Peter Jackson's King Kong Cheats

Misc Cheats
Go to the Main Menu where it says Play, Options, and Extras. Hold LT, RT, LB, and RB and input DOWN, UP, YELLOW, BLUE, DOWN, DOWN, YELLOW, YELLOW. A new option should appear under Extras labeled Cheat. If you select Cheat, a text window will appear and you can enter these codes:

Invincibility - 8wonder
One-bullet kills(not spears) - GrosBras
999 bullets - KK 999 mun
Thompson(no reload needed) - KKcapone
All extras unlocked - KKmuseum
Sniper Rifle(no reload needed) - KKsn1per
Level select - KKst0ry
Infinite spears(press reload for spear) - lance 1nf