King of Fighters: Maximum Impact Maniax


King of Fighters: Maximum Impact Maniax review
Mania X-box live

The good:

Previously Released on the PS 2, It was anew King of Fighters that used a 3d engine and introduced a few new characters as well.

As mentioned, a new tournament sponsored by Metatron would want the best fighter to win. For what purpose however? As old friends and foes meet once gain, A new duo of siblings, the Meera brothers steps into the ring, however theyre intentions is deeper than just to win....

The game features single or Traditional Team style Game modes as well as a challenge mode where the player must fight foes in specific tasks to aquire new costumes and stages.

What is specially featured in this installment is that Voice subtitles can now be changed (yay) and the difficulty meters have been notched down.

The sound and music systems also got a few added upgrades to ensure more rythymed tunes while playing as well.

The biggest feature of all is the X-box live support. Players from around the globe can find players and participate in tournaments to become the beter player, with less chances of lag.

The bad:

As mentioned in the PS2 Release, The idea of seeing 2d characters put in 3d is abit vague. Notice how Kyo or Yuri move the exact same positions in previous 2d installments.

Though most of the famous players are good to use. Some are still missing, Vanessa, Andy, or Lei Ling would been good assets.

As the Game features a new combo system, it gets pretty frustrating when an opponent juggles you onto the floor with a 23 hit combo. The Guard system can be useful, however, when taking too much hits, the guard breaks and youll be open to any attack for the next few seconds, use the evasive (X+B) tactics to your advantage.

As much as the stages are nicely soundtracked, most sceneries seem dull or unbiased and could use a desert or a Train.


Though it is Considered for the Hardcore KOF player, the X-Box live support proves to be a close winning bout against DOA Ultimate.

Scheduled games, 94' remixed, NeoWave, and 2002/2003 are scheduled for this year and will all support the Live function.

Don't miss out on this new and unique look of King of fighters!

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