beat him and then you face Captin Hook.
Defeat Hercules
When you fight Hercules in the[HERCULES CUP] you`ll see he`s yellow.When he is,he is invicible.You can fix that though.You`ll see barells.Well,when he does a pose,thats you`re chance to pick a barell up and throw it.He`ll stop glowing yellow and he`ll be vurnible.So hit him with all you got.When he glows yellow again he`ll do a couple of moves.He`ll either run into you,spin around with his sword,or make a force field around him that shoots missles inside it.Keep hitting him with a barrel and hitting him normley and you`ll win.You`ll also get the Olimpia Keychain and Herc`s Shield for Goofy.
Defeat Jafar
When you fight Jafar he cast a spell that makes his staff shoot laser beams.There pretty quick,so ethier dodge em or hide behind the walls.You can hit Geini to get HP.Watch out cause Geini hits you too.He`ll give you warning though.He`ll say"Sorry All".Hit Jafar when he is doing a spell or nothing.Ounce you start getting getting his life down he gets angry and does a spell that traps you with giant ice blocks.Don`t get in the middle of the room cause thats were he does it.He can transport himself without getting hit.He turns into a purple ball.So go where he`s heading.And hit him when he turns back into himself again.This is an easy battle.It took me 30 seconds.
Defeat Meleficent(Dragon form)
I found the easiest way to defeat her is my climbing onto the root thingies up against one of the walls. That way, she usually can't it you, and if she does it's from her tail or fire. As soon as you get to the top, summon Tinker Bell so she can heal Donald and Goofy, who are still on the ground trying to fight her, and just go at her with your magic. In your item slots, pack plenty of Ethers and Elixers to restore your MP as the fight goes on. If you find yourself out of MP, Ethers and Elixers then you're gonna have to fight the regular way by jumping on her back and wailing on her the good ol' fashioned way.
Defeat Ursula
You`ll need a lot of elexirs for this battle.When you fight Ursula in her normal form,you don`t take any life away.Well,use spells on her couldrine.Ounce you hit it enough,it will make an explosian that knocks out her and her eels,Fletsem & Jetsem.Let you`re mates deal with them,you just take Ursula down.When she wakes up do it again.And soon you`ll win.
Defeating Oogie Boogie
i used to HATE fighting him because he cheated by trapping you in a pit.
Anyway, i soon discovered how to easily over come this little fight!

When you hear a "shing!" noise and the buttons near the centre light up, so step on one! Make sure this bag of bugs is above you. The gates will appear around your little triangle and will raise up so you can beat the crap out of him!

(HINT) Oogie does replenish his HP by stepping under a machine. Only half, if it's really low. As far as i know there is nothing you can do about it.

Defeating sephiroth easily
How To Defeat Sephiroth easily

when he appears keep attacking him until his health starts to go down then use ars arcanine or whatever and when sephiroth starts to glow when he is standing up he is going to give you a halo and take all of your hp+ mp try to stop him before he gives you a halo but if you don't make sure you have elixer's I beat him at level 80, but I would rechamend being at level 85 and keep giving sora power ups, ap ups, and defense ups and when your at destiny island keep battling wakka until your level 10
Defeating Ursula The Second Time
Okay, listen carefully - you DON'T need elixirs or any item of some sort.

1. Make sure you have Ariel and Donald in your party. AND that you have equipped Mermaid Kick in the shared abilities section.

2. As soon as the battle starts lead Donald and Ariel to Ursula's head. To make it easier Lock On. Once they start attacking un lock and swim away from her head using Mermaid Kick.

3. Do this until Ursula's HP is VERY low. Getting close to her is tricky but you should be able to manage to do this.

(This takes about 20-25 minuets so this is not going to be one-two-three oh I did it! Also you may die so be careful)
Defender Shield
After Sealing The Key Hole To Hollow Bastion go back and return and kill Defenders as possible, eventually one will drop the shield.
(For Goofy Only)
Destiny Island level up
An easy way to level up on destiny island is to fight Wakka and keep deflecting his balls, but make sure they don't hit him. You obtain 1exp point for each and 2 for his power ball. An easy way to do this is obtain the guard ability when you're level nine and just guard when he throws them.
Destiny Islands - training with sephine
I know that you will probably prefer training on that guy with the ball, but you rarely get the chance to get tech 2 (exp 2).
so train with the girl on the pier instead!

heres how to do it:

Time well when she starts to spin and hit the skipping rope, before spinning she will say, 'Here we go'. so hit her as soon as she is in range. (Tech 1)

she will jump away from you but then suddenly jump back! Time it just before she lands in front of you and she will get hit with her skipping rope after you hit her. (Tech 2)

also hit her when she attack with the skipping rope as a normal attack. (tech 1)

its all about timing, remember. this way is easier to gain exp as she uses the 'jump attack' several times in a row so you get plenty of tech quickly.
destiny levelup
At the beginning of the game fight wakka(the one with the beach ball), deflect his attacks and each of his normal attacks are 1 exp. the super attacks are 2 exp.
Donald's Wizard's Relic

An extremely powerful weapon—magic wise, can be obtained by killing a wizard heartless (first found in hollow bastion) It has a 0.2% chance of being dropped, so equip Lucky Strike to all party members.
Everyone told me that the dragon was really hard.They told me to have a lot of elixers and ethers at hi-/mega-potions.

Here is how I defeted it with only 3 potions, Tinker Bell and Beast and Donald:

When the battle starts, don't lock onto the dragon.Run to the first tree you see, climb it on summon Tinker Bell.Make sure you have beast instead of Goofy.Beasts attacks are stronger.Have donald as well.But no Goofy.Buy as many potions as you like.I only had 3 at the time.

Climb Maleficents HUGE thighs to her back.NOW lock onto her head.Start bashing like crazy.When your HP is almost out, quickly either(I had the Curaga shortcut)use a potion or Cure/Cura/CuragaThen start bashing again.

Keep repeating this, and she will be defeated easily.
When fighting the dragon you should stand at the edge of the chapel near the trees. If possible jump onto the tree branches.this may take slightly longer, but if you summon tinkerbell and stand on the trees firing magic at it. you will need a lot of ethers but you will not get hurt. when you have almost defeated her it would be easier to just run up and hit her on the head. After the battle an entrance opens to fight Ricu. you will recieve fireglow (Mushu summon) and the story will continue.
Dragon Maleficent
When battling dragon maleficent, summon tinker bell and jump on top of the dragon. Make sure you have Strike raid available and plenty of elixers. When on top of the dragon, use strike raid or other magic. The best thing to do is put stop and gravaria on shortcut. Lock on to the dragon and cast stop. Then cast gravaria (or any other but that worked well for me). If tinker bell forgets to heal you, use an elixir and this battle shouldn't be hard.
Dream Weapons (Donald and Goofy)
The “Dream” Weapons are the weapons at the beginning of the game, here’s how you can obtain the staff and shield for Donald and Goofy

Donald: get the highest level of all spells, then speak to Merlin.
Goofy: get all the magic arts and speak to Merlin.
Easily Missable & Limited-Time-Only Things: master list
For all you perfectionists and 100%'rs out there, here are ALL the non-compensatable things in KH which you can either A)easily miss or B)not enjoy enough while they last:

<^>99 Pretty Stones (beat Riku ninety-seven+ times at the Day2 Race on Destiny Islands; two more can be found early in Traverse Town)

<^>chests containing gummi parts (after returning the last three d-pups to P&D, you are rewarded the *complete Gummi collection*... Beforehand, even if you are maxed-out on a particular type of gummi, you can always sell your extras; afterwords, you cannot.)

Dalmations __,__,__ (if not picked-up before sealing Hollow Bastion, must then defeat the menacing Phantom in-order to do so. Several same-type items of the sort are there in KH..)


<^>Red Trinity[Trinity Charge] found at Oogie Boogie's limited-time Manor (note: this trinity does not exist in KH:Final Mix, but rather somewhere else; vanishing one yields merely one Mythril Shard)


Diamond Dust (only in FM; won by defeating Ice Titan from the Gold Match)

One-Winged Angel (only in FM; rewarded for beating Sephiroth from the Platinum Match

Ultima Weapon (synthesized for 5xLucidGem,5xPowerGem,5xThunderGem,3xMysteryGoo,3xGale after the whole previous twenty-fourt/hirty-five thingies have been synthesized atleast once)


Save the King (awarded for completing the Hades Cup in Time Trial mode)

Dream Shield (awarded from Merlin for attaining each of the seven Mushroom-produced Spell Arts, proving you 'master of the Arts')


Save the Queen (reward for completing the Hades Cup in 'Sora Alone' mode)


Curaga (attained by talking to Aerith at the Hollow Bastion Library several times)

Aerora/Aeroga (attained by returning the ninety-ninth Dalmatian pup to P&D)


Sora's Cheer Ability (learned by talking to Owl at Pooh's House after having achieved the required 1AW mini-game scores: 101+licks, 150+points, 40+yards, under 30 seconds, under5 minutes)


Phantom (fought at Big Ben, Neverland's Clock Tower, after the sealing of Hollow Bastion)

Kurt Zisa (fought at the Desert connecting Agrabah's mainland with the Cave of Wonders, after having sealed Hollow Bastion)

Unknown (only in Final Mix; if played on Beginner or Intermediate, you must seal all Keyholes excluding 100 Acre Wood, return all ninety-nine dalmatian pups to P&D, complete Hades Cup, and find+activate all fourty-six Trinity Marks [Trinity- Jump, Smash, Tower, Shove, Detect]; If you played Final Mix Proud Mode, you need only: ninety-nine Dalmatian pups and all Trinity Marks activated)


All secondary Coliseum leagues ['Tournament's] and battles therein

Ice Titan (Olympus Coliseum: Gold Match; first unlocked as '???' after sealing Hollow Bastion)

Sephiroth (Olympus Coliseum: Platinum Match; first unlocked as '???' after passing the Hades Cup regular/initial-mode)


All minor DI duels;
Riku Duel + Three-on-You Battle
Riku Race
Your&Riku's score kept on wins and loses at the battle-duel and race

Easy+Advanced Barrel-Bashing Time-Trials(early at Olympus Coliseum--you can even see your best time!!); Coliseum preliminaries

Tigger Bounce (done at the Giant Pot before the actual minigame, "Tigger's Giant Pot")


<^>Less-common alternative trailer with Riku required to be seen at Monstro (I ain't completely certain about this one)

"Another Side, Another Story" (bonus movie for having played on Expert)

"Deep Dive" (concept video following 'AS,AS' only on Kingdom Hearts:FM)

..and also your overall final gamestats (number of Heartless killed, times K.O.ed, curative actions made upon party-mates, et cetera, upto 9,999 for each) at the very,very,very end ('The End' screen) for having played the game on Expert Setting.


Also, Shiitake&Matsutake Ranks, Mystery Molds, certain Gummi-ships gotten only by talking to Ghepetto or defeating a grossly intense Heartless-ship, and Goofy's Defender + Donald's Wizard Relic, though none 'missable' per se, should be noted due to their high difficulty of obtaining.

<^>NOTE: these ones cannot, through ANY means, be obtained or activated by the last save point having accomplished every other aspect of the game if not done so by then (signifies importance).

Final Determiner:
99,999 experience points with the maximum number of every single item (even the rarest, hardest-to-obtain ones), accessory, keychain/wand/shield, gummi-block and gummi-ship blueprint obtainable, every single ability of every player-character learned and equipped (same applies to the four shared abilities) with no chests what-so-ever laying idly around (as they are all gotten by this point), with Jiminy's Journal completely filled out (which is easy to tell on Final Mix by a yellow pawprint) and previous worlds sealed, saved at Final Rest on most difficult game setting.
Easy Dragon Maleficant Beat
Make sure before you go into the room with the dragon that your using donald and beast or goofy and beast. Since Beast is very strong, he knock out alot of life points. All you have to do is climb up onto the wires in the room and hide. You can watch from here how Beast attacks and so on. If he get knocked out then give him a potion. BEWARE: From time to time the dragon may hit you, but very rarely!
Then when the dragon is almost dead, thanks to beast!!!, you can hit it once or twice and it's dead.
Easy Elixirs
For every sixth heartless killed while at End of the World with Bambi summoned, you are rewarded one elixir. The easiest and quickest place to stock-up FAST on elixirs, using this method, is at the Oogie Boogie's lair screen.
Easy EXP
While in Halloween town, you may see these purple mushrooms. Lock on to them and beat them until they die. You'll get 96 EXP points for doing this!!
Easy EXP early
all you have to do, is when on Destiny Island (at the begining) is fight wakka, every time you hit his ball and deflect it, it gives you 1p, every time you deflect his blitzball, you get 2p and most times you can do this for five ten minutes and have 2 or 3 level ups, then just smack the balls back into his face and beat the snot out of him, do this for as long as you want, and if your REALLY determined you can get to lvl 99 this way and still be at the begining of the game!
Easy kill on Maleficent Dragon!
Before you go to the room where you fight Malleficent Dragon make sure you have Donald and Beats with you. Also equip yourself and them with potions and ethers.
Enter into the place where you fight her and go staright wall. Start walking around and you will see some roots sticking outof the ground. There is one that you can jump onto and stay. Get on it ans stay there. Maleficen can't hit you right now.
Lock onto her head and click the triangle. They will head toward her and attack. When they get down to low health, heal them with potions and use the cure spell.
When she gets down to low health, she will spit out fireballs at you. Hit them back at her. You will get tech points, and they will cause damage to her.
Do this until she dies. When she gets down so low that it is hard to see her health, the go in and finish her off!
Easy Leveling
To grow levels much faster toward the end of the game, and you've completed the Hades Tournament in Olympia, return back, and challenge the Rock Titan over and over, he does very little damage, gives alot of Experience, and moves very little, so this is an easy target.
Easy leveling up ::End of the game::
Right before the final save point before the confrotation with Ansem, roam around the room before it to fight some Invisibles for easy leveling up. The Rock Titan at the colloseum also helps for faster level up.
Easy lv. up
Some people might be frusterated with lv. up because they might not have a specific way this is a new way i never saw before

1.get to character selection in hercules cup
tip: use the glitch if you need more time in the timed mode. the glitch is restart while fighting hercules in time trial only.

