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Killzone review
OMG, is that the Jin-Roh? Oh, nope. Just Helghast.

The good:

Pretty damn good graphics for a PS2.
Nice concept and atmosphere.
Awesome guns.
Multiplayer is where the fun is.
Cool character designs. (Helghast)
Enjoyable time killer.
Kickass SFX.
Nice Presentation.
Bot support? OMG!
Cool Box-art.

The bad:

Crapola Frames Per Second.
Guns are unbalanced.
Bugs everywhere.
No melee in multiplayer.
No ladder climbing or vaulting in multi.
Lighting issues.
Motion, there's a lot.


In a nutshell, Killzone is a balls-to-the-wall FPS game. Ironically, it has a bad FPS. Killzone may not be raising the standard very high, but it definitely needs some work. Although Guerilla games have been paid a hefty sum to make this game, it has high production values but the end product is about as good as a poor man's Halo 2.

The game basically revolves around to factions; ISA and the Helghast, fighting for the planet Vekta after they breach the SDs. The plot is fairly generic and the character voices are highly overused. The game's campaign isn't very exciting and the hallways can be dark as hell.

Killzone supports Online multiplayer, and is actually pretty damn cool. Unfortunately, the lag kills all. In the multiplayer, you get a lobby, friend's list, chat features and such but, you have only 8 levels to fight on, each requiring a different technique. Most of the stages play in favor of the ISA team because canonically, they're being assaulted. Some levels are dark and confusing with very little moving room. The lack of stages really hurt the game's online modes. Speaking of which, you get about 6-ish modes, DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch, Domination, Assault, Attack and Defend, and this "Supply" one. Each one being more or less like the last one. Be it killing hordes or taking outposts (think Battlefront). The multiplayer options are pretty bad too, you can't toggle what weapons are on the field or if there are any special effects (camoflague, etc). But, it does have up to 16 players online, but no centralized server, that means bad lag. Offline on the other hand, has up to 14 bots and split-screen, but nothing special here.

In the campaign you get to play as 4 heroes, starting with only one; Jan Templar. You get to play through each character's story which I think is quite tedious... each having they're own assortment of weapons. The levels in the campaign are what you'd expect from any FPS, go from point A to point B and kill everyone in between. Yeah, it's a little shallow but it gets the job done because there is a fair amount of people to kill. The game isn't very long, about 6-8 hours depending on your pace, the cut scenes after them aren't bad, but they aren't thrilling either. Depending on the level you beat, you'll unlock a new character to play as in the campaign. Each character adds about another 6-8 hours. And they all have different guns so some characters story's will be easier than others.

Killzone contains a massive amount of guns and cool sounds. From an explosion to a guy swearing. The voices could've used work and the AI is pretty dumb. The Hard AI is as smart as the Normal level's. Yes, the guns are unbalanced (Helghast get a high mag SMG with Shotgun and the ISA gets an AR with a grenade launcher. High Recoil.) but they're pretty neat. If you actually play through the campaign, you should be a master of the ISA's gun, master the recoil and you're a champ.

It looks great but the FPS and crappy PS2 analogs hinder the game's overall feel. A bit choppy when chucking grenades and when sprinting and the opponent character models are poorly done. Almost as bad looking as GTA 3. The lighting is very damn dark and can seriously get you stuck and/or killed. There is a small choice of maps (only 8) and unfortunately no CTF. The scenery is sex-tastic and the sky is really gritty and cool looking.

Hell, the game gets only average reviews which I think is underrated. The game could use a lot of work on the bugs and glitches and get a couple new maps. The addition of a class system wouldn't be bad since you only get one starting gun for the whole faction. Personally, I think the game wasn't that bad with all it's restrictions and such.

Overall, I think the game is pretty good (With online) but is restricted to only 2 players locally. Now it's only 20 bucks, I say go and buy that mother.

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