[edit] Background

Kingdom Heart Re: Chain of Memories is the 2008 remake of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, which was first released in 2004. The game was also developed by Square Enix. However, this version was released as a PlayStation exclusive for the PS2 and PS3.

The basic story for this game is identical to the original game, Sora and his friends are on a mission to find the missing Riku and King Mickey. However, the remake has received many story changes to extend the scenes, change the ending of the game and it also changed some scenes in the game. The general story is still the same and still leads to the same conclusion.

[edit] Gameplay

Combat is one of the most important aspects of the game; it occurs in real-time and uses a card-based battle system where all attacks are activated by playing cards. All dodging and movement can be done freely. Each card is ranked, and Card Points are used to play cards; they can be gained by spending experience points to increase that number, to gain new skills or to gain more maximum health. The card combat system also lets the player perform combos by chaining cards together.

The player can also select what skill tree they want to level into; the player can opt to level into melee based combat or magic.

There are two main screens for the game and combat takes place on the battle screen once the player makes contact with an enemy; this is different to the field map which is where the world exploration takes place. Winning battles will reward the player with Map Cards which determine the properties of a room such as the number of enemies and if it contains a save point.

Once the Sora story mode has been completed, a new story mode will be available to the player called “Reverse/Rebirth” which is focused on Riku. Additionally, there is Link Mode where players can battle each other in PvP combat.

[edit] What's new

The biggest upgrade in the remake is the graphics change; this version of the game is entirely 3D and uses the same style as other games in the series. Battles in the game also use 3D graphics, and there are several battle arenas in each world. In addition to these changes, full motion video has replaced many scenes from the game, and the voice acting has received an overhaul.

Various changes and upgrades have been made to the combat system in the game though the card-based combat system has been relatively unchanged. Riku has received several battle mechanic changes to add a new Duel System and to blend the Reaction Command System in with his abilities; the Reaction Command System was also integrated into Sora's mechanics.

Some new support abilities have been added to the game and can be used in combat; the player is now able to Glide, High Jump and Superglide to reach new areas while in combat.

There are also a variety of other changes made to the game across to change when damage is taken at specific points in the game, to make some boss battle easier and so that the journal keeps track of mini-game scores.

[edit] Features

Card-based combat – Collect card points and battle with strategic card based combat

Create a playstyle – Level into the different skills to create a unique combat style

Map Cards – Earn cards though battles that determine the contents of the room

Two story modes – Complete the main story then follow a unique story based around Riku

Link Mode – Battles other players in online PvP

New combat mechanics – Riku and Sora have had a variety of combat changes to enhance their abilities

Keep track of mini-games – The journal stores all mini-game scores completed throughout the game

New support abilities – Glide to new areas in the battle arena and use other support abilities to reach new tactical points

Overhauled graphics and audio – There are new full motion videos, completely 3D graphics, improved voice overs and new soundtracks

[edit] Players liked

  • Strong story
  • Great graphics
  • Strategic combat

[edit] Players didn't like

  • Lots of grinding
  • Card system can be confusing
  • The card system is especially bad in boss fights

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