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Killzone review

The good:

Weapons. Variety of Character types. Campaign. Graphics.

The bad:

No Jumping. Sniper Scope.


Killzone has to be the best first person shooter on PS2, I am a Halo buff myself but thats only for its multiplayer. Since I don't own a Xbox and only get to play when hanging out with friends. But Killzone acts very much like Halo without being a cheap rip off.

First off are the controls they are super similar, with the two joystick config. The only major differences I noticed were, no jumping and slapping people was a little more difficult. Since you have to run up to them, and wait for your little icon to appear then hit the action button. Being able to jump would've been an added improvement, although you could hurdle certain objects with the action button.

There wasn't much story involved in the game, which was a good and bad thing. Basically you are thrown into the fray from the very beginning and you are given a little story throughout the game. They never really give you a concrete reason while you are fighting the Helgast, but they sure did make it fun.

Overall Killzone is a worthy first person shooter and should definitely be given a chance if you enjoy this type of gaming.

Time to Complete: 31 hrs.[On Normal, taking my time]
Fav. Character: Hakha
Fav. Weapon: Helgast Assault Rifle

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