Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories review
Kingdom Hearts:Chain of Memories

The good:

New battle system-Cards
Story is good
Variety of attacks you can do with different cards.

The bad:

Hm...I'm not really sure


This game...what can i say it's awesome. I really liked this one much better than the first one.

Storyline: The storyline is basically the same from Kingdom Hearts but with a few additions. You end up in a place called Castle Oblivion and you are forced to go up the castle if you want to look for your friends. Fairly Enough, you encounter the worlds that you went to before but they don't remember you nor you remember them. So basically you're just playing KH all over again. But this time there are different stories. There is a girl that used to live with Sora years ago but she left and he's trying to find her again. Sora is still looking for Riku etc etc.

Gameplay: This is the highlight of the game. The card battle system is just awesome. It keeps you on your toes and you have to strategize and use different card combinations to defeat your enemies. The cards have numbers and if the enemies use an attack that has a card level of 3 then i can break their card and cancel their attack with a 3 or higher card. There is also a combo of sorts in the cards. They are called sleights. Sleights are special abilites or skills that occur when you combine 3 cards. They can be used effectively but there is a catch the first card can't be used again until the battle is over

Graphics/Sounds: The graphics are up to the date with the GBA's capacity. The animations of spells and such are great. The sounds are almost the same as the PS2 versions they are crisp and cleaer and sound as good as ever!

Overall: IF you were a KH fan in the past get this game you will love it. I suggest playing KH first though since it refers to the story in the past from KH often.

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