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Interesting, but somewhat unsatisfying


After their success with the first Kingdom Hearts game, Squaresoft and then eventually Square-Enix worked hard on a sequel, doing whatever they could to improve on the first game. But hold on, what's this second game doing on the Game Boy Advance? For reasons I cannot fathom, Square-Enix saw it fit to have another company – that being Jupiter – develop a game for the handheld that's one part direct sequel and one part spin off. In fact, until Kingdom Hearts 2 came out, we all assumed that it was a spin off game. It's a bit early to be doing spin off games, don't you think? However, it wasn'...


Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories

The good:

+ extra cut-scenes
+ castle oblivion hall voice over movies
+ difficulty option
+ more mini-games

The bad:

- a lot of text talking


This game was a remake from the Game Boy Advance game: Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories which was a game that bridged Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2. The story takes place directly after the valley scene in KH, when Sora and his buddies follow Pluto down a winding hill path. Soon they come to a cross road, where Sora makes his first acquaintance with Organization XIII. Following the hooded stranger, he is taken to Castle Oblivion, a place where the rule is: "To find is to lose, and the lose is to find." He explores the castle while looking for his friend Riku.

One of the best things abo...

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