Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories review
Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories

The good:

+ extra cut-scenes
+ castle oblivion hall voice over movies
+ difficulty option
+ more mini-games

The bad:

- a lot of text talking


This game was a remake from the Game Boy Advance game: Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories which was a game that bridged Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2. The story takes place directly after the valley scene in KH, when Sora and his buddies follow Pluto down a winding hill path. Soon they come to a cross road, where Sora makes his first acquaintance with Organization XIII. Following the hooded stranger, he is taken to Castle Oblivion, a place where the rule is: "To find is to lose, and the lose is to find." He explores the castle while looking for his friend Riku.

One of the best things about this game is the Castle hall cut-scenes. Here you can hear the authentic voices for the characters which were once silenced by the Gameboy Advance. Worlds, and all characters and battles are in 3-D and as an addition to the many map cards a few have been added exclusive for this game. One being a "free card" that can be used to unlock any number and color criteria.

Fighting is just like a classic RPG, where there are enemies that pop up, and if you hit them you go to a battle screen. A special addition the Chain of Memories in general (both games) is that you can gain an upper hand by striking them with you keyblade in the map screen.
All battle is done with a deck of cards just like the GBA. Basically you set up a deck to try and make it the best possible, with item cards, attack cards, enemy cards, and magic cards. The cards have numbers on them which tell you how powerful they are. Using your deck in battle is the key to winning the battles; it’s a simple deal out card hit enemy sequence. Some skill is used for using such a fighting technique, like when is the right time to play a 0 card, but in general, it’s easy to use.
The Map/world area, where you walk around in generally consist of basic blocky rooms. A few springs here and there, but it’s really just things to jump on and smash while jumping up the room’s platforms.

While in the map mode, there are doors which are opened with cards that are rewarded to you after beating a battle. Depending on the card, the room will be different. For example, If I had a card that met a color red criteria, and I used the sleeping darkness, the heartless in that room would not move, therefore making it easy to hit them to gain the upper hand in battle. All the cards are different so in turn different things happen.
Moogles, as usual are the shop dealers, use a moogle room map card and you can purchase card packs from the little creatures. Use card packs to build up a better deck for hard bosses, or battles.

Sound quality is generally okay, the talking is all understandable, and the music is crisp and clear.

The biggest negative of this whole game, was that all the talking that happened on the original was not voiced over. All the world characters all used only text talking, which was a huge disappointment. Though it was text talking they did make it a little more worth while when they added a few extra cut-scenes which explained unexplained things in CoM [such as when the King and Riku get the cloaks.

Four new mini-games have also been added to this game for the Hundred Acer Woods world. The games are rather fun, some consisting of floating with a balloon to the top of a hunny tree while trying to find owl. Another one is skydiving, where you have to collect as much hunny as possible, while keeping a hold on Pooh. Then there's one that uses the theme of cards, where you have to smack away bee's as Pooh tries to get his hunny. Overall, all the mini-games were a good addition to this remake.]

Overall, the game had it's good points and bad points, but in general, it was a HUGE disappointment. I would not recommend this game to anyone who would be paying more then 20 dollars for it. (I recommend getting it used at Gamestop or some other place like that.)

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