Kingdom Hearts II Tips

Training Grounds
The drive forms are usually a pain in the ass to level-up, so here's the lowdown of the top three areas (or ways) to level-up each form:

*Valor (striking enemies)
1)World that Never Was (anywhere)
2)Boss battles
3)Underworld (use drive glitch in colisseum, then beat-up on the enemies of the world)

*Wisdom (Defeating heartless)
1)World that Never Was (First two areas - only available until you go past the Brink of Despair)
2)Hollow Bastion (The great maw - plenty of armored knights to beat-up on)
3)Land of dragons (lots of easy Neoshadow enemies)

*Master (Collecting drive orbs)
1)Land of Dragons (Summit, Checkpoint, and Cave - lots of firework carts, and horsemen heartless that drop them things by the dozen)
2)Hollow Bastion (anwhere where you can find the ball-like heartless)
3)Ummm... I guess there is no third

*Final (defeating nobodies)
1) World that Never Was (nobodies are very prominent there, but once nobodies are appearing, the heartless might no longer show up in the first two areas)
2) Twilight Town (Yen Sid's tower - many, many nobodies as you climb the stairs)
3) Twilight Town (Old mansion - at least they're better grouped than Yen Sid's tower, but you won't find as many)