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[edit] Background

Kingdom Hearts 358/ 2 days is the fifth addition to the Kingdom Hearts franchise and takes place near the end of the first game; this game is the prequel to Kingdom Hearts II and the story is focused on Roxas before the events of that game. The game follows Roxas as he is inducted into the Organisation and fights to save Sora, the game follows him until the point where Kingdom Hearts II begins.

It was developed and published by Square Enix in 2009 when it was released as a Nintendo DS exclusive.

[edit] Gameplay

Like with other RPGs, the player can customize their character extensively with gear, items, skills and spells which also determine the combat style. The player can opt to level into magic or they can focus more on combat abilities that allow the player to evade and block enemy attacks; the system does not limit the player at any time and the skills can be adjusted at a certain points in the game.

The game uses a Panel System to unlock abilities as the game progresses, it doesn't restrict the player to following a certain path; however some abilities will compliment each other with special bonuses if they are all active. The Panel System cannot be modified during missions but they can be adjusted at any other point in the game.

Combat occurs in real time and the shortcut menu lets players quickly select items and abilities to use mid-battle. Players can use any playstyle they like during combat and performing combos can reward the player with bonus points; enemies in the game are intelligent and use a variety of tactics.

The Limit Breaks feature returns in this game and provides the player with a powerful attack which can help them win a difficult battle; the ability can only be activated once the character's health drops below a specific level and every character has a unique ability. There is also a Final Limit feature that is a stronger version of the Limit Break ability.

Kingdom Hearts 358/ 2 days features a co-op multiplayer; up to four players can be in one instance to play through missions together. Players can take control of any member of the Organisation or one of the secret co-op characters; when not playing co-op for the single player, the player is given AI team mates. There is also a PvP multiplayer mode called “Link Mode” where players can battle to the death.

[edit] What's new

Unlike the previous games in the franchise, the game is split into missions which are set across the 7 different Disney worlds; the player can select which missions they want to take which are story-progression or side quest based.

Some minor changes have been made to the gameplay in Kingdom Hearts 358/ 2 days so that the game only have one status bar, the HP bar. The mana status bar was removed from the game, instead players can equip the spells they want to use from the Panel System. The magic was also adjusted to ensure all variations of the same spell has a unique attack.

[edit] Features

Unique ability system – Level into any ability and playstyle through the Panel System

7 worlds – Fight across 7 different Disney worlds

Smooth combat – Quickly select items and abilities mid-battle with the shortcut menu

Different playstyles – Create a unique playstyle with the Panel System for both magic and melee abilities

Limit Breaks – Change the course of a battle with special abilities that only activate at low health

Co-op – Play with friends and complete the story together

PvP – Battle with others online in Link Mode

[edit] Players liked

  • Unique multiplayer characters
  • Interesting enemies
  • Good music

[edit] Players didn't like

  • Story is dull
  • Slow dialogue
  • Repetitive

This game is also known as Kingudamu Hātsu Surī Faibu Eito Deizu ōbā Tsū in Japan.


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