2.choose to battle cloud again and again. He should give you 1000p after hollow bastion
if you think he is hard tsk tsk. you got him by your self so this is much easier.
Easy Malificent Battle
When you start the battle with dragon malificent, proceed slightly to the right, then look around for a small root near the ground. Walk behind it and camp out. The root protects you from all of malificent's attacks, and when she's down to 1 hp gauge, go up and use Ars Arcanum, and she's melted into a black puddle, and she coughs up the fireglow summon gem.
Easy Reset
If you want to get into another game, but don't want to spend a ton of time reseting the console, then press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start and Select at the same time.
easy way to beat surburus(fast)
when you go 2 beat surbutus just start out attacking him while your doing this he the stupid mutt will problably start bitting big time by just move a little to the side and keep hitting him.after a couple of second his mouth will have like a black gas in his mouth so run away but not to far when he does this special attack tons of black circles will come up from all over dont stop or change directions just keep goin.He also has another speacial ability a big ball of fire dont try to hit it with the key nothing will happen eccept you lose HP so once again just run.after hes done with his special attacks start hitting him again.(this is impotant when he does his speacial combo wich is gas mouth and fire ball keep running dont chang direction!!!!!!)Last you must make sure you stay on just one head otherwise it will take way to long.Trust me this works well also make sure your not under level 10.
Enemy Charge up
Almost every single enemy charges up in the game before they unleash a major attack so you have to watch and learn their charging animations to get a first attack to avoid their huge attack.
Wakka is the easiest way to get EXP on the islands, despite his ball hurting him if it strikes him. You can avoid that happening by knocking it back at him when you're farther away from him then when you start.
Extra movie
to unlock the extra movie at the end of the game complete the following:

Lock all worlds (including winnie the pooh)
Win the Hades Cup
Find all 99 Dalmations,

(no ultima weapon is needed)
Goofy's Defender
An extremely powerful shield, can be obtained by killing a Defender heartless. (first found in hollow bastion) It has a 0.2% chance of being dropped, so equip Lucky Strike to all party members.
Hades Lord of the Underworld
Hades attacks with a seires of attacks.When he turns red,he uses an attack that makes him go in circles shooting lava out of his hands.He becomes invincable when he uses it.When he's red and he is not using that attack than you can hurt him.When hes blue he only has one attack. Following sore and shooting more lava out of his hands. The only ways to get away from it is to run,or use blizzard on him.Note that you can hurt him when he is using this attack.Hades has another attack.This attack can only be used when he is red. He shoots a ball of fire at you.Thats all his attcks so here is the walkthrou for killing hades.First he starts out blue. It is kind of unusualbecause the bar doesn't move when you hit him.Don't worry.The bar will move after a little bit.Just keep attacking him until the bar moves. After the bar moves for a little bit he turns red and does the invincable move I told you about.Don't worry.All you have to do is hug the edge of the ring.Soon you will find a spot that he cant hurt you.So then just keep attacking him hand dodge his invincable move and you should be fine.
Hercules Glitch
When you reach Hercules in the Hercules Cup, press Start then select Restart. When the match restarts the timer will freeze. This only happens in the Hercules Cup.
How fast you can level up
How fast you level up in the game depends on what you told Wakka, Tidus and Selphie at the very beginning of the game. EG: Afraid of getting old, Want to be strong, Want friendship. Depending on what is displayed after you select the 3 options is how fast you will level up. Heres the list of what is displayed and what happens:
>If you start at dawn: Less EXP will be required to level up UNTIL you reach lvl 40. After lvl 40, more EXP will be required to level up than usual.

>If you start at midday: Normal amount of EXP is required to level up all the way from lvl 1 to lvl 100. This is the most balanced option.

>If you start at dusk: More EXP is required to level up UNTIL you reach lvl 40. After lvl 40, less EXP will required to level up than usual.

How to beat Captain hook easy
When you face the Cap,you know how to fly,so you jump off the ship and press o and wait till Hook jumps off.He can`t fly.So when he relizes he can`t he screams"AHHH,SMEE!" and freazes,its a perfect time to atack.Do this reapeatly utill his meter gone.

ps.Sorry if he didn`t yell"AHHH,SMEE".
How to beat Leon/Squlle and Yuffie in [PEGUSES CUP]
When you start,I recomend you beat Yuffie first.She can throws her discs hard so watch out.If she jumps in the air she`ll throw two discs that go oppisite ways sometimes.After she gone, get rid of Leon,he`s got an atack that can hurt bad.After that you go to the [HERCULES CUP].
How to beat Oggie Boogie 2
First,when you beat Oggie Boogie in his Manor he turns into THE TREE HOUSE OF DARKNESS.Next you go all around him and find theese black orbs they got about as much life as a Shadow.Destroy them all.And last of all is very inportent,Oggie`s got a cage on fire there is two I think,well they got about as much life as a Large body.Destroy those with Dumbo .And after you beat him he disipears compleatly.And where he was you`le find the keyhole to Holloween Town.Horay!
how to beat riku first time
i sugest u have a bunch of elixers u dont need potions. when the fight starts immediatly summon tinker bell. then attack like crazy. at first hes easy but then he gets faster. just make sure u dont die. oh yeah you dont need potions cuz tinker bell gives u life;)
How to beat Sephiroth
All right this is how 2 beat Sephiroth , the most powerfull boss in the entire game.
You'll need the next abilities :

Dodge roll , combo plus (optional), guard (Very important) , aerial combo plus (optional) , glide , sonic (could be useful) , Oblivion or Ultima Keyblade (Very important)and you'll need some Hi-Potions (Very important)

Then u need to be around lvl 65 - 75.
When u start the match he'll slowly walk towards u , keep some distance because he has a very long sword. After u hit him a few times you'll notice his lifebar won't go down , that's because he has like 6 lifebars , but u can only see 5. After some time he'll lose his life. When u take 1 lifebar away he'll run op to you and he'll attack u , keep dodgerolling like mad or else he'll attack u. When u hear him say "Sin Harvest" either immediately run towards him and attack him or select Hi-Potion , because Sin Harvest gives u 1 HP and 0 MP. He'll also do an attack which will make the sky black , and then he'll come with his sword. Immediately guard. After u take about 3.5 lifebars away he'll do Meteor , 6 big meteors will fall down on the ground , when u see him do this immediately jump up and superglide around the field. Then the meteors will go around the field too. You'll always get hit once or twice (try to stay close to the edge of the field) He'll use Meteor only once , but sometimes he'll also use it twice.

If u do all this , he won't be such a hard-to-defeat-boss at all
How to Beat the Rock Titan
MMkay, here's how it breaks down. This is how I beat the rock titan in proud mode. I was at level 60. First thing you do is cast Aeroga on yourself. This is by far the best defense you have against the rock titan, and it absorbs almost every attack he does. Every single time your Aeroga runs out, you'll want to reset it. Be sure you have MP rage and MP haste equipped. Don't wanna' run out of MP now, do you? Now, rocky's gonna stand there for a minute. Lock onto his foot and attack it wildly. After a while, his feet start to hurt and he sits down. Now you can jump on him, and sort of climb him. Make SURE you have Aeroga right now. The rock titan is obviously hungry, and he's going to try and eat you. Lock onto his head and, once again, attack rapidly. After doing this for a bit, you'll be all done ^^
how to get the defenders shield and wizards staff
To get the shield from the defenders you need too keep on killing the defenders until they drop a shield and the same with the wizards staff, keep on killing the wizards until they drop there staff. You may need to seal the key hole in hallow bastin first. as you will proberly know goofy gets he shield and donald gets the staff.
how to level up easily on destiny islands
go to the kid with the ball(wakka) and as you fight him, instead of hitting him, just keep waking his ball back at him. you'll earn about 10-20 exp by the time ou defeat him. hope it helps.
How to REALLY beat Kurt Zisa
After sealing the Hollow Bastion keyhole go to Aladdin's house and make your party members Sora, Goofy, and Aladdin. Equip Sora with the Oblivion Keyblade and give Goofy the Defender Shield. Give everyone all hi potions, including Sora but give him one mega potion. Then talk to Carpet and start the battle. When the battle starts immediately summon Tinker Bell. After this just attack him and try to stay alive. After a while he will cast a spell on you that disables your magic(Tinker Bell can still use magic). You will know when it's happening because you will see a circle forming around your body. Before the spell kicks in cast the magic spell Aero on Sora and Aladdin. Follow these tips and you will beat him fine.

Note: At one point Kurt Zisa will put a shield on his body, to disable it cast Thunder a bunch of times.

Note 2:You will need to use shortcuts alot. Here is a list of spells that should be used as shortcuts and what shortcut should be placed where

Triangle: Areo

Square: Thunder

X: Cure
Infinite Xp. At Destiny Island
A simple task to do, that if done right can give you the 96/97 levels (depending) needed to reach level 99 in a single battle against... Selphie. (Whilst Wakka can be used as well, deflecting his ball is a hit/miss affair in the sense that if it hits him, it CAN end the fight)

If you deflect Selphie's skipping rope, you gain 1xp point every time and it hits her as well. The trick here, is to constantly hit the rope and never hit her. She cannot be defeated by the rope, only the wooden sword (this is why Wakka isn't recommended - either his ball or Sora's Wooden Sword can defeat him). It's not a hard task to accomplish, and when you get bored/reach your wanted level just finish the fight.
Jenie Jafar
When you fight jenie Jafar do NOT I said Do NOT aim for him!Aim for Iogo/the parrot.He is holding the lamp so when you can just keep waking the lamp.This battle is pretty simple if ya know what I mean.
Dalmatian Quest
1,2,3:The seemingly unreachable island across from merlin's house. come here after acquiring the glide ability.
4,5,6:Behind the red trinity in district 1 alley
7,8,9:In the item workshop,above cid's accessory shop.
10,11,12:Hidden in the secret waterway,hidden by a red trinity.

13,14,15n a hih platform in the queen's castle,reachable via the hidden a hidden exit in the lotis forest(above and to the right of the main door)
16,17,18n one of the high platforms in the lotis forest.
19,20,21:In the tea party'll need the high jump ability.
58,59,60:In another nook in the queen's castle (turn the faucet in the bizarre room and enter)

22,23,24:In the blue trinity (go right of the main gate)

25,26,27n the far end of hippo lagoon.
28,29,30:In the vines 2 area (reachable by swinging to the far platforms)
31,32,33:In the blue trinity in the climbing trees area.
34,35,36:In the blue trinity in the camping area.

37,38,39:In a chest in aladdin's house.
46,47,48n a high point in the palace gates area (reach by the hih jump ability)
49,50,51:In the entrance area to the cave of wonders.
52,53,54:Accessible by bounding up a hill of treasure in the treasure room (aladdin must be part of the party).

40,41,42:In the bridge area just before oogie manor.
64,65,66:In a treasure chest in the graveyard (which remains hidden until sora closes the keyhole.
67,68,69:In gulliotine square (pull the bat bellrope on jack's front door and look under the stairs)
70,71,72:In guillotine square (on top of a gray pumpkin.

55,56,57:In chamber 3
73,74,75:Atop a stack of jetsam in the mouth (reachable when the water level drops).
76,77,78:In another part of chamber 3 (try all the entrances).
79,80,81:In chamber 5

43,44,45:In a corner of the clock tower.
82,83,84n a beam in the ships hold (reachable with the glide ability).
85,86,87:a yellow trinity in the ship's hold.
88,89,90:A chest in the captain's cabin (after killing shadow sora).

61,62,63:In the grand hall (reachable the second time you come here).
91,92,93:at the bottom of the rising falls.
94,95,96:Castle gates (use gravity magic on the floating chest).

here's the rewards.

