Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix (Import) Cheats

Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix (Import) cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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How to receive Deep Dive
In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix there is a special secret FMV movie called Another side, Another story [deep dive]. This FMV will allow you to experience great Keyblade action and the partial introduction to new characters and what the sequel to Kingdom Hearts will be like. In order to obtain this you must:

1. Find all 99 Dalmation puppies and return them back to Pongo and Perdita to receive the complete set of gummie blocks.

2. Defeat the Hades cup at Olympus Colisseum

3. Lock every Keyhole in every world (including 100 Acre Wood)

4. Complete Jiminy's Journal.

But be warned that if you choose to play in Easy mode then you will not be able to see Deep Dive. You can only see it when playing in Normal or Proud modes. When you play Normal mode you will have to complete all seen above, but when playing Proud mode you do not have to complete Jiminy's Journal, but that is the only difference when trying to obtain Deep Dive. So when you see it enjoy!

Tip: How to hit Ice Titan
In the Olympus Colosseum there will be an extra match you can participate in after you escape from Hallows Bastion called the Gold Match. Once you enter the ring a short cut-scene will occur and you will be encountered with the Ice Titan enemy from Disney's Hercules. The battle will start off with your foe throwing ice sicles at you in a sort of barrage attack. In order to avoid them from hitting your character go up into the stands and then use the guard ability and the sicles will deflect off of the Keyblade and hit the Ice Titan. After this happens a couple more times the Ice Titan will become dazed and then you will be able to attack it regularly, but it will soon get up so repeat this continually until it is defeated. A long range "Fire" magic attack also works well on the Ice Titan if you haven't received the Guard ability or you forgot to equip it before the battle.


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Defeat Ceberues
To defeat this three headed dog you must hide under it when fireballs are being shot out.While under it,attack parts of it.If done corectly you should see purple and black portals under yourself.Start runing on the bleachers you see and when close,jump on Ceberues and attack it`s heads to defeat the creature.