Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days review
Lawrence Laus's Review that has some Spoilers

The good:

This video game provides fans with the background information of the previously mysterious Roxas and Organization XIII. This game is basically a day to day and week to week summary of what Roxas so people can unfold new parts of the story and cut scenes without having to play for hours, unlike previous games in the series. New Panel System is innovative and allows players to customize Roxas to fit the way they play and fight.

The bad:

SPOILER ALERT. Some cut scenes have glitches and are annoying, such as when Axel and Roxas first meet Xion. Her hood is randomly on and off as the scene changes angles. An annoying part is that every time the three eat ice cream, the ice cream bar always has one bite mark on the same side. Also, Axel always appears on the clock tower and sits down the same way.


The background music is nostalgic and fans of the series may appreciate this, but first time players will find the music nauseating as the DS's speakers do not allow the listener to hear to the different mixes of instruments.

Some missions are somewhat irritable since some objects in the mission cannot be obtained or examined until a certain ability is earned later in the game. This is horrible for people who love to collect every item in the game, since these items are usually very common and should not have been put out of reach like that. Other players view the Panel System differently.

Some feel that the panels are too hard to understand whereas others feel that it is basically the same as the AP system in Kingdom Hearts 2. I feel that the panel system is there so players don't just load up all abilities and have a mess of abilities to deal with in the midst of battles. The same applies to Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, where you pick the combination of cards to fit your fighting style.

The graphics are good in terms of how far the DS's graphics go.

This game can feel a bit repetitive a times, since missions are either to collect hearts, reconnaissance, or defeat a boss. Developers put in Holo-Missions and Challenges to make up for this, but these are kind of stale. They too are repetitive and can be quite difficult at times. Earn lots of munny, finish in record time, earn lots of heart points and don't jump are the requirements in these side missions. The rewards vary from quite useful to utterly useless.

Overall this is a game for fans of the series, who wish to know who exactly Roxas is and how the Organization carried out operations before Kingdom Hearts 2. Not recommended for those who have never played Kingdom Hearts

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Narphinean Jan 6, 10
You state in the 'Bad' section of your review that Xion's hood is randomly shown as being off or on. However, this is explained in the Secret Reports obtained at the end of the game - the changes depicted how different characters perceived Xion. Therefore, her hood is sometimes on (as in, when a character who views her as a puppet is perceiving her) and sometimes off (as in, whenever her friends are perceiving her). This is not a glitch. This also explains why Xigbar saw Ventus rather than Xion before he was struck down by her.
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