Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories Code Breaker Codes

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Have all cards (PS2) North America

4060C524 011F0001
02020202 00000000
2060C9A0 00020202

Have All Sleights (PS2) North America

0060D2C1 000000EE
1060D2C2 0000EEEE
4060D2C4 00040001
EEEEEEEE 00000000

Normal Codes (PS2) North America

Enable Code (Must Be On) (GSv3+ / CBv6+ / XPv4+)
903143A0 0C0C5090

Inf HP
20224D48 00000000

Max CP
2060D2A4 0000????
(last four slots are based what you put in)

Max Level
0060D2B4 00000063

Gain ???? Exp per Exp Block Pick up
2022A2E4 08028000
200A0000 2013????
200A0004 0808A8BA
200A0008 8C620314

INF CP (Alows u to put 99 of any card in)
202B5AA0 AE201AEC
201B5B5C 00000000

No EXP gain
0022A2A8 00000001

Have All Attack Cards
4060C524 00780001
08080808 00000000

Have All Magic Cards
4060C704 00500001
08080808 00000000

Have All Item Cards
4060C844 00110001
08080808 00000000
1060C888 00000808

Have All Enemy Cards
4060C984 00070001
08080808 00000000
2060C9A0 00080808

Automatic Sleight (PS2) North America




When you do a sleight, and you have to press Triangle to make the next attack, the above codes automatically press the Triangle button for you, and you don't really have to press it by yourself.
The main purpose of this cheat is to ease the performance of sleights that require to press Triangle to proceed, because if you don't press the Triangle on time, then the sleight cancelled in the middle.

Escape function causes cards to stock and triggers sleights. Not an issue if you stay away from battle arena edges.

In game title quickly start a new game after game boot or (PS2) North America

Here are the codes:


In game title, the X button is pressed automatically to start a new game quickly with:

Game Mode: Standard Mode
Vibration: ON
Audio: Stereo

These codes are for North America Re: Chain of Memories gamers, who likes these settings and they are lazy or don't have patience to start new game whenever after booting the game or "Return to Title".

Lock Target (Focus) automatically against bosses at the start of the battle (PS2) North America

On normal battles, it does this after approximate 10 seconds after the start of the battle:
When the target is locked, some sleights don't miss and don't waste. In the start of the battle you can prepare yourself only on doing any sleight(s) you want without forgetting about locking the target. Also sometimes the enemy attacks and hits you very quickly since the battle starts, and you don't always have enough time to lock the target and does a sleight, before the enemy attacks and hits you.