Kingdom of Paradise review
Kingdom of Paradise...?

The good:

On the start of 2004, Sony released the Sony PSP...

It has proven to have many outstanding features, mp3 playback, umd video, and ...well, "hacked" games for some...But one of the few innovative goals that has failed miserably is the selection of games.

Kingdom of Paradise has been released for some time now, but did it prove to be a good choice?

For those that played Xbox's Jade Empire, you'll see some same concepts.

The story revolves around the times of Samurais and the concept of the country is led by Clans. Uniquely the clan names are named after each elemental god, Seiryu for example, resembles a Water Dragon (In this case, it is lightning)

You are Shinbu, previously a disciple of the Seiryu Clan, but was exiled from his master of his lack of discipline. Although he no longer continued the ways of Seiryu, he continued to learn the ways of his sword.

A few months later, A young girl, Sui Lin, runs into Shinbu and asks him to take her to the exiled Disciple of Seiryu. After taking her, SHinbu reveals that he was the one all along, but he was given tormented news. The Seiryu Clan was suddenly vanquished by an unknown force, not only that but their Clan Sword, the Siryu, was stolen, by suspectedly, the Kirin Clan.

On top of the whole mess, Sui Lin is the last remaining Seiryu Disciple and is now considered the Clan lord, but asks Shinbu to help her. Knowing he needed to help the Seiryu, Shinbu has agreed to travel with Sui Lin onto the journey...

The game system features a third person action like rpg, that puts Shinbu walking around Ouka. You may enter towns and interact with the villagers, either gathering information, purchasing weapons and items, or just staying into the hotel and recover lost strength, and in some cases have special temporarily status upgrades by eating meals.

The next part of the game is the combat system, while you walk around Ouka, you may be unexpectedly intruded by warriors of the Kirin. The game features a Bugei system in which you can set up combos of the specified selection, that is, if you have the bugei scroll available. Later in the game, you can even access a "freestyle" scroll that enables you to set up the scrolls of your choice.

In battle, by pressing the O button, you can start up the combos that are specified of the selection, you can do this by pressing R to see use the different variatons used. Be careful, only 6 bugei techniques can be set up, so choose wisely in your battles.

The reason is that enemies are suspected of different elements of their clans (it isnt always the Kirin Clan that intrudes your battles) and certain properties are either, halved or weak against.
There are 5 elements in total of the different types, Water, lightning, earth, fire, and metal.

Think of as Water against fire, fire against metal, ect. Study the intructions booklet for details as it is very complicated discussed in the game for the common gamer.

Chi Arts is another addition to combat, by holding Square, Shinbu charges the Chi meter and can cast magic. In this moment youre unvulernable to the following hits and massive damage is caused to your foes. The levels can be upgraded by 3 levels the more you use chi arts. You will learn different elemental chi's from the 5 Clans as you progress the game.

The game features WI-FI battles against you and a buddy, and it is merely a battle of bugei scrolls and Chi arts and level experiences is voided. you can battle throughout the different enviroments from the game, but not much was seen. However, you CAN exchange bugei scrolls, incase you want to complete 100% of the scroll collection.

The games scenes feature very well voice acting and incredible sprite details. The soundtrack is not so bad, however, many will loop out and play the same concept on the frequent scenes.

The bad:

One bad flaw is that the game's combat system is badly looked onto offense, rather than defense. Although you can block attacks, this merely is rare, seeing as you cant free block your opponents, and must be "attacked" for this to happen.

The opponents sometimes can surround you and beat the living hell out of you in a matter of seconds. Saving the game is strongly recommended.

An annoying concept is that certain bosses can use Chi arts as well and can canel you out of a combo and innitiate heavy damage on you as well.


The story may be the common "Revenge" taste, but above all the has done a decent job in featuring an action game that many have failed, in load times and bugs. Kingdom of Paradise will guarantee of these problems to happen occassionaly.

If youre not in the walk around, rpg franchise, then this game may not be in the best interest.

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