12 puppies: Cura G Gummi Block.
21 puppies:Firage G Gummi Block.
30 pups:Thundara G Gummie Block.
42 pups:Mythril Shard.
51 pups:Torn page,Mithril.
60 pups:Megalixir
72 pupsrichalcum.
81 pups:Ultima G Gummi Block.
90 pups:Ribbon.
99 pupsne of every gummi block and an upgraded aero spell.
Trinity Points.
Blueistrict 1,by the cafe;district 1 by the world gate;district 3,in a corner behind the fountain;by the save point in merlin's house.
Redistrict 1,alleyway;district 2,by the gate that leads to the secret waterway;district 2,at the top of the gizmo shop.
Green:Cid's accessory shop.
White in the secret waterway,near leon.

Blue:Lotis forest,in the grove near the entrance;lotis forest,near the back.
Green:Rabbit hole:near the save point;bizarre room,in the empty fire place.
White:lotis forest,on the other side of the picture in the bizarre room.

Blue:by the world gates,on the left side;By the world gates on the left side.
Green:in front of the world gates.
Yellow:the lobby,in front of the stone block.
White:in front of the world gates.

Blue:in the camping area;On a high platform in the cimbing trees.
Green:in a hidden spot in the treehouse.
White:in the waterfall cavern,in front of the keyhole.

Blue:bazaar,on top of a platform;cave of wonders,in the silent chamber.
Red:cave of wonders,in the treasure room.
Green:storage room.
Yellow:cave of wonders,in the hall.
White:cave of wonders,in the main entrance.

Blue:mouth,on top of a platform;throat,on top of the spiral platform;chamber 5
Green:mouth,on the roof of geppetto's shelter.
White:chamber 6

Red:in the entrance to oggie manor
White:moonlight hill.

White:triton's palace,beneath the purple shell.

Green:ship's cabin,at the enterance to hook's cabin.
Yellow:ship's hold,on a platform half way to the top.
White:up on the deck of the ship.

Blue:great crest,after the largeplatforum battle;hidden in the dungeon.
Greenn the second floor of the library.
Red:entrance hall,second level,in front of the statue.
White:halfway to the top of rising falls.
Jungle king:Clear deep jungle.
Three wishes:Clear agrabah.
Crabclaw: Clear atlantica.
Pumpkin head: Clear halloween town.
Fairy harp:Clear Neverland.
Wishing star:Go back to traverse town after clearing monstro and talk to geppetto at his shop in disrict 1.
Spell binder:See merlin after acquiring fire,thunder and bizzard.
Metal chocobo:Beat cloud in the hercules cup
Olypia:Bit phil,pegasus and hurcules cups.
Divine Rose:Seal hollow bation and see belle in the library.
Oathkeeper:Talk to kiri in the secret waterway after the first trip to hollow bastion.
Oblivion:in the grand hall in the hollow bastion,during the second trip.
Lionheart:beat leon and cloud in the hades cup.
Ultima weapon:Synthesize at the item shop.

Torn Pages
Traverse Town:Rescue 51 dalmatians.
Agrabahark chamberin the cave of wonders
Monstro:Chamber 6
Halloweentown:The bookcase in the doctor's lab.
Atlantica:Ariel's Grotto.
1. climb to the roof of the accessory shop.
2. hit the fan in the item shop.
3. Blue trinity near the item shop.
4.crack open the blue safe in district 1 after finishing the area the first time.
5. jump on the the awning of the shoe store in districe 1
6.After locking the traverse town keyhole,look at the paper on the wall in the item workshop.
7/8Cast Thunder on the wires in district 3,then step on the three buttons in the gizmo shop to set it in motion.Examine the clock wall to get two cards.
9.Also after locking the traverse town keyhole,climb to the top of the gizmo shop and follow the path from roof to roofand take the secret entrance to district 3.there's a postcard in the corner.
10.After clearing monstro,Geppetto sets up shop in district 1. Go and look at a pot on his shelf for the last card.
Secret Bosses
Sephiroth: The Platinum Match at the coliseum becomes available after locking the hollow bastion keyhole.
Ice Titan: The Gold Match at the coliseum shows up after beating the hades cup.
Phantom:Visit the clock tower in Neverland after locking the hollow bastion keyhole.
Kurt Zisa:Talk to the Carpet in aladdin's house after locking the hollow bastion keyhole.
To get a secret endin movie,beat the game with 99 dalmatians,all the keyholes locked in cludin the hundred aker wood,and the hades cup completed.
lady luck keyblade
( got to have white trinity to do this)

go to wonderland and go to tea party garden and go through the door to the house and defeat all the heartless and go to the two lamps and touch them then go to the picture frame and hit examine and go through and do the white trinity sign and you got the lady luck key blade
Level up in a fast manner
Do you level up slowly? Here's an extremeley easy thing to do. If you have a choice of what level/setting you wanna do, then pick the level that is more difficult(the one with the most stars over the title of the place). Do that one first and save the easy one for later. You may pass the hard one with some difficulty, but then you level up after you finish that level by loads, and you can finish the easy level very quickly. This is what I did. I finished the game in under one week on my first try doing this!
Leveling Up
Okay so people are saying do this and that, but what I do is pretty much easy. When you want to level up, go to the Gizmo Shop in Traverse Town and keep beating the heartless. Eventually they will run out, but that's okay.

Go out and on the roof. There will be a bunch of those magic casting heartless that fly. You know, the blue, red, green, and yellow ones. Anyways, beat all of them. They don't give you as much EXP as other heartless do.

Next jump off of the roof and fight all of the heartless on the ground. The fat ones give you a lot of EXP.

To the third district! Just fight to your hearts content!

You can also fight in the Tournaments at the Olympus Coliseum. They level you up fast too.

Seems complicated? Not really. That's what I do. So......bye!
Leveling Up On Destiny Islands
Now, I don't think it takes a genius to figure this out, but the simplest way to level up is to keep fighting Riku. He is the one who generally gives the most EXP, but fighting he others may help too. The main thing about this is that it takes EXTEREME paitence (or at least it did for me). I got to LV. 35 at one point. Hope it woks out!
lvl recommendations for optional boss battles
Kurt Ziza- lvl 70, the easiest optional boss in the game
Phantom- lvl 78 (im lvl 75 and cant kill him)
Sephiroph- lvl 85 youre facing this guy alone too!
Oh yea, one more...
Ice Titan- lvl 70, just as easy as Kurt Ziza
And of course the easy..
Rock Titan- lvl 10 :-)
lvl up speed
@ Beginning on destiny islands when Selphie, Tidus and Wakka ask you questions. The answers you give effect how you quickly you level up.

answer with all top choices = gain levels faster than normal UNTIL level 60. After level 60, levels are gained slower than normal.

answer with all middle choices = gain levels at a normal rate throughout the entire game

answer with all bottom choices = gain levels slower than normal UNTIL level 60. After level 60, levels are gained faster than normal.

Credit to Zippy_Dee for some corrections
Magic Arts
White mushrooms, when one single spell is cast three times on it, will drop a spell art. There are 7 total, and when you get all 7, take them to Merlin for the Dream Shield. (for Goofy)
Plus, when you do one spell three times in a row, It increases the chances of getting Mystery Goo
Make Your Own Platforms in Hallow Bastion
Okay, maybe you have learned this already by yourself, but I only recently discovered it (by accident) a few days ago. In Hallow Bastion there are these bubbles that take you to other areas under the water. Well, get this, these bubbles can be frozen to make temporary platforms to take you to higher areas. This is especially useful to get a hard to reach chest that you find where you first have to call Beast to destory the wall. Freeze the bubble that takes you to the moving walls, and jump on that and then to the ledge. There is a chest there that is impossible to reach otherwise. However there is only a Flare-G in it, so it is hardly worth the trouble, but good to know anyway...
Malificent (dragon) easier way to beat her
If your lazy and you don't want to do that much work beating malificent the dragon. This tip is good for you or anyone else.

Make sure you got potions,or ethers(very important),or other type of potion to cure you and friends when you run out of MP.
To defeat Malificent(dragon)and u don't want to do work just relax. How yu may ask. Got to a place were malificent can't touch you. Then let goofy and donald do all the work. Of course you have to give them health.

Later on when she has a orange or yellow life bar she is going to start throughing fire at you. Make sure to guard.

When she gets in green and has very little haelth you attack.

I hope it works with u all.
While u face Malifiecent as a dragon there should be a lot of thorns on the edge of the arena. When you get critically damaged and you're all out of magic and items you should first lock on to Malificent then get to the highest part of the thorns and then press the triangle button. the party will attack Malificent and if you have the special ability, goofy will eventually give you some magic. Use cure, cura, or curaga then go down and fight. The triangle thing is a standard thing and can be used anytime in battle.
When defeating Melificent/Dragon,it's recomended that you use either your metel chocabo or your olympia keyblade,or your ultima wheapon(if you have it).It's also recomended that when you do,you summon tinker bell(she gives you HP while you fight).Dont move too much!If you have to,try to glide on to her back.When she moves,she sends out waves that DO hurt!
Mystery Goo
Mystery goo is a rare item that can only be gotten from one of the three type of mushrooms. It is needed to make The Ultima weapon, as well as some other items. I would recommend equipping the ability "Lucky Strike" to all of the characters.

It is rare from the black fungus(the one that can become invinsible) to drop a mystery goo, but they do once in a while. Just keep fighting them.

With the rare truffle(the blue jumping one) if you keep them in the air for long enough,(the longer the better) they may drop a few items. If you use the move Ragnarok, and get in the energy releasing portion, then you may get an item.

In my opinion, the easiest mushroom to get a mystery goo from is the white mushroom, since they always drop some item if you match their requests, even if it isn't a mystery goo. If you cast three spells that they are "asking" for, you may get a mystery goo. Here is what their actions mean:
Shivering: Cast Fire
Fanning itself: cast blizzard
Lying on the ground: Cast cure. Select "target" when asked what to cure
A light over its head: cast thunder
Spinning around: cast areo. From the areo menu, select "target"
Stops moving mid-step: cast stop
Floating in the air: cast gravity
If you cast the same spell thrice, the mushroom will drop a "(spell name) arts" item. There also seems to be an increased likeliness of mystery goo being dropped.
Ok their is a secret boss at NEVERLAND and AGRABAD. The one in NEVERLAND is called the phantom and talk to tink in the ship hold (Need peter in party) GO to Clocktower and then to defeat him he has a heart. Red=Fire,Blue=Blizzard, Yellow=Thunder, and White=Attack. Watch out for the Number move on head if this happens lock on to clock and cast a Stop attack should be easy after that.
Post Cards

Here’s a list of the locations of all 10 postcards, and they’re rewards:

1. The fan in the Item shop (attack it) auto lock on something then press R2 till you get on the fan.
2. On the Roof of the Accessory shop
3. 2nd district, on the awning in front of the first shop to the left
4. use blue trinity mark (located in front of the candles)
5. Meet Leon, then open the blue safe in the first district. (behind where Cid stands when he “retires” from the accessory shop)
6 & 7. Cast thunder on exposed wires in the 3rd district, then go into the Gizmo shop
8. after defeating the guard amour, climb the gizmo shop ladder, then start jumping from platform to platform (roofs) and go through the “door” to the third district, the chest is in the corner.
9. use the green trinity mark inside the accessory shop, then check the paper on the wall near the ladder.
10. check the pot on the shelf of Geppeto’s house.

1. cottage
2. mithril shard
3. mega potion
4. mega ether
5. mithril
6. elixir
7. megalixer
8. orichalcum
9. defense up
10. power up
quick drop
If your at top of building in Hollow Bastion and in need of quick healing or need to get to the dungeon lvl of building quick and dont want to wast time running around and getting lost. 2 steps: 1.Find edge or balcony or somthing on the outside of building 2. JUMP!!, normally when you jump youll land safely nxt to save point to heal and gain magic and always it will be @ lowest part of building.
Quick easy way of level up
Once you destroy ansem riku and beat hades cup, you are ready. Do pegases cup and choose the 3rd seed when you choose opponent. There should be 3 fat bandits and 2 large bodies. Once you start fighting, use trinity limit in the middle and should destroy every heartless. When Sora takes the keyblade out of the ground, hit start and restart. Do as many as many times as you want. Be sure to lock the keyhole in hollow bastion.
rare truffle
to get rare truffles to show up go to neverland. while choosing the landing spot choose the cabin. walk out the door there will be a fight now go through the door on thee right. you will see a ladder go up it. no you will be in the capt. quarters fight the heartless and go onto the deck there should be rare truffles

IMPORTANT NOTE: this cheat works about 75% of the time and you must follow those steps exactly if one of the rooms do not match the discription leave neverland and come back agian also if rare truffles arn't there leave and come back and try agian
Rock Titan.
Hades Cup - 1st seed
Rock Titan
Rock Titan

Health: Purple.
Exp: 4000p

Stomp: He will probably use this once in the entire battle, he will
he will lift his foot up and stomp down, this can hurt alot, but it is
pretty easy to dodge.
Head: When you are near his head, he will swing it around in
attempt to hurt you, it does little damage.

First, cast the spell "Aero" on yourself, that way you get
Tech 1p for being near him. Everytime you attack him you also
get another Tech 1p. He is pretty weak, he only has two attacks.
First off, he uses stomp, then, target one of his feet, then attack it,
after awhile he will fall backwards. You must run up his leg and target
his head, then attack! At first you won't do any damage, but after a few hits
he starts to weaken. While attacking his head he will attempt to
use "head" on you. Just keep this cycle of attack up and
he will fall like a rock (get it?). For beating him you get 4000p,
and all the other Tech 1p you got, plus you win the Hades Cup!

