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Killzone review
Killzone feels more shoddy than most games out there

The good:

Good amount of weapons
Decent options both in single-player and in multiplayer
Campaign is good enough length

The bad:

Story hardly delivers
Poor enough AI
Lack of colour


Killzone is a first-person shooter developed by Guerilla for the PlayStation 2. This game was hyped very high both by the public and the press. Many people considered that Killzone could be Sony's answer to the Xbox's Halo. But in the end it is a decent enough shooter for the first few levels but after that you realise that this game doesn't have too much special to offer you. It also isn't better than Halo. Not by a bit...

Killzone is a straightforward shooter for the most part. You move from point A to B and shoot any pesky Helghast soldiers who get in your way. You will be able to attack the enemy with a decent arsenal of weapons. You will get the chance to use pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, sub-machine guns, rocket-launchers and so on. While there isn't really anything that stands out as being original or unique, the array of weapons is good enough. The more interesting element of the game is that you will be able to pick a character to play as at the start of each mission. There are four characters, Templar, who is a standard infantry man, Luger, who specialises in stealth, Rico, who has a large chaingun which is very powerful but that makes him slower in combat and finally we have Hakha, the turncoat but all this really means is that he can walk through certain areas without sounding the alarm. The whole character system also changes the way the level is played but only slightly. You will be on an alternate route for a few minutes then you will be on the normal path again. Overall, it is a nice try but it isn't much to get excited about.
The actual gunplay is pretty standard but it's also pretty repetitive after a while. The enemies rarely change their appearance and the environments look really dull and washed out and that looks really bad after a while. The AI as well fails to impress me. They often get stuck or fail to react properly. The Helghast troops basically stand still and fire at you but they sometimes move back when you move closer to them. Whatever. The AI is lacklustre to say the least. The team AI is probably even worse.

The graphics also suffer from a load of problems. First of all, the framerate stutters quite a bit during heated firefights and that gets very annoying after a while. Also, there are clipping issues, blurry texture work and lack of colour as I mentioned earlier. Certain things look better than others like the weapon models but the character models often change from low-res to high-res and other such annoyances.
The sound is overall a bit better. The weapons often sound fairly powerful and the music score does a pretty good job setting the mood and atmosphere. The voices, on the other hand, aren't too bad by themselves but they are really repetitive after a while. You hear the Helghast and your fellow soldiers have their own comments during combat but they get repeated so often and it becomes very very irritating to say the least.

When it comes to the multiplayer, there are quite a lot of options and modes to play around with. You have fairly standard modes to play around like deathmatch and team deathmatch. You can play split-screen but you can also play online and Killzone has a large community so there probably are matches still being played to this day.

At the end of the day, Killzone was really a load shit. It failed in lots of aspects and these were things that should not have been a problem. It was also just being hyped too much for its own good. Most people were expecting something very special but this just isn't.

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