Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Cheats

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Kingdom Hearts Re:coded cheat codes.


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All of the Trophies in the Game
Here are all of the trophies in the whole game, and their requirements Also please note that if you unlock 20 out of the total 30 trophies, you can unlock a hidden ending to the game.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Rare Prize RoundupFind all rare prize blocks in the game.
Lord of LootObtain all enemy drops in all difficulties
Sector SweeperClear all system sectors in the game.
Sultan of SlotFill all slots in the Stat Matrix.
CheaterObtain all 5 cheat tuners.
Champion CollectorAchieve 70% completion rate in Collections.
Avatar CollectorObtain 50% of all unique avatar parts.
Avatar SweeperClear all system sectors in Avatar Mode.
Icer of TitansClear Layer 30 in Olympus Coliseum.
Eliminator's EndDefeat the Eliminator in a system sector.
Twilight TriumphDefeat ??? (Roxas) in Castle Oblivion.
Justice for AllDefeat every type of enemy.
Weapon WizardLevel up all keyblades to max level.
Coverter Lv.100Upgrade any command to level 100.
Converetr CR Lv.100Upgrade any "CR" type command to level 100.
Command MasterUpgrade every command to "CR" status.
Closed BookBeat the game once.
Quest BesterClear all character quests in the game.
Proud AchievementBeat the game on Proud difficulty.
W8 Speed RunnerClear World 8 in 10 minutes or less.
Critical AcclaimBeat the game on Critical difficulty.
Fatal FlawlessClear one world with Sora at 1 HP.
TechnicianBeat the game with Sora level 15 or lower.
W1 Speed RunnerClear World 1 in 5 minutes or less.
W2 Speed RunnerClear World 2 in 15 minutes or less.
W3 Speed RunnerClear World 3 in 15 minutes or less.
W4 Speed RunnerClear World 4 in 10 minutes or less.
W5 Speed RunnerClear World 5 in 15 minutes or less.
W6 Speed RunnerClear World 6 in 15 minutes or less.
W7 Speed RunnerClear World 7 in 30 minutes or less.


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A faster way to level up.
Just connect two CPUs in the stat matrix with blank chips. When the CPUs are connected, the abilities connected to the CPUs will double. when you get a level up chip, place it where the blank chip is. The blank chip will not dissapear, it will stay in your stock of chips and this process can be repeated until all the CPUs are connected to level up chips.