Immortal giant in on the
the form of a stone loose again,
crag. He has two courtesy of Hades.
heads, but can
only think with
one at a time.
Defeated once by He shook the scene
Hercules, he's now in "Hercules" (1997).
See Game Status
When you finish the game at Expert mode, you can see your overall game status at the The End screen. In addition, another artwork will replace the other artwork.
When Sephiroth does his ultimate move that leaves you with one health point have a potion on your quick screen and do the potion right after he does his ultimate move. This Tip works for Kingdom hearts,Kingdom hearts remix,Kingdom hearts 2,Kingdom hearts final mix,
Sephiroth battle plan
look I know its almost impossible to beat sephiroth, but theirs a way. I took me many times but I've found a way. when the fights starts he'll come at you. run at him and jump right before he hits you with his sword. you should be able tl get 4 hits the most. after that roll away and repeat. when hes about to use that fire wall technique run. when hes a little low on energy he will start to run at youand try to hit you and then disappear . don't bother trying to hit him just run. then he'll use sin harvest. quickly find him and attack but if you see a halo shape on sora's head run to the corner far away from sephiroth and use an elixer (you'll be needing a lot of them belive me). after that he will use his meteor attack. if you survivr it heal quickly (use curaga or elixers). this is where it gets hard hell start to glow blue and it'll be a long time before getting a good chance to hit him. if you keep getting hit run and heal. keep hitting sephiroth until he dies. This took a very ong time so don't expect to win the first 10 tomes.
I beat him on level 60 but I had to do it on 100 in hard mode. this should work if you keep trying so don't quit Beat Sephiroth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shiitake Rank and Matsutake Rank
Knock a rare truffle in the air for a total of 50-99 times and you get an item called "Shiitake Rank". Knock it in the air for a total of 100 and on to get the item "Matsutake Rank". Use the Aeroga trick to do this easier.
Something That Always Helps Me
Whenever I get stuck on a portion of the game (eg. a boss battle) I walk away from it for a while. You wouldn't think so but it works really well. Then when you come back to it try and go somewhere a little easier and train there for a little while.

Or you could have a seperate file to play whenever you get stuck on the main one.
Sora's Cheer ability
To get Sora's Cheer ability you must: (These are all in 100 Acre Wood)

Poo's Swing: You must get 40 feet or better.

Poo's Muddy Path: You must find all of Poo's friends in under 5:00 minutes.

Tigger's bouncing spot: You must hit 20 apples back to the pot in less then 30 seconds.

Rabbit's House: You must block Tigger and get a score of 150 or better.

Poo's Hunny Tree: You must get a score of 100 licks or better.

Once you do all of that go back to Poo's House and find Owl, he will give you Sora's Cheer ability.
Sora's Weapons
All his weapons, and how to get all of 'em.

Kingdom Key
“the key chain draws out the Keyblade’s true form and power”
Default weapon

Jungle King
Has a long reach, but seldom deals critical blows
ATK 5, STR+2
Lock the Deep Jungle

Three Wishes
“a powerful weapon that is difficult to deflect.”
ATK 6, STR+3
Lock Agrabah

“raises max MP by 1, and enhances magic and summon power. Also deals good physical damage.
ATK 6, STR +3, MP+1
Lock Atlantica

“has a long reach and the ability to deal a string of critical blows.”
ATK 7, STR +4
Lock Halloween Town

Fairy Harp
“Raises max MP by 1, and enhances magic and summon power. Sometimes deals powerful critical blows.”
ATK 8, STR +5, MP +1
Lock Neverland

Wishing Star
“has a short reach, but always finishes up a combo attack with a powerful critical blow”
ATK 5, STR +2
Find in Geppetto’s House in Travers Town

“raises max MP by 2, and significantly enhances magic and summon poer.
ATK 4, STR +1, MP +2
Speak to Merlin after acquiring all first-level magic spells

Metal Chocobo
“possesses incredible power and reach, but reduces max MP by 1. Rarely deals critical blows.”
ATK 10. STR +7, MP -1
Defeat Cloud in the Hercules Cup

“a powerful weapon that is difficult to deflect. Capable of inflicting mighty critical blows.
ATK 9, STR +6
Win the Phil, Pegasus, and Hercules Cups.

“raises max MP by 1 and enhances magic and summon power. Also deals great physical damage.
ATK 10, STR +7, MP +1
Defeat Leon and Cloud in the Hades Cup

Lady Luck
“raises max MP by 2, and significantly enhances magic and summon power. Also inflicts good physical damage.
ATK 8, STR +7, MP +2
Use white trinity mark in wonderland

Divine Rose
“a powerful weapon that is difficult to deflect. Capable of dealing a string of critical blows.
ATK 10, STR +7
Speak to Belle after you release the princesses. (She is found in the Library)

“raises max MP by 1, and enhances magic and summon power. Capable of dealing a string of critical blows.
ATK 9, STR +6, MP +1
Speak to Kairi in the secret waterway of Traverse Town

“possesses colossal power, but reduces max MP by 1.”
ATK 11, STR +8, MP -1
Open chest in Hollow bastion’s Grand hall.

Ultima Weapon
“the ultimate keyblade. Raises max MP by 2, and possesses maximum power and attributes.
ATK 12, STR +9, MP +2
Synthesize at the moogles’ Item Workshop in Traverse Town

The best way to level up
first of all, this takes patience. at the beginning, pick the bottom answer on all three questions so that it says adventure starts at dusk. this means that up through level 40, you will level up slower than average, but after that you will gain levels faster than normal, eventually getting you to level 100 about 71000 experience faster than average, and 107000 faster than the so-called "fast" level gain option. once you pick the dusk option, set aside a lot of time to do this. get into the fight with wakka. lock on and move away. with enough distance, hitting the ball will make it fly over his head accept for if he is penned against the dock and he uses his special attack. when he does his attack that he comes up close and spins back, run up to him and then when he turns back, run away and jump as he spins to avoid getting hit. this method will slowly but surely level you up. get up into the double-digits, and you'll have a good head start on the game. get over 20 and you'll gain levels even faster when you get into the rest of the game.
The Ice Titan
To unlock the Ice TItan battle, you must beat the Hades Cup at Olympus coliseum. After you do this, there will be two sets of question marks under the Hades Cup when you talk to Phil. Select the top one. (For future reference, this will be called the Gold Match)
Fighting the ice titan
The Ice Titan has 5 bars of health.(Purple, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green)
I would recommend equipping the skills Dodge Roll,(optional) guard,(VERY IMPORTANT) Ragnarok,(optional) MP Haste and Rage, and maybe Second Chance.
In your shortcut menu, Have a Fire and a Cure. Do not have an aero, you might accidentally use it.

First things first, run up the stairs on either side of the arena so you are near the top. This will make it so his constant stomping won't get at you. There are a few ways you can hurt him. One is using Fire/a/aga, this is okay, but it is better to save your magic for Cure/a/aga. The best way is to deflect is standard icicle attack back at him using guard.(Note: Do NOT use Aero/ra/ga! Doing so will cause the icicles to become bigger, and not deflectable.)
After hurting him for a while, he will fall over and you can attack his head. You can't actually do much damage to him during this period. I would recommend using Ragnarok though.
Then it's back to the stands. He will have two new attacks now. One lets him make balls of ice form above you and drop. If you are getting too beaten up, Superglide to the other side of the arena. The other lets him breath a bunch of ice at you, freezing the ground. When he starts to do this, it is also good to superglide to the other side of the arena. Keep reflecting the icicles back at him.
After he falls and gets back up again, He will also have an attack where he puts his hands out and makes a blast of cold. This is damaging, so as usual, Superglide to the other side of the arena. Keep hitting the icicles back at him, and eventually you'll win.

You get nothing from defeating the ice titan, except in KH: Final Mix. You get a keyblade called diamond dust in KH: Final Mix. IT gives you a large amount of EXP though.
The Oblivion Keyblade
The oblivion keyblade is one of the best keyblades in the game.
Description: Possesses colossal power, but reduces max MP by 1
Attributes: Attack 11, Strength +8, MP -1

To get it, go to the room in hollow bastion where you battled Riku/Ansem for the second time.(The Solo Sora one) This is the room with the big heartless symbol tthat leads to the "Dark Depths." Anyway, from the portal to the dark depths, go around the wall of the room and you will be able to get onto the arch that you pass under to get to the portal area. Up here is a chest with Oblivion in it.
Tips for Defeating Cloud (Phil Cup/Hercules Cup)
Name: Cloud Strife
HP: 300 (first time), 450 (second time)
Experience gained: 80 (first time), 500 (second time)
Treasure: None (first time), Metal Chocobo [Keyblade] (second time)

His first attack is a normal slash, or a slash combo like Sora's. Attack first to block it, or simply dodge roll to evade it.

His second attack, Sonic Blade (very annoying) is used constantly by him. Prefaced by a "Huh!" sound, he will dash about 8 feet (towards you or your party), and go back and forth continually doing this. Glide away (if you have it, which you should have in the Hercules cup), or dodge roll away. Well-timed jumping works too.

His third attack, Dragon Fang, does the most damage, but is the easiest to evade. The will jump up high into the air, and throw or stab his sword into the ground. Dark colors should surround it, which should hurt you too. Evade it by dodge rolling when he is CLOSE to the ground.

His fourth attack (he will only use this in the Hercules cup) is his most deadly, because it does moderate damage and is very hard to dodge. Well, it's kind of like a flying berserk attack. He will fly around the arena slashing at you with his sword, wildly. Not slowly. Tap the square button like there's no tomorrow (while keeping the analog stick pointed AWAY from Cloud). Also, you should use cure/cura/curaga when he starts to charge this attack (yellow electricity will start to surround him).

He can also block (like Sora), but this usually won't work against a whole combo.

And, you will fight him again (he'll be teamed up with Leon), but that is later on, in the Hades cup.
Tips on beating Ursula
OK, if you are battling Ursula(like I am)I found it is easy to stay alive if you attack here in the back of her head. It gives you enough time to whack out a few bars of health, and you can heal yourself without getting attacked.

Another tip is after she tries to suck you in her mouth, she won't attack for about 5 seconds. I know, I know. Not a lot of time. But it still makes a difference. Happy 'Boss Beating'!
To Gain is to Lose

At the beginning of the game, you take one power and sacrifice another, here’s the stats you receive for gaining and losing the different things.

(keep) (lose) (HP) (MP) (AP) (STR) (DEF)
Sword Shield 18 2 3 6 1
Sword Staff 18 2 1 6 2
Shield Sword 18 2 3 4 4
Shield Staff 18 2 1 5 4
Staff Sword 18 3 3 3 3
Staff Shield 18 3 3 5 1

Now you can choose your own stats <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Tonns of exp. from 'large body'
You will need the 'guard' ability for this:

Find a lot of large body heartless (those fat guys who keep running after you), and when they run after you, use the guard ability! You will gain about 75 exp. each time! Keep repeating this!
Ultima Weapon
Ultima Weapon

Here is the list of items you need for synthesizing Sora’s Ultima Weapon.

Lucid Gem (x5)
Power Gem (x5)
Thunder Gem (x5)
Mystery goo (x3)
Gale (x3)
Ultima Weapon
To collect Soras' ultimate weapon you must first go to Traverse Town. Then head toward the Moogle shop. Then synthesize these items

Lucid Gem* 5 of them
Power Gem* 5 of them
Thunder Gem* 5 of them
Mystery Goo* 3 of them
Gale* 3 of them
Ultima Weapon Key Enemies

Here is the list of key enemies for the ingredients needed for the Ultima Weapon
(hint: equip ‘Lucky Strike’ on all party members)

Lucid Gem- Gargoyles, Wight Knights (Halloween Town)
Power Gem – Pirates, Air Pirates, Battle ships (Neverland)
Thunder Gem - Screw Divers, Aqua Tanks (Atlantica)
Mystery Goo- White Mushrooms
Gale- Angle Star, Invisible (End of the World)
Useful Conversations
After fighting Behemoth you will meet leon and co in the grand hall. sora seals the keyhole and talks to the princesses. Fira will be upgraded to firaga.
Talk to Aerith in the library before boarding you ship. she is standing near the stairs on the lower level and will hand you Ansem's report 2, 4, 6 and 10. if you talk to her sevral times after, Cura will be upgraded to Curaga.
Very Easy exp points
At the beginning of the game when you are on the island and you are at the spot where you can fight the other people. Go to the girl and fight her. now target on her and run around her in circles. Sooner or later she will jump at you. When she does this wait till she lands on the ground and hit x. If you timed it right then you should get one tech point for hitting the rope and another when the rope hits her head. So in other words it should give you 2 tech points. Keep running in circles around her. She should do it again. If she doesn't then she will run at you while swinging the rope in circles. Either dodge it by jumping over her or try and time it right where you deflect it. It's a little bit harder and only gives you 1 tech point so it's your choice. I got over 100 tech points and grew two levels in one battle with her. It also adds up faster than you would think. By the time I reached 100 it was about 2 minutes.
Wall Maneuver (Pooh's Muddy Path)
When playing the "Pooh's Muddy Path" mini-game at the Muddy Path ('Muddy Path' is a page of 100 Acre Wood), you know how you must lead Pooh to the "blue butterfly flowers"{just a nickname}in order for him to reach the next level.. And you know how after he lands upon the immediate second level, you are to jump into that circular well, and the air current blows you onto the ground where stands Pooh?

