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Killzone review
It's worth 10 bucks. Yep.

The good:

Great graphics considering the PS2 capabilities. Pretty sweet gameplay, fighting alongside teammates and watching them die in front of your eyes could never be so fun. There are some amazing weapons you can use throughout the game which are always a blast. AI of the enemy is great - there actually is some moderate difficulty within the game. The offline multiplayer is alright.

The bad:

The gameplay can get repeditive at times. Shoot at soldiers over and over again. Especially the offline gameplay. It my opinion, there's lots of room for improvement. The teams don't work together, they just follow waypoints and don't act intelligently, like in single player missions. Also, it seems as if there isn't a variety of weapons to use during offline battlefield. Shotgun, standard machine gun you spawn with, occasional grenade launchers, and that's all. Weren't there 27 weapons? The offline multiplayer probably will wear out, and you'll get sick of it.


An overall good game. Though it could use improvement, the graphics are astounding. When you reload a weapon, it looks extremely realistic. It kind of made me want to reload my weapon over and over again =p. Also, the characters within the game are detailed. The sprays of blood from shooting people are fullfilling too. However, the gameplay is not that good. Often, thngs seem to occur over and over again. No strategy and tactics are used by the bots during offline battlefield which made me kind of disappointed. A pretty good game though, since I only got it for 10 bucks at Toys 'R' Us.

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