Peter Jackson's King Kong review
King Kong - King of the Jungle!

The good:

Movie Clips
Gripping Game-play

The bad:

Quite Short
Fairly Easy


I really liked this game. Although it doesn't take too long to complete, the game-play is very intense. Comparing it to other titles that have been made after a film, this is absolutely amazing. The only bad thing is that it is also fairly easy. But just because I've said that it is simple, that does not mean that all of the levels are easy. In fact, some of them are very hard!

The graphics are awesome. I can honestly say I've never seen anything like it. New York looks so real that it is unreal! And Skull Island looks superb. If you have seen the film, you will know what I mean. Kong looks just like he does in the film and I don't think there's anything the creator's have missed out on his features. The enemies (V-Rex, Megapedes, etc.) look very impressive. The crew (Ann, Jack, etc.) also look very good and life-like. When playing the game, you will definitely know what you are doing as it is all so clear ,so top marks here.

The sound of the game is just as good too as it is very clear. The dinosaurs sound so good, it's almost as if you was in a scene from Jurassic Park! Kong's roar is definitely alerting as you know when he's about to enter the scene, which is good. Same with the human side of it, instructions are given very clearly and if you miss the key information given you could always talk to them again (it will then be summarised).

The game-play is so gripping, that is part of the reason as to why it feels so short. Don't get me wrong, some of the levels are short, but you feel that you have to play on. It's like reading a book - you find out one thing, so you want to read on to see where it goes. Playing as Kong is exciting too as there are a lot of things he can do from fighting to getting around. Playing as Jack is also fun as it requires some thought and there are quite a few surprises lurking around.

And finally, the movie clips. When playing the game, these were what i looked forward to seeing (as I'd never seen the film before) most. They're so good and help a lot with adding excitement to the game and for seeing what you have to do. You unlock these as you progress through the game.

So overall the game is very, very good in my opinion. It was just a shame that it was generally a short game and some of the missions were fairly simple. But i feel it definitely deserves it mark of 4.7 out of 5. This is a high recommendation of mine.

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