Well, there is an EASIER and QUICKER way to reach him--a glitch:
Stand directly infront of the wall where Pooh was carried\transported over. Then, normal-jump up (as shared abilities are deactivated while at most of 1AW), and swing your keyblade at your PEAK HEIGHT; doing so should cause you to land barely upon the edge of the ground up here.

Furthermore, you can use this *glitch* to explore the far corners of Muddy Path before you even start the mini-game (or afterwords)!!

Have Fun. ^__^
P.S. Be sure to check out the 100 Acre Wood FAQ (hosted on,, and others) when you get a chance!!
White mushroom Charades
White Mushroom “Charades”

White mushrooms don’t deal any damage, but they do make “funny” gestures. Here’s a table explaining which spell they’re telling you to cast with each different gesture.

Gesture: Spell

Shivers as if cold: Fire
Fans itself as if hot: Blizzard
Light appears overhead: Thunder
Falls on the ground: Cure
Spins in place: Aero
Stops Moving completely: Stop
Floats off the ground: Gravity
White Mushroom Help
Listen! Me and my bro found out everything you need to know about White Mushrooms.First, I'll tell you what to do.
If it's:

on its knees, fanning itself= use blizzard
crossing arms, shivering= use fire
floating(never saw)= use gravity
has a light above it= use thunder
stops moving (only in atlantica)= use stop
on the ground (looks like push-ups)= use cure
spinning(only at halloween town)= use aero
(get to aero quikly, it will ask who to use it on.lock on and then choose target.)

When you use a spell 3 times in a row (or when ever possible),you get (spell name) arts, like fire arts, cure arts, etc. Hand them all in to merlin to get a weapon for donald or goofy ( I forgot which).
White Mushrooms also help get you mystery goo, which is needed 5 or 6 times in synthesis. 3 are for ultima weapon. to get these easily, when you do a spell, hit him when he jumps up and down. Do this only once, so that the last spell will deplete his life. Make sure to ONLY USE ATTACK SPELLS, LIKE FIRE THUNDER OR BLIZZARD!!!!
If you follow these simple instructions, I'm sure you'll have less frustration towards White Mushrooms.
White Mushrooms gestures
If you do one of the below 3 times in a row to a White Mushroom it will drop a Spell Art. Collect all of them to get Goofy's Dream Sheild from Merlin. They also have a chance of dropping the rare item, "Mystery Goo".
Shivers: Fire
Fans itself: Blizzard
Light appears over head: Thunder
Spins: Aero
Falls on the ground: Cure
Stops moving: Stop
Floats off of the ground: Gravity
wonder land boss fight
When you fight the wonder land boss try to stay on the table at all times so when he gets close to the table you can attack him. When he attacks you don't get hurt and when you can you use blizzard or fire on him to help Goofy and Donald.


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An awesome way to level up in Traverse town (Refresh heartless)
In traverse town after completing Wonder land you can head back to traverse town to level up. In traverse town head to the second district, there you can run around the entire place and fight heartless, when no more show up even in the Gizmo shop head to the Hotel. In the hotel you can either use the my cheat from before with the mushrooms or fight through to the Alleyway and fight there, when you finish with the alleyway you can now head back out to the second district, all of the heartless will be refreshed.

Keep doing this and level up fast.

email me if you want to know more about the game.
Easy way to find White Mushrooms in Traverse town
First you will need to complete wonder land for this (That's what i did) then go back to traverse town and head to the hotel. Enter the hotel doors closest to the fountain, fight your way through the Hallway then exit out of the other doors. Enter the Hotel again and enter the Green Room fight the heartless here then head to the Red Room. In the Red Room there should be a group of White Mushrooms waiting for you to help them.

If you keep doing that then you will have tons of "Mystery Goo's"

Look for another glitch of mine to help you out more with this.

Email me if you want to know more about the game.
Infinite XP and munny without lifting a finger
There may be other locations to do this same trick with higher return, but this is an easy one early on in the game.

Go to deep jungle and enter climbing trees area either during the Jane rescue or after, when the area now has infinitely spawning heartless monkeys. Jump up onto the large branch that acts as a bridge to the giant tree in the middle of the area. Walk up and stand as close to the tree as possible.

Now for the best part... Walk away <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Do this before you go to bed at night or before you leave for school. The heartless cannot reach you where you are and donald and goofy will begin an endless battle with the spawning heartless. It will be a slower process as each heartless only gives you 4 XP, but it is an easy way to gain levels while you're away from the game.

Oh yeah, the heartless will also drop a few munnies, so you'll gain that too.

Easter eggs

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Disney Castle?
As soon as you can, go into the Secret Spot on Destiny Islands. If you look at the graffiti (drawings) on the wall, you will notice that the Disney castle is drawn. How? We may never know!


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Synthesis List
Blaze Gem: Fat Bandit, Bandit (Agrabah, Cave of Wonders)

Blaze Shard: Red Nocturne (Monstro and possibly other worlds)

Bright Crystal: Defenders (Various places;

Traverse Town Hotel has 3 in the hallway)

Bright Gem: Search Ghost (Halloween town and other worlds as well)

Bright Shard: Green Requiem (Deep jungle)

Frost Gem: Sea Neons (Atlantica)

Frost Shard: Blue Rhapsody (Wonderland)

Gale: Angel Star, Invisible (End of the world; screen before final rest save point)

Lucid Crystal: Dark Ball (Various worlds )

Lucid Gem: Gargoyle, Wight Knight (Halloween Town)

Lucid Shard: Shadow (Various worlds)
Mysterious Goo: White mushroom(Deep Jungle, in front of tent)

Power Crystal: Wyvern (Various worlds )

Power Gem: Pirate, Air pirate, Battle Ship (Neverland)

Power Shard: Power Wild, Bouncy Wild (Deep Jungle)

Shiny Crystal: Wizard (Various worlds)

Spirit Gem: Air Soldier (Wonderland)

Spirit Shard: Soldier, Large Body (Agrabah)

Thunder Gem: Aqua Tanks, Screwdrivers (Atlantica)

Thunder Shard: Yellow Opera (Wonderland)
Black/Blue Fungus (Various worlds)
All Trinity Mark Locations
Trinity Points are special spots where the three main party members -- Sora, Donald, and Goofy -- can make strange things happen. There are five main types: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, and White, acquired in that order. As with Dalmatians, Trinity Points gradually become accessible as the game goes on. Revisit old areas with these new abilities to pick up hidden items.
Blue: Trinity Jump -- the party hops up somewhere, or calls down an item. Earned after clearing Traverse Town the first time.
Red: Trinity Smash -- the party breaks through a barrier. Earned after clearing the first ring of four worlds.
Green: Trinity Ladder -- the party climbs up to a high place. Earned after clearing Agrabah.
Yellow: Trinity Push -- the party shoves something out of the way. Earned after defeating Hercules in the Colosseum tournament.
White: Trinity Touch -- the party touches weapons, and something appears. Earned after the first battle with Riku in the Hollow Bastion.

~Traverse Town~
Blue: First District, by the cafe; First District, by the world exit; Third District, up in the corner behind the fountain; Merlin's House, by the save point.
Red: First District, alleyway; Second District, by the grate to the Secret Waterway; Second District, atop the Gizmo Shop.
Green: Cid's Accessory Shop.
Yellow: Behind Merlin's House.
White: In the Secret Waterway, by Leon.

Blue: Lotus Forest, in the grove near the entrance; Lotus Forest, farther toward the back.
Green: Rabbit Hole, near the save point; Bizarre Room, in the empty fireplace.
White: Lotus Forest, on the other side of the picture in the Bizarre Room.

~Olympus Coliseum~
Blue: By the gates, on the left side; By the gates, on the right side.
Green: In front of the Coliseum gates.
Yellow: In the lobby, by the stone block.
White: In front of the Coliseum gates.

~Deep Jungle~
Blue: In Jane's Camp; On a high platform in Climbing Trees.
Green: In a hidden spot in the Treehouse -- hunt around carefully.
White: In the Waterfall Cavern, in front of the Keyhole.

Blue: Bazaar, atop a platform; Cave of Wonders, in the Silent Chamber.
Red: Cave of Wonders, in the Treasure Room.
Green: Storage Room, off the Plaza.
Yellow: Cave of Wonders, in the Hall.
White: Cave of Wonders, in the main entrance.

Blue: Mouth, atop a platform; Throat, on one of the spiral platforms; Chamber 5.
Green: Mouth. on the roof of Geppetto's shelter.
White: Chamber 6.

Red: In the entrance to Oogie's Manor, only available before defeating Oogie.
White: Moonlight Hill.

White: Triton's Palace, in the center beneath the purple shell.

Green: Ship's Cabin, at the entrance to Hook's cabin.
Yellow: Ship's Hold, on a platform halfway up to the top.
White: Up on the deck of the ship.

~Hollow Bastion~
Blue: Great Crest, after the large platform battle, hidden in the Dungeon.
Green: On the second floor of the Library.
Red: Entrance Hall, second level, in front of the statue.
White: Halfway to the top of the Rising Falls.
Always respawning White mushrooms
I suggest being over lv 70 for this cheat

The only way to make this cheat work is if you have the hollow bastion key hole sealed so you can unlock the hades cup..

Beat the hades cup so you can have the gold match and the platnum match avaliable..

When you are trying to find white mushrooms and keeping leaving and coming back but they dont seem to ever be there..Just leave and go to the olympus collesium.Fight and beat the ice titan or sephiroth and the next time you go to a place with white mushrooms they will be there..(mabye not the camp in tarzans world)

Try it!
Beating the Phantom in brief
The Phantom is a tough boss but once you have Donald in your party and have Stopra, it's easier than you think.

First of all, when the Phantom casts doom on a party member (He will always go in a formation, 3rd person first, 2nd person, then Sora last), you will have time limit ontop of the character's head, when it reaches zero, that character falls, the only way to stop the doom spell is by casting Stop on teh Big Ben clock.
Don't forget though, the stop spell will break after a certain amount of time, so keep casting stop every now and again on Big Ben, The Phantom has a weak spot, underneath him is a heart, that heart changes color everytime you give damage to him, here is the weakness to each color:
Yellow - Use Thunder
Red - Use Fire
Blue - Use Blizzard
White - Use Normal attacks
the patteren of this color changing is random, normal attacks are the best against him as they deal the most damage, repeat the progress and you will beat him before he can beat you.

Your reward for beating him is a Stop spell upgrade. (If you have stop, it will now be stopra or if you have stopra, it will become stopaga)
Become Practically Invincable *Skill, Patience, and/or Gameshark needed*
Ever want to become almost impossible to beat? With skill and patience or a Gameshark you can!

If you want to become strong before you even leave Destiny Island, train on Riku. Try to get yourself to level 255. It takes a VERY long time, but it's the highest level possible and gets you max HP and MP. It's really easy to beat Heartless, too. Then, a LOT farther in the game, synthesize the Ultima Weapon! Equip it and become ULTRA POWERFUL!!!!!

Okay this is a lot easier. Put in the gameshark, and go to Select Cheats. Select Kingdom Hearts, and make sure all cheats are on. Select Start Game from the Main Menu, and follow the further instructions. When you open your file, Sora will be at lvl 255, and have max HP and MP. He will also have all the spells, without the upgrade. Go to the equipment menu and you will see that he also has all the Keyblades including...... THE ULTIMA WEAPON!! Equip it and you are the most powerful crazy person in all the worlds! Now go kick those baddies butts, you maniac you!
Captain Hook glitch
When your facing capt. Hook start unleashing chain combos on him and make sure your hitting him toward the cannon, once he hits it he gets stuck and no longer can attack you. He is just frozen there.
Clock Tower Items
This can be done after sealing the Neverland keyhole. Go to the clocktower. Every game hour a light will shine over a door on one of the sides of the tower. Go to the door and an item will be there. After every game hour this will happen. These are the items for each hour:

1:00 - Orichalcum
2:00 - Power Up
3:00 - Mythril Shard
4:00 - Power Up
5:00 - AP Up
6:00 - Mythril
7:00 - AP Up
8:00 - Defense Up
9:00 - Orichalcum
10:00 - Defense Up
11:00 - Mythril Shard
12:00 - Megalixer

Note - If you attempt this after Sealing Hollow Bastion, the Phantom will be there and you can't get the items until you beat it.
Dalamtion Locations
Pongo and Perdy's 99 puppies are lost throughout the various worlds, and Sora can earn some valuable rewards by finding all of them. The Dalmatians are located in sets of 3, 33 sets in all, mostly in treasure chests located throughout every world.
When hunting for Dalmatians, remember that some of them require abilities that the party hasn't acquired yet. The quest backtracks through areas like Traverse Town multiple times, so don't go crazy looking for Dalmatians that it seem to be impossible to reach. Chances are, the game will bring Sora back there with the tools necessary to grab those Dalmatians later on.

