Killzone review
Killing + Zoned areas = Killzone

The good:

Graphics look realistic, as well as the models
Relies heavily on tactics

The bad:

Repetitive at times
All I see is grey and orange. WTF?
The enemies get all the fun
Relies maybe a little too heavily on tactics


After hearing how great it is, I just picked up a copy. I'm glad it was about $28 because this game was very average. The hype was beyond bad, but at least I managed a few hours before the boredom got to me. The level designs are actually a lot like on the warsites but they were very average as in very long but very bad-looking to go through with all this grey, brown and a light bit of orange (the enemies eyes) - in other words, dull color schemes really damper the experience. The boredom/repetitivety usually kicks in after the 3rd level which is when you realise that it's just a boring old war game but this time, the enemies have the most fun while us good guys get absolutely buggered up, only being on foot missions while the enemies have tanks, planes and high-powered turrets or something.

This game was way too much like the Call of Duty series but with even grayer graphics and even more repetitiveness and boredom. The noises from the guns here are at least 3 times louder, the enemies are at least 3 times more annoying, smarter/dumber and cooler looking and this game just needs a bit more gore than it's letting on (it's MA15+ but it feels more like an M15+ game). The swearing appears as often as in Grand Theft Auto games too, but it'd be nice to cut the sailor shit and talk like WWII people instead of WWoWII (World War of Water 2) sailors who have just majored and started swearing thier lungs to death.

In Killzone, killing your enemies will be able to get you more ammo, a different gun (by replacing one of your own like in Call of Duty and Medal of Honor) and/or a Health Pack. You'll also find a new gun (usually a sniper rifle or a rocket launcher) and maybe some Medikits along the way as well. You can even crouch behind some rocks to avoid getting hit (unless the enemy is right next to you or has a rocket launcher and suddenly blows the thing you're protecting yourself with to bits) or if an enemy airplane gets above you and bombs you. Also, unlike in Medal of Honor series where you are agile and can crawl, the Killzone person is slow, always has machine guns (which aren't different I might add) and cannot be assed enough to crawl (and you have to hold the Crouch button to crouch). Also, in CoD and MoH, you usually start with a variety of guns and find new ones along the way. In Killzone, it's just Rocket Launchers, Machine Guns and a Sniper Rifle. The grenades only help by offering a distraction.

Killzone's battle system says itself. Pick up this, look at the cover and you'll know that it's a war game and you need to shoot some enemy forces with a rifle. However, this time, you won't be able to see enemies coming as easily and in smoke, you're a sitting duck ready to die. Yeah, sure, we'll just grenade our way out. WRONG! The game makes it so the grenades aren't set easily and in the fogs, aiming for the enemy is next to hard. Okay, try the gun. You'll only be wasting ammo as your shots would be too random and there's usually a 75% chance you'll miss. Oh, and in case you don't notice, planes usually would take advantage of the smoke and blow you to bits. As far as sniping goes, get ready for a very, very sensitive aiming system for it. Slightly moving the right stick gets your crosshair very far away from where you were first aiming. And while aiming with the sniper rifle, moving the left stick will cause you to not sniper without having to press R3 again. There's quite a lot of lame things going on with this.

For lame? Try the annoying invisible barriers that appear out of nowhere. Seriously, there's a lot of little hills to climb and the game won't let you climb them because of those invisible barriers. There's no excuse these days to keep those annoying little bastards because it's hardly needed. If they were gone, they'd open new paths, new missions and maybe even some more levels that will offer something good like more variety and maybe we'll be on planes and tanks. Another lame thing is the fact that the enemy has fun while we're sitting ducks on someone's fork. The enemies have all this neat shit that can kill us within a blink of an eye. Tanks, planes, the lot that we don't ever use. All we have are crappy machine guns and sniper rifles. The only thing able to destroy the enemies "fun" is with a rocket launcher and even that won't be enough to blow a few tanks up unless you have a lot of ammo. No shit, I am next to annoyed with that. The only other lame thing I noticed was the forbidden law in video games AKA backtracking. So we're done with a few missions, OH DON'T TELL ME, I HAVE TO GO BACK TO WHERE I STARTED TO GET SOMETHING DONE! SCREW THIS! It doesn't happen too often in this game, but it does. I'm not too sure as I have yet to finish this game. The last lame thing I have bothered to notice is that you cannot jump but I don't really care too much for that.

A very dissapointing thing about this is why are the characters so gorgeous looking (through a chick's eye because they're mainly all men) when the level designs are downright shitty? In a war site, you'd expect ditches, bases, cracks, hiding places and such, but instead, you're just around a few buildings or hiding in a ditch for a whole game, staring at the same grey, brown and orange colors.

Don't worry, my friend finished this and he clocked 30 hours, no cheats, no glitches used/found, so you won't need to worry about seeing the same grays/browns/oranges for a while. This game could get rid of some invisible barriers and open us up to a longer game.

However, as long as there's a war theme, lots of gore and swearing and good people graphics are there, you'll probably appreciate this if you tried it as a rental first then buy later if you like it.


Gameplay: 2.
War games really have played better than this. Instead of a variety of weapons and being able to use a tank, we have to be on foot with weapons that are pretty much the same thing with a different color. The controls aren't exactly beginner friendly either. I found myself confused with controls the first time and couldn't find the grenade and better Aim controls. The shooting one was obvious if you've played a lot of FPS games on PS2 which this game didn't do as well. Also, it's linier. You climb a building, kill some enemies, go through some door, kill enemies, explore and kill enemies and such. It has never really worked in any game and this was no exception.

Control: 2.
Did I mention the controls are hard as hell to remember? The camera is First-Person and you have to use the right stick to move it around. The controls are just beyond messed up and usually, you'd find yourself confused with controls to switch guns, throw grenades and such before you get your ass owned by enemies. Then try navigating your way through a shitload of boxes, a sea of enemies and your allies without getting shot. I think the controls need tuning in Killzone 2.

Story: 2.
It's World War II.... AGAIN! It's about some Brazilian guy (if I have Nationality wrong, tell me) who is just recruited in the war and he has to finish a myraid of missions while trying to live in order to achieve this world peace shit that Medal of Honor and Call of Duty and other war games have been doing all the time.

Graphics: 3.
Now, what I can't understand is that the enemies and allies and you look stunning yet the level design is the opposite, which is shit. Too much of the same 3 colors I have mentioned too much about.

Sound: 4.
The sound is quite repetitive, but as long as they're swearing in a war (which they don't need to abuse) and shooting and blowing shit up, it's all cool. However, the only sounds that I really hate are the ones the enemies keep making during fights. I mean, "KILL HIM" is weird the first time, so hearing it another 999 times is rude and repetitive. There's also no music but war games don't need that, now, don't they?...

Lifespan: 2.
This game spanned 30 hours but I got bored of it within 3 hours due to the heavy repetitiveness and the huge boring shit throughout the game. I'd probably figure there's some bonus stuff to unlock, but if you found this boring before making an attempt, then don't bother. It's worthless.

Funfactor: 1.
No shit, I got bored within 3 hours, and with all the lame stuff I had mentioned, I don't think I'll be playing this again.

Bottom Line:

Hype is not good. Stop being forced to buy the stuff your friend keeps telling you to buy. If you are a gamer who hardly plays games or a gamer who likes War games, please, for Christ sake, rent this game and buy if you like it.

This sleeping pill just earned a 2.1/5.0 from the Drug Department (or this game earned a 2.1/5.0 from me).

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