Kinect Joyride

Kinect Joyride Cheats

Kinect Joyride cheats, Achievements, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Strike a Pose (5)Match 100 poses in the Trick activity
Rookie Trickster (25)Play the Trick activity 10 times
Veteran Trickster (50)Play the Trick activity 30 times
Tricky Points (5)Get 300,000 cumulative points in the Trick activity
Doubles Match! (25)Get Flawless on all poses with both players in a two-player Trick activity
Perfect Match! (10)Get Flawless on all poses in the Trick activity
Rookie Stunter (25)Play the Stunt activity 10 times
Veteran Stunter (50)Play the Stunt activity 30 times
High Jumper (5)Get a jump height of 110 meters in the Stunt activity
Superior Stunter (5)Get a score of 1,500,000 points in one round of the Stunt activity
Bonus Collector (25)Hit a total of 5,000 bonus items in the Stunt activity
Bonus Bounty (10)Get seven stunt platinum seals in a round of the Stunt activity
Rookie Dasher (25)Play the Dash activity 10 times
Veteran Dasher (50)Play the Dash activity 30 times
Clean Run (25)Race a clean run in the Dash activity
Double Dragrun (5)Finish a run with a second player in the Dash activity
Dashtardly Good (10)Miss 40 obstacles in a row in the Dash activity
Speed Demon (5)Get a top speed of 220 km/h in the Dash activity
Speedy Assassin (5)Destroy the Boss Statue in fewer than 30 seconds in the Smash activity
Super Smasher (25)Destroy a total of 2,000 mini-Statues in the Smash activity
Smashing Drift (5)Destroy 100 mini-Statues in one drift in the Smash activity
Rookie Smasher (25)Play the Smash activity 10 times
Veteran Smasher (50)Play the Smash activity 30 times
Smash High Score (10)Get 800,000 points in one round of the Smash activity
Race King (10)Get 10 first-place finishes in the Pro or Battle activity in offline play
Rookie Racer (25)Play the Pro or Battle activity 10 times in offline play
Veteran Racer (50)Play the Pro or Battle activity 30 times in offline play
Split Time (5)Race in split screen in the Pro or Battle activity in offline play
Stunt Driver (25)Perform 500 air stunts in the Pro or Battle activity in offline play
Pacifist Champion (5)Win a Battle without using an item in offline play
Airtime King (10)Get 12 seconds of airtime in one go
Head in the Clouds (10)Get 300 seconds of total airtime in offline play
Drift King (10)Drift for 200 meters in one go
Drift the Distance (10)Drift for a total of 5 kilometers in offline play
World Traveler (10)Drive a total of 50 kilometers in offline play
Experienced (10)Play each activity once in solo offline play
Constant Companion (10)Play each activity with a second player in offline play
Can't Get Enough (25)Play each activity 10 times in offline play
Marathon (25)Get behind the wheel for 5 hours in offline play
Been There, Done That (100)Play on all tracks in offline play
Four Times the Fun (10)Sign in four gamer profiles
Learner’s License (10)Complete the tutorial
Test Driver (100)Drive every vehicle style in offline play
Get Connected (10)Play an Xbox LIVE race
Super Marathon (50)Get behind the wheel for 10 hours in offline play
Calorie Score 100 (20)Burn 100 calories.
Calorie Score 200 (20)Burn 200 calories.
Calorie Score 300 (20)Burn 300 calories.
Calorie Score 400 (20)Burn 400 calories.
Calorie Score 500 (20)Burn 500 calories.
Calorie Score 600 (20)Burn 600 calories.
Calorie Score 700 (20)Burn 700 calories.
Calorie Score 800 (20)Burn 800 calories.
Calorie Score 900 (20)Burn 900 calories.
Calorie Score 1000 (25)Burn 1000 calories.
Calorie Score 1200 (25)Burn 1200 calories.
Calorie Score 1400 (25)Burn 1400 calories.
Calorie Score 1600 (25)Burn 1600 calories.
Calorie Score 1800 (25)Burn 1800 calories.
Calorie Score 2000 (50)Burn 2000 calories.
Calorie Score 3000 (50)Burn 3000 calories.
Calorie Score 4000 (50)Burn 4000 calories.
Calorie Score 5000 (50)Burn 5000 calories.
Calorie Score 6000 (50)Burn 6000 calories.
Calorie Score 7000 (50)Burn 7000 calories.
Calorie Score 8000 (50)Burn 8000 calories.
Calorie Score 9000 (50)Burn 9000 calories.
Calorie Score 10,000 (50)Burn 10,000 calories.
High Score in Virtual Smash (20)Get a score of 800 in Virtual Smash
High Score in Light Race (20)Get a score of 500 in Light Race
High Score in Loop-a-Hoop (20)Get a score of 300 in Loop-a-Hoop
High Score in Stack 'Em Up (20)Get a score of 500 in Stack 'Em Up
First Contact (50)Complete Fitness Test & Quiz.
1st full Cardio Boxing class (50)Unlock 1st full Cardio Boxing class.
1st full Zen Class (50)Unlock 1st full Zen Class.
Track your progress online (5)Link your profile on the official website.
Be part of the community (5)Subscribe to an event on the official website.
Ready Steady Go! (5)Create or accept a challenge from a friend on the official website.