Traverse Town
1, 2, 3: The seemingly unreachable island across from Merlin's House. Come here after acquiring the Glide ability in Neverland, well into the game. Then it's easy to fly to the island.
4, 5, 6: Behind the Red Trinity in the District 1 alley. Come here after acquiring the Red Trinity ability, once all of the first ring of worlds is cleared.
7, 8, 9: In the Item Workshop, above Cid's Accessory Shop. Reach this by using the Green Trinity in the Shop.
10, 11, 12: Hidden in the Secret Waterway, again blocked by a Red Trinity.

13, 14, 15: On a high platform in the Queen's Castle, reachable via a hidden exit in the Lotus Forest -- above and to the right of the main entrance to the Forest.
16, 17, 18: On one of the high platforms in the Lotus Forest.
19, 20, 21: In the Tea Party Garden. Sora needs the High Jump ability to get here, so come back after completing the Monstro area.
58, 59, 60: In another nook in the Queen's Castle -- turn the faucet in the Bizarre Room and jump in the pot.

Olympus Colosseum
22, 23, 24: In the Blue Trinity to the right of the main gate.

Deep Jungle
25, 26, 27: On the far end of the Hippo Lagoon, easy to reach.
28, 29, 30: In the Vines 2 area, reachable by climbing the ivy in the Hippos' Lagoon and swinging over to the far platform.
31, 32, 33: In the Blue Trinity in the Climbing Trees area.
34, 35, 36: In the Blue Trinity in the Camp area.

37, 38, 39: In a chest in Aladdin's House.
46, 47, 48: On a high point in the Palace Gates area, reachable with the High Jump ability.
49, 50, 51: In the entrance area to the Cave of Wonders.
52, 53, 54: Accessible by bouncing up atop a treasure pile in the Treasure Room -- Aladdin must be in the party.

40, 41, 42: In the Bridge area, just before the entrance to Oogie's Manor.
64, 65, 66: In a treasure chest in the Graveyard, which remains hidden until after Oogie is destroyed and Sora seals the Keyhole.
67, 68, 69: In Guillotine Square -- pull the bellrope at Jack's front door and look below the front stairs.
70, 71, 72: In Guillotine Square, atop the gray pumpkin. You need the Glide ability to float there.

55, 56, 57: In Chamber 3.
73, 74, 75: Atop a stack of jetsam in the Mouth, reachable after the water level drops.
76, 77, 78: In another part of Chamber 3 -- try all the possible entrances.
79, 80, 81: In Chamber 5.

43, 44, 45: In a corner of the Clock Tower.
82, 83, 84: On a beam in the Ship's Hold -- fly there after gaining the flight power.
85, 86, 87: Yellow Trinity in the Ship's Hold.
88, 89, 90: Chest in the Captain's Cabin, after Shadow Sora battle.

Hollow Bastion
61, 62, 63: In the Grand Hall, accessible the second time you visit here.
91, 92, 93: Bottom of the Rising Falls.
94, 95, 96: Castle Gates, cast Gravity on the floating chest.
97, 98, 99: High Tower, cast Gravity on the floating chest.

As the party gathers Dalmatians, go back to Pongo and Perdy's house in Traverse Town to periodically receive rewards. It's also cute to check out the Dalmatians at play, as the house gradually fills up. Here's the reward structure for snagging all the Dalmatians:

12 puppies: Curaga-G Gummi Block
21 puppies: Firaga-G Gummi Block
30 puppies: Thundara-G Gummi Block
42 puppies: Mythril Shard (weak!)
51 puppies: Torn Page, Mythril (sweet!)
60 puppies: Megalixir
72 puppies: Orichalcum
81 puppies: Ultima-G Gummi Block
90 puppies: Ribbon (what is this, Forgotten Worlds?)
99 puppies: One of every Gummi, and an improved Aero spell.
Defeating Sephiroth
Sephiroth is indeed the hardest enemy in the game, so here are a couple of tips to defeat him.

Always stay in the air when attacking him. When you attack him from on the ground, you will be like a sitting duck and he will hit you.

Equip the "Second Chance" Ability. You will need it for when he does his instant K.O move. When he does that, quickly use an Elixer and a couple of Max Potions.

Watch out for his Fire Attack. When you get too close to him, he might unleash that attack. It could seriously hurt you.

Make right timing attacks. What I mean by this is attacking him right when you finishes attacking you. He will be vulnerable for a second.

Don't be fooled! When you start the battle with Sephiroth and when you hit him, it looks like he isn't getting hurt, but secretly after a while, his HP will slowly consume.

Be at a certain level. Don't face Sephiroth too soon! You will get your butt kicked then. Make sure to face Sephiroth at least at level 80. It would be nice if you were at level 100 though, you would beat him easier.

This should make your battle with Sephiroth a lot easier.
Defeating Sephiroth w/o elixers
Okay, everyone knows sephiroth is extremely difficult, and many people need tons of elixers to defeat him. With this strategy, it is unescessary. First of all, you need the superglide and second chance ability. It is recommended you have the Ultima weapon keyblade, but not completely nescessary.

First, equip these abilities:
Strike raid
Combo and Critical Hit+
Second Chance
Dodge roll and/or guard
high jump

Anything else is considered extra, so you don't really need it.

Make sure you have the magics Aeroga and Cura equipped. (I didn't even have Curaga) And make sure you are at level 70 or above.

To start tha battle, immediately jump up and use aeroga from you quick magic select menu. After that. evade as many attacks as possible by jumping when he teleports near you, because he usually won't attack upward, and try to get in either strike raid or a quick combo whenever you can. If you run low on hp, make sure you have high health and then let him hit you. Hopefully your Aeroga status will be on, and the damage will be reduced, but your mp will increase enough for you to heal yourself and have some extra left over.

Whenever you see Sephiroth hover into a corner of the screen and hear him mutter "sin harvest" or anything like it, immediately superglide over to him and attack, because if you don't it's game over unless you can evade everything else he throws at you, which can't really be done.

After you take away a lot of his health (down to yellow or orange) he will start teleporting like mad around the screen and start doing strange jump atacks at you. If you get the chance, use Strike Raid to evade the attacks and cause damage. When he really gets low on health, he'll do a meteor atack, and your best bet is to use dode roll to avoid what you can and try to avaid it, because at the end a larger meteor falls at you, and is almost impossible to avoid.

Sephiroth will continue this pattern and accasionally use sin harvest when his hp is low, so just smash at him with normal attacks and strike raid and you'll be fine.

When the battle is finished, congratulations! you just beat the hardest boss in the game without any items!
Destiny Islands Glitch!
At Destiny Islands at the start of the game, level up until you have Blitz (probably around LV. 18). The quickest way to do this is to fight Tidus 1-on-1 and parry his attacks.

Once you have Blitz, equip it, then go to a tree, lock on to it and attack it. You'll notice your finishing attack is always blocked. However, attack it again immediately after the finishing attack is blocked, and Sora will try Blitz again, and it'll be blocked.

In other words, you do a combo, but the Blitz attack is blocked, and Sora will keep trying to use Blitz, and it keeps getting blocked. And it goes on and on until you stop hammering the X button.
early lv up
at the begining fight wakka
lock on but dont attack
when he throws a ball at you wack it back and your exp will go up quickly
Early xp and unlimited potions
For much easier xp, and a free portion for each victory, fight Riku before you turn in you rope and cloth and logs. If you chose shield (or sword) as strength at creation, and magic as your weakness this should be no trouble. When he stands back and taunts you, hit him 3 times (he'll parry) and then step to the side. He will do a spin attack, missing you, and you can then do a 3 hit combo on him. It is worth 5 xp for defeating him, plus the potion. If you parry an attack of his it is an extra 2 xp. Just remember, if you use your first potion you will need to equip the new ones you won before entering a new fight. after a few tries or levels you won't even use potions and can start letting them stack up.
Easy Level Up
When you're in Halloween Town and you fight the giant Oogie Boogie, you'll notice some fireballs coming right at you. If they hit you the hurt quite a lot, but if you hit them... you get 49-69 Tech Points!
Try to stand in a place that gives you a camera angle that gives you the ability to see the firballs coming at you. This will make it a lot easier to hit them. Repeat this as many times as wanted. This way you can easily gain 10-15 levels.
easy riku win
when the battle begins he will just begin to a attack regularly by just hitting you with his souleater weapon. this does't do so much, but avoid it and attack like crazy. when you've taken out enough hp he will get faster. then he will rush at you with the souleater. it does a-lot so just dodge/jump it and hit him. hit him and he will just attack you basically. i recommend you carry a-lot of potions etc in your stock. but when fighting him put ethers just to keep you healing magic up. repeat this and he will be done in very soon.

this battle isn't different from your first encounter with him, except now he has a keyblade, and his dark aura sleight. he begins by just basically hitting you and jumping a-lot.just attack him.then he will get a little angry and attack by dashing at you. heal after this point cause you'll need it. like i said have ethers and save high potions etc for harder battles. now he gets really mad after so much wiped out hp. now here comes dark aura. jump or dodge roll or you'll get hurt badly. after this move heal and if you are out of ethers big trouble. other than that just keep on following this phase heal when needed and you should win easily.
Expert Mode Extras
Beat the game in Expert Mode and your overall stats will be displayed. Also at the "The End" screen, a different piece of artwork will be shown. If you beat the game and get the secret ending, another new piece of artwork will be shown.
Fast Experience
Towards the later part of the game when you're impatient to get to level 100, there's a way to gain fast EXP. First, unlock the Hades Cup and then finish all the modes for that cup until "Choose Opponent" appears. Choose to fight the Rock Titan over and over. When the battle begins, immediately cast Aeroga. Everytime your wind shield touches an attackable part of the Titan, you'll gain 1 EXP in succession. Then, when you defeat the Titan, you'll gain an additional 4000 EXP.
hidden blueprints
this is how to get the hidden blueprints for Gummi mode:
Geppetto - Defeat parasite cage (2nd battle) inside Monstro, then speak to Geppetto

Cid - Defeat 500 heartless, then speak to Geppetto

Cactuar - defeat 1000 heartless, then speak to Geppetto

Yuffie - defeat 1500 heartless, then speak to Geppetto

Aerith - defeat 3000 heartless, then speak to Geppetto

Leon - defeat 4000 heartless, then speak to Geppetto

Hyperion - defeat 5000 heartless, then speak to Geppetto

Chocobo - visit Geppetto's house 30 times, then talk to Pinocchio

all others - in Gummi mode, there is a 10% chance that the opponents will leave their blueprints behind
How to beat final boss of hollow bastian(not Riku)
first jump on his back then walk up to the horn and keep hitting would also help to use Arcraum.That is how you beat it the easy way.
how to beat Hades
its easy when you start the fight freeze him a few time probobly 3.
when hes red hes more vunrable
but his attackes are more powerful.
and you know how he throws fire out his hands this is where you need glide or SUPERGLIDE.
when he goes "feel the heat"
say hes on the left when he says it go to the right
get it move further away from him using the glide or SUPERGLIDE you dont have to jump just lay there when hes finished doing that ATTACK!!!!
how to defeat rock titan
go on those seats until he lies down.go where his heads are and stay in the middle because he atacs with his head.lock on to one of the heads and keep atacking and try stay on its head when he stands up. if u do put aeroga on your self.
how to weigh sora
in the item shop in district 1 in traverse town in the shop is a set of scales
get sora to stand on it and see how much he weighs you can do the same with donald and goofy but there a lot harder to get on the scales.


1. Kurt Zisa
2. Phantom
3. Sephiroth


To fight Kurt Zisa go to talk to Carpet in Aladdin’s house.
Have Aladdin and Goofy with you. Aladdin is good for attacking and Goofy for healing. Equip your characters (including Sora) with nothing else except a few Ethers & Hi-Potions and Sora a Mega -potion. Also, equip Sora with his rolling technique. Start attacking his hands, one combo, and then move away from Kurt Zisa with your rolling technique. Keep repeating this until you destroy both of his hands and he falls. Then attack his head. After he stands up again, he will allow you to use magic. In this form he floats around the arena and the only way to inflict damage is by casting spells on him. Blizzaga works well or a faster option is to summon Mushu. Note: When he raises his hand, stop. You will have a whirlwind around you. Look well and roll out of it. Also, when he starts to throw fire, run after him and keep casting spells on him. When he falls for the second time, attack his head. You will get him quite angry. Immediately just before he gets up, go to "Magic" and summon Tinker Bell. She will heal your characters and will prevent Sora's death once Keep attacking him as done the first time, but with caution. He is faster and has a new move. He will start to spin around. When he spins horizontally, jump and glide until he passes under you. When he spins vertically, run and roll. He usually always hits you when he rolls horizontally -- keep your potions ready. When he falls down you hit his head again, he will stand up again. Cast spells on him as you did before, but now he has another new move. However, it is quite easy to evade. You will see the sand moving -- keep rolling around and do not stop or the magic balls will hit you until the largest magic ball has gotten out of the sand. Roll around the outer part of the arena. He will fall again. Once again, keep attacking and casting spells on him when required to. If these four attempts are not enough to defeat him, repeat the steps.


Go to Neverland, put Peter Pan on your team, and talk to Tinker Bell in the cabin. She will bring you to Big Ben, where you will meet up with Phantom. You must attack the heart below him. It changes colour. When it is red, attack with Fire; when it is blue, attack with Blizzard; etc. He will cast Death on a character. Use Stop on the hands on the clock or your character will die in 12 seconds, and they cannot be brought back. Being level 70 with a lot of MP is recommended. Note: When the hearts below him are white, use normal attacks.

This will be easier if you are at least at level have Lionheart or Ultima Weapon. First, make sure to have the MP Rage and MP Haste abilities, plenty of Hi-Potions, and some Ethers. Go to Neverland and start from the cabin. Having Donald and Peter Pan in your party is recommended. Peter Pan is stronger and Donald helps with the spell part. Talk to Tinkerbell and she will take you to Big Ben. At the start, he will cast Death on one of your characters. Immediately cast Stopra on the clock. Otherwise, you will lose one character for the rest of the fight. You can only attack when you see a heart below him. A red heart indicates a Firaga attack, blue is Blizzaga, yellow is Thundaga, and white heart is normal physical attacks. Every time he stays still and casts the spell, cast Stopra on the clock again.
Set the following to the Shortcut: Blizzaga, Stopra and Curaga. Reach the Boss and go through the video clip. Having Donald is recommended, as he heals you when you are in danger. When you start out in control of Sora, go straight for the clock with L1 on and set for Stopra. After it starts moving, waste no time in stopping it. You can now concentrate on the Boss. The heart at the bottom of his cloak indicates which attack you should do (red for Fire, blue for Blizzard, yellow for Thunder, and white for attacks). Having it on white is the best, as this is the best thing that you yourself can do. However, if it’s on any magic, you will have to use it or else it will not change. After his heart disappears, he will go near the clock and release a purple thing that will zap your life tremendously. To avoid this, after his heart disappears go to the place underneath the clock, where there is a little roof over your head. This will almost always help you avoid the attack. After he is done with that attack, resume attacking him. The reason why you should have on your Shortcut is because it is the hardest thing to attack him with. About every 45 seconds (if you have Stopra), the clock will start moving again. If you are quick enough, this is two phases of his heart breaking. Just go over and cast Stopra on it again. Continue this strategy until he is defeated.
Choose the ?????? option that Phil gives you at the Coliseum. This will take you to the Platinum match against Sephiroth.
Sephiroth is very difficult. In order to fight him you need to complete the Hercules Cup or lock the Hollow Bastion Keyhole. He is very fast and does a lot of damage. When you hit him, it appears that you are doing no damage, but you are. You need to hit him about twenty times to get his life bar to start moving, and then he will do a finishing move where he disappears. He will appear behind and probably kill you. You need to be at a very high level (about 85) and have the Ultima Weapon.
When you start talking life, he will do Heartless Angel, which lowers your health to 1 and MP a lot 0. Make sure when you hit him you hit with a four hit combo. Four hits will make him teleport behind you and try to slash yo, but it’s easy to dodge. If you only hit him 1-3 hits he will do halo where he makes 3 huge fire pillars appear and you’ll take a bit of damage from it. After his life goes down a bar or two, he will run at you and do a deadly combo. Try to stay away - gliding will not help. When he has one bar remaining, he will glow blue and make blue orbs appear around you. He will then make a group of large blue rocks appear. They will move around the battlefield in a circle, then he casts Meteor. Dodge the boulders by running around them. When he casts Meteor, move to the side of the Arena. If you remain alive after this, continue attacking him. He will do it again. When he is almost dead, he will run around and not stop, becoming very difficult to hit. Hit him a few times to win the battle. He also does Sin Harvest which takes you Hp to 1 and Mp to 0 stop him from casting it by hitting him or using Strike Raid. If you are hit use an Elixir.
kurt zisa
Kurt Zisa; Hard

when the battle begins you will see two of kurts arms with energy orbs, destroy those two arms and get hp. he will spin his arms rapidly with a sword to hurt you. dodge out of it's path. then he'll ram you just to get away from you. when his arms are destroyed he'll tople to the ground. attack his head as many times as you can.
Phase2: this phase is annoying. now you are free from his spell and could use magic cause that is needed in this phase. he now has a shield. hit it with magic to hurt it, or deflect his at him. but avoid his sand twisters and you'll be ok. when his shield is destroyed same thing attack his head.
Phase3; this phase is same as the first except he has a new attack. now no magic in this phase like i said. just destroy his arms. if he moves far from you run like hell. now he is gonna levitate and begin to spin his swords in a whirlwind at you. if you don't move you're in for it.. just dodge and obliderate his arms. attack the head again.
Phase4: another new attack. just avoid it and destroy his shield. his attack is shooting orbs from underground. same thing destroy his shield and attack the head. repeat this for the next two phases heal when necessary and the big weapon of agrabah will be down for the count.
Lots of experience
When you enter the hades cup and are going against the angelwings leave all but one. keep blocking it's blast's back at it. when it gets seriosly hurt you can heal it with any thunder(thunder, thundara, thundaga). Keep doing this for lots of levels. for the tornado's just try and dodge them the best you can. also remember to bring ethers and it has to be just sora otherwise donald and goofy will kill it before you can get anything.
Easy way to beat maleficent is to have donald and beast as party. Cura in your short custom list of magic and that donal is set to advanced magic constantly and beast normal and special attacks are set to constantly.

Now enter the fight. Crap shes fat now, fatty dragon thang. (anyway)

make sure you stay behind her and far away from her.
now just hold back and heal donald or beast when they need it. occasionaly you may want to run up her tail and strike her head. but ONLY OCCASIONALY

I know I know it may take a little longer than expected but if you do it like this then its a sure fire way to win.
Obtain Ultima Weapon
Synthesize all 24 items available initially, then obtain the following items:

Power Gem x5
Lucid Gem x5
Mystery Goo x3
Thunder Gem x5
Gale x3

Where to obtain items:

Power Gem:
Air Pirates, Battleships and Pirates in Neverland

Lucid Gem:
Gargoyles and Wight Knights in Halloween Town

Mystery Goo:
Mushroom family (White Mushroom, Black Fungus, Rare Truffle)

Thunder Gem:
Aquatanks and Screwdivers in Atlantica

Angel Star and Invisibles at End of the World
Shark Attack! Atlantica's Most Mean Fishy Ever
This is quite the bad fishy! The first battle will start when you enter the below deck sunken ship. A small cutscene will show the shark trying to break in. Have no worry, you've seen these movies and he can't get in. Well...

You exit the ship. You will hear the little fight music, and see a little moldish-gray thing quickly swimming around below you. That is
whats-his-name the shark. Then you will feel a vibration and a big BAAMM. The shark has attached you from behind! Well, keep your cool. If you have the Metal Chocobo key, swim to a safe place, equip it, and of course, swim back to the shark. Try to stay near his side or fin on his back. Apparently, you will eventually see him open his mouth wide. Swim away, or rise/lower yourself, for he will bite you and deplete most of your HP. Anyway, go back to him. Keep cautiosly hitting him.

NOTE: Very early in the fight, you will encouter him snarling and lunging back. Immediately swim away or rise above, or he will bite and hurt you badly. If this dows not help, email me at telling your problem. Cheerio, and good luck, everyone!
Sora, Donald, Goofy, Weapon Guide
Sora, Donald, and Goofy acquire new weapons as they go through the game -- Keychains for Sora, Shields for Goofy, and Rods for Donald. Some are acquired as a matter of course, while others are rare and require a little wandering out of the way. Also, periodically go back to the Item Shop in Traverse Town to see the nephews' new stock. Here's where to find what:

Sora -- Keychains
Kingdom Key: Default.
Jungle King: Clear Deep Jungle.
Three Wishes: Clear Agrabah.
Crabclaw: Clear Atlantica.
Pumpkinhead: Clear Halloweentown.
Fairy Harp: Clear Neverland.
Wishing Star: Go back to Traverse Town after clearing Monstro and see Geppetto at his shop in District 1.
Spellbinder: See Merlin after acquiring Fire, Thunder, and Blizzard.
Metal Chocobo: Beat Cloud in the Hercules Cup.
Olympia: Beat Phil, Pegasus, and Hercules Cups.
Divine Rose: Seal Hollow Bastion and see Belle in the Library.
Oathkeeper: Talk to Kairi in the Secret Waterway after the first trip to Hollow Bastion.
Oblivion: In the Grand Hall in Hollow Bastion, during the second trip.
Lionheart: Beat Leon and Cloud in the Hades Cups.
Lady Luck: It is located in Wonderland. Enter the Lotus Forest and and head through the door above the entrance to the tea party garden. In the Bizarre room, defeat the enmies and go inside the painting. Use the white trinity and open the chest. (This tip is submitted by finalfan.)
Ultima Weapon: Synthesize at the Item Shop.

Goofy -- Shields
Knight's Shield: Default.
Stout Shield: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Smasher: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Mythril Shield: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Gigas Fist: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Golem Shield: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Onyx Shield: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Adamant Shield: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Herc's Shield: Beat the Hercules Cup.
Genji Shield: Beat Yuffie in the Hades Cup.
Defender: A rare item dropped by Defenders in Hollow Bastion.
Dream Shield: This can be found after obtaining all seven spell arts items from white mushrooms and then talking to Merlin. (This tip is submitted by finalfan.)
Save the King: Beat the Hades Cup time attack.

Donald -- Rods
Mage's Staff: Default
Morning Star: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Warhammer: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Shooting Star: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Magus Staff: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Silver Mallet: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Grand Mallet: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Wisdom Staff: For sale at the Item Shop in Traverse Town.
Lord Fortune: Get every summon and visit the Fairy Godmother.
Violetta: White Trinity in Olympus Coliseum.
Wizard's Relic: A rare item dropped by Wizards in Hollow Bastion.
Dream Rod: Acquire every spell and visit Merlin.
Save the Queen: Beat the Hades Cup solo.
Special Infromation

Weapon Name: Kingdom Key
Efect: Stringth +4
Description: The key chain attached draws out the keyblade's true form and power.
Location: Destiny Island (Default key chain)

Weapon Name: Jungle King
Effect: Strength + 5
Description: Has long reach but seldom deals critical blows.
Location: Recieve from Tarzan after sealing the keyhole in Deep Jungle.

Weapon Name: Three Wishes
Effect: Strength + 5
Description: A powerful weapon that is difficult to deflect.
Location: Receive this after sealing the keyhole in Agrabah.

Weapon Name: Crabclaw
Effect: Strength + 6; MP + 1
Description: Raises max MP by 1 and enhances magic and summon power. Also deals good physical damage.
Location: Receive from Ariel after sealing the keyhole in Atlantica.

Weapon Name: Pumpkinhead
Effect: Strength + 8
Description: Has long reach plus the ability to deal a string of critical blows.
Location: Receive from Jack after sealing the keyhole in Halloween Town.

Weapon Name: Fairy Harp
Effect: Strength + 7; MP + 1
Description: Raises max MP by 1 and enhances magic and summon power. Sometimes deals powerful critical blows.
Location: Get this after completing Neverland

Weapon Name: Wishing Star
Effect: Strength + 3
Description: Has short reach but always finishes a combo attack with a powerful critical blow.
Location: Get this from a chest in Geppetto's house at Traverse Town.

Weapon Name: Spellbinder
Effect: Strength + 4; MP + 2
Description: Raises max MP by 2 and significantly enhances magic and summon power.
Location: Receive from Merlin in Traverse Town.

Weapon Name: Metal Chocobo
Effect: Strength + 11; MP - 1
Description: Possesses incredible power and reach, but reduces max MP by 1. Rarely deals critical blows.
Location: Defeat Cloud in Hercules Cup.

Weapon Name: Olympia
Effect: Strength + 10
Description: A powerful weapon that is difficult to deflect, capable of inflicting mighty critical blows.
Location: Win Hercules Cup.

Weapon Name: Lionheart
Effect: Strength + 11; MP + 1
Description: Raises max MP by 1 and enhances magic and summon power. Also deals great physical damage
Location: Defeat Cloud and Leon in Hades Cup.

Weapon Name: Divine Rose
Effect: Strength + 10
Description: A powerful weapon that is difficult to deflect. Capable of dealing a string of critical blows.
Location: Receive from Belle at the Hollow Bastion Library.

Weapon Name: Oathkeeper
Effect: Strength + 9; MP + 1
Description: Raises max MP by 1 and enhances magic and summon power. Capable of dealing a string of critical blows.
Location: Receive from Kairi at the Secret Waterway in Traverse Town after your first visit to Hollow Bastion.

Weapon Name: Oblivion
Effect: Strength + 11; MP - 1
Description: Possesses colossal power but reduces max MP by 1.
Location: Get this from a treasure chest at Hollow Bastion Grand Hall.

Weapon Name: Lady Luck
Effect: Strength + 8; MP + 2
Description: Raises max MP by 2, significantly enhances magic and summon power. Also inflicts good physical damage.
Location: Activate white trinity in Lotus Forest. (Go through the painting in Bizzare Room.)

Weapon Name: Ultima Weapon
Effect: Strength + 12; MP + 2
Description: Raises max MP by 2, and possesses maximum power and attributes.
Location: Synthesize at Item Workshop in Traverse Town.


Summons in this game are acquired either by giving summon gems to the Fairy Godmother, or after certain story event. Here's a list of all the summons.

Summon Name: Simba
MP Consumed: 2 MP
Location: Get the Earthshine summon gem from Leon at Traverse Town Secret Waterway Give it to the Fairy Godmother.

Summon Name: Genie
MP Consumed: 2 MP
Location: He joins you upon Aladdin's request after you seal the keyhole in Agrabah.

Summon Name: Bambi
MP Consumed: 1 MP
Location: Complete Pooh's Hunny Tree page in 100 Acre Wood to get the Naturespark gem. Give it to the Fairy Godmother.

Summon Name: Dumbo
MP Consumed: 3 MP
Location: Get the Watergleam gem from a chest Monstro's Mouth. Give it to the Fairy Godmother.

Summon Name: Tinker Bell
MP Consumed: 3 MP
Location: She'll join you upon Peter's request after you seal the keyhole in Neverland.

Summon Name: Mushu
MP Consumed: 3 MP
Location: Beat Dragon Maleficent in Hollow Bastion to get the Fireglow gem. Give it to the Fairy Godmother.


Bright Shard(x2)
Blaze Shard(x2)
Restores party's HP & MP to full.

Blaze Shard(x2)
Frost Shard(x2)
Thunder Shard(x2)
Mythril Shard(x4)
Restores 1 character's HP & MP to full.

Blaze Gem(x1)
Frost Gem(x1)
Thunder Gem(x1)
Mythril Shard(x2)
Restores 30 HP to each party member.

Blaze Gem(x3)
Frost Gem(x3)
Thunder Gem(x3)
Bright Shard(x5)
Bright Crystal(x1)
Restores 3 MP to each party member.

Bright Shard(x5)
Bright Gem(x3)
Bright Crystal(x1)
Shiny Crystal(x1)
Restores party's HP & MP to full.

Spirit Shard(x3)
Spirit Gem(x3)
Raises character's max AP by 1.

Defense Up
Lucid Shard(x5)
Lucid Gem(x3)
Lucid Crystal(x1)
Raises character's max Defense value by 1

Power Up
Power Shard(x5)
Power Gem(x3)
Power Crystal(x1)
Mystery Goo(x1)
Raises character's max Strength value by 1.

Energy Bangle
Power Shard(x2)
Frost Shard(x1)
HP + 3; Def + 1

Power Chain
Spirit Shard(x2)
Power Shard(x2)
Str + 2

Guard Earring
Spirit Shard(x2)
Thunder Shard(x2)
AP + 3; Def + 1

Dark Ring
Lucid Shard(x2)
Bright Shard(x1)
Mythril Shard(x2)
Def + 3; Dark damage -20%

Angel Bangle Bright Gem(x3)
Spirit Shard(x3)
Power Shard(x3)
Def + 2; HP + 6

Magic Armlet
Blaze Shard(x3)
Thunder Shard(x3)
Frost Shard(x3)
Enhances magic & summon power; MP + 1

Golem Chain
Power Gem(x1)
Lucid Gem(x1)
Power Shard(x3)
Def + 1; Str + 3

Master Earring
Lucid Gem(x2)
Spirit Gem(x2)
Lucid Shard(x3)
Def + 2; AP + 4

Gaia Bangle
Power Gem(x3)
Power Shard(x5)
Bright Crystal(x1)
HP + 9; Def + 3

Power Shard(x3)
Power Crystal(x1)
Spirit Shard(x3)
Def +4; HP + 3; Dark damage -20%

Three Stars
Blaze Shard(x3)
Frost Shard(x3)
Thunder Shard(x3)
Shiny Crystal(x1)
Def + 3; Fire, Ice, & lightning elemental damage -20%

Rune Armlet
Frost Gem(x2)
Thunder Gem(x2)
Blaze Gem(x2)
Def + 1; MP + 1

Titan Chain
Spirit Gem(x3)
Spirit Shard(x5)
Lucid Crystal(x1)
Str + 4; Def + 2

Atlas Armlet
Shiny Crystal(x1)
Mystery Goo(x1)
Gale(x1) Def + 2; MP + 2

Crystal Crown
Power Crystal(x3)
Lucid Crystal(x3)
Bright Crystal(x3)
Shiny Crystal(x3)
MP + 1; AP + 3; HP +6; Def + 2; Str + 2. Enhances magic & summon power.

Bright Gem(x5)
Blaze Gem(x5)
Frost Gem(x5)
Thunder Gem(x5)
Def + 3; all elemental damage -20%

Ultima Weapon (Keyblade)
Power Gem(x5)
Lucid Gem(x5)
Mystery Goo(x3)
Thunder Gem(x5)
Str + 12; MP + 2

Special attacks

Sora's special attacks:
Sonic blade: AP: 3
MP: 2
type: stun
Ars Arcanum: AP: 3
MP: 2
type: weapon
Strike raid: AP: 3
MP: 3
type: weapon
Ragnarok: AP: 3
MP: 3
type: weapon
Trinity Limit: AP: 5
MP: 3
type: % attack

Donald's special attacks:
Rod attack: AP: 0
MP: 0
type: weapon
Jump attack: AP: 0
MP: 0
type: weapon
Fire: Ap: 0
MP: 1/2 charge segment
type: magic/fire
Blizzard: AP: 0
MP: 1 charge segment
type: magic/ice
Thunder: AP: 0
MP: 1 MP
type: magic/thunder
Cure: AP: 0
MP: 1 MP
type: magic/heal
Gravity: AP: 0
MP: 1 MP
type: magic/space
Stop: AP: 0
MP: 2 MP
type: magic/time
Aero: AP: 0
MP: 2 MP
type: magic/wind

Goofy's special attacks:
Shield blow: AP: 0
MP: 0
type: weapon
Spin Attack: AP: 0
MP: 0
type: weapon
Aerial blow: AP: 0
MP: 0
type: weapon
Aerial spin: AP: 0
MP: 0
type: weapon
Guard stance: AP: 0
MP: 0
type: weapon
Defence match: AP: 0
MP: 0
type: weapon
Storm attack: AP: 0
MP: 0
type: weapon
Rocket: AP: 1
MP: 1
type: weapon
Charge: AP: 2
MP: 1
type: weapon
Tornado: AP: 2
MP: 1
type: weapon/wind
MP gift: AP: 3
MP: 1
type: magic/support

Sora's Ability's
If you choose the sword:
sword: Lv 9 combo plus 1
Lv 12 vortex
Lv 15 scan
Lv 18 blitz
Lv 21 berserk
Lv 24 counter
Lv 27 air combo 1
Lv 30 aerial sweep
Lv 33 Treasure magnet 1
Lv 36 Guard
Lv 45 MP haste
Lv 48 Critical plus 1
Lv 51 second chance
Lv 57 MP rage
Lv 60 Treasure magnet 2
Lv 63 Jackpot
Lv 66 MP rage 2
LV 69 Lucky strike
Lv 72 Combo plus 2
Lv 75 Air combo 2
Lv 78 Critical plus 2
Lv 84 Combo plus 3
Lv 90 Critical plus 3
Lv 96 combo plus 4

If you choose Shield:
Shield: Lv 9 scan
Lv 12 Treasure magnet 1
Lv 15 MP haste
Lv 18 counter
Lv 21 Critical plus 1
Lv 24 Guard
Lv 27 aerial sweep
Lv 30 Treasure magnet 2
Lv 33 MP rage
Lv 36 berserk
Lv 39 Lucky strike
Lv 48 second chance
Lv 51 MP rage 2
Lv 54 Jackpot
Lv 57 vortex
Lv 60 Air combo 1
Lv 63 blitz
Lv 66 Combo plus 2
LV 69 Critical plus 2
Lv 75 Air combo 2
Lv 78 combo plus 2
Lv 84 combo plus 3
Lv 90 Critical plus 3
Lv 96 Combo plus 4

If you choose Rod:
Rod: Lv 9 Guard
Lv 12 Scan
Lv 15 Lucky strike
Lv 18 second chance
Lv 21 Counter
Lv 24 jackpot
Lv 27 Treasure magnet 1
Lv 33 blitz
Lv 36 MP rage
Lv 39 Treasure magnet 2
Lv 42 combp plus 1
Lv 45 vortex
Lv 48 berserk
Lv 51 critical plus 1
Lv 57 Air combo plus 1
Lv 60 aerial sweep
Lv 63 MP haste
Lv 66 MP rage 2
LV 69 Critical plus 2
Lv 75 combo plus 2
Lv 78 air combo plus 2
Lv 84 combo plus 3
Lv 90 Critical plus 3
Lv 96 Combo plus 4

Donald's abilites

Lv 10: Berserk
Lv 15: MP haste
Lv 20: MP rage
Lv 25: second chance
Lv 30: Treasure magnet 1
Lv 35: second wind
Lv 40: MP rage 2
Lv 45: Treasure magnet 2
Lv 50: Jackpot
Lv 55: Lucky strike

Goofy's abilities:

Lv 9: Rocket
Lv 12: Jackpot
Lv 15: charge
Lv 18: Treasure manet 1
Lv 21: Tornado
Lv 27: Lucky strike
Lv 30: MP gift
Lv 33: Second wind
Lv 36: Second chance
Lv 39: MP rage 1
Lv 42: Treasure magnet 2
Lv 45: MP rage 2
Lv 51: MP haste
Lv 54: berserk

The white mushroom
This mushroom-like creature is not a regular opponent. it does not attack you, instead it makes gestures to you in a silent plea for help. I recommend that you lock on to it to make sure that your spell hit it. you will earn 1 EXP for fulfilling each request. After helping it three times, you will receive further rewards before the white mushroom disappears. it will flee if you use the wrong magic, attack it with a weapon or leave it for too long. here are the request:

Shivers and crosses it's arms: use fire

Fans itself: use blizzard

Hangs its head (a light appears above it): use thunder

Lies down: cure

Floats: Gravity

Stiffens: Stop

Rotates: Aero

if you do the same request three time in a row (e.g. use fire on all the fire requests), instead of 1 EXP at the end and small rewards, it will give you 10 EXP and bigger and better awards.
Unlockable Poast Card/Rewards
There are 10 Postcards in Traverse Town. Collect them all and toss them in the mailbox in District 1 to earn items. Here are the locations:

1. Climb to the roof of the Accessory Shop.

2. Hit the fan in the Item Shop.

3. Blue Trinity near the Item Shop in District 1.

4. Crack open the blue safe in District 1 after finishing the area the first time.

5. Jump up to the awning of the shoe store in District 2.
6. After locking the Traverse Town Keyhole, look at the paper on the wall in the Item Workshop.

7/8. Cast Thunder on the wires in District 3, then step on the three buttons in the Gizmo Shop to set it in motion. Examine the clock on the wall to get two cards.

9. Also after locking the Keyhole, climb to the top of the Gizmo Shop, follow the path from roof to roof, and take the secret entrance to District 3. There's a postcard in the corner there.

10. After clearing Monstro, Geppetto sets up shop in District 1. Go look in a pot on his shelf for the last card.

The rewards from card to card go like this:

1. Cottage
2. Mythril Shard
3. Mega-Potion
4. Mega-Ether
5. Mythril
6. Elixir
7. Megalixir
8. Orichalcum
9. Defense Up
10. Power Up
Unlocking Special Secret
Perform the following:

-Complete Hades Cup
-Find all 99 Dalmatians and receive all awards
-Lock all keyholes (including Hundred Acre Wood and Olympius Coliseum

After performing all three, you can unlock Special Secret "Another Side, Another Story..."
Very Easy Level Up: Destiny Islands
Ok, you have heard this before, first chose the top answers on all three questions. Then fight Tidus on Destiny Isle. When Tidus charges at you, you can deflect his rod and get two tech points, which is better than Wakka since this happens all the time (Unlike Wakka's mega blitz ball) and it won't harm him, so you can do it for long periods of time. I gained five whole levels in one fight till I got bored and killed him. However, like Wakka, you have to time it right. Do it to soon and Tidus will do a flip and hit you with his rod. To late and he will side swipe you, get behind you, and flip smack you again. This is the best way to level up faster in the begining, and will really help you in Expert mode. Once I left Destiny Isle at level 15, and that was on slow level up. I think it may be possible to leave at level 20 on fast level up.
White Mushroom signs
Shivering: Cast Fire
Fanning themselves: Cast Blizzard
Light over their head: Cast Thunder
Floating in the air: Cast Gravity
Spinning around: Cast Aero
Laying on the ground: Cast Cure
Completely motionless: Cast Stop