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near great shooter hoist by the PS2’s lackluster technological capabilities


Killzone was one of those games I didn’t quite get when I first played it. It wasn’t like the other shooters I was playing at the time like Serious Sam and Painkiller where you go in and blast everything to kingdom come before they do it to you; it was more like you had to take things slowly and with a more tactical approach while reacting quickly to getting shot at. This is a bit trickier than it sounds since Killzone handles a bit more slowly – or more heavily, I should be saying – than your typical shooter. Basically what I’m trying to say is that Killzone was difficult in a way Serious ...


Not an epic 'Halo Killer', but Killzone certainly slaughters most of the PS2 FPS of it's generation

The good:

> Array of weapons

> Great visuals

> Smart and durable AI for both allies and enemies

> Multiplayer for up to 12 players with the addition of 2 player offline using AI 'bots' to make it a game similiar to online

> Gameplay is simple but still fun and back in 2004 that was all it needed to be

> The story isn't a very original concept but has enough shine to stand out, deliver and keep you going to the ending

> Great sound score

The bad:

> Glitches galore at times

> Unrealistic physics

> No online split screen mode, which seemed like a must if it supported a online like game for two players offline

> Online now at this point is dead and at the time it was active it was littered with cheating and required two updates to correct it



Killzone, developed by Guerilla Games and produced exclusively for the Playstation, was hyped in the mid to late 2003 fiscal year as a 'Halo Killer'. Now many games have gone under that hype, Haze being the latest and Killzone's sequel the newest, and so far on both occasions they failed to live up to it. It is a insane level of hype after all, but nothing spares Haze from being a poor game. However unlike Haze, Killzone was actually a very good game and in the run up to the sequels release in February I decided to buy it for £9.99 at my local game and try it out and due to my expe...


OMG, is that the Jin-Roh? Oh, nope. Just Helghast.

The good:

Pretty damn good graphics for a PS2.
Nice concept and atmosphere.
Awesome guns.
Multiplayer is where the fun is.
Cool character designs. (Helghast)
Enjoyable time killer.
Kickass SFX.
Nice Presentation.
Bot support? OMG!
Cool Box-art.

The bad:

Crapola Frames Per Second.
Guns are unbalanced.
Bugs everywhere.
No melee in multiplayer.
No ladder climbing or vaulting in multi.
Lighting issues.
Motion, there's a lot.


In a nutshell, Killzone is a balls-to-the-wall FPS game. Ironically, it has a bad FPS. Killzone may not be raising the standard very high, but it definitely needs some work. Although Guerilla games have been paid a hefty sum to make this game, it has high production values but the end product is about as good as a poor man's Halo 2.

The game basically revolves around to factions; ISA and the Helghast, fighting for the planet Vekta after they breach the SDs. The plot is fairly generic and the character voices are highly overused. The game's campaign isn't very exciting and the hallways can be...


Killzone feels more shoddy than most games out there

The good:

Good amount of weapons
Decent options both in single-player and in multiplayer
Campaign is good enough length

The bad:

Story hardly delivers
Poor enough AI
Lack of colour


Killzone is a first-person shooter developed by Guerilla for the PlayStation 2. This game was hyped very high both by the public and the press. Many people considered that Killzone could be Sony's answer to the Xbox's Halo. But in the end it is a decent enough shooter for the first few levels but after that you realise that this game doesn't have too much special to offer you. It also isn't better than Halo. Not by a bit...

Killzone is a straightforward shooter for the most part. You move from point A to B and shoot any pesky Helghast soldiers who get in your way. You will be able to attack ...


Killing + Zoned areas = Killzone

The good:

Graphics look realistic, as well as the models
Relies heavily on tactics

The bad:

Repetitive at times
All I see is grey and orange. WTF?
The enemies get all the fun
Relies maybe a little too heavily on tactics


After hearing how great it is, I just picked up a copy. I'm glad it was about $28 because this game was very average. The hype was beyond bad, but at least I managed a few hours before the boredom got to me. The level designs are actually a lot like on the warsites but they were very average as in very long but very bad-looking to go through with all this grey, brown and a light bit of orange (the enemies eyes) - in other words, dull color schemes really damper the experience. The boredom/repetitivety usually kicks in after the 3rd level which is when you realise that it's just a boring old...


It's worth 10 bucks. Yep.

The good:

Great graphics considering the PS2 capabilities. Pretty sweet gameplay, fighting alongside teammates and watching them die in front of your eyes could never be so fun. There are some amazing weapons you can use throughout the game which are always a blast. AI of the enemy is great - there actually is some moderate difficulty within the game. The offline multiplayer is alright.

The bad:

The gameplay can get repeditive at times. Shoot at soldiers over and over again. Especially the offline gameplay. It my opinion, there's lots of room for improvement. The teams don't work together, they just follow waypoints and don't act intelligently, like in single player missions. Also, it seems as if there isn't a variety of weapons to use during offline battlefield. Shotgun, standard machine gun you spawn with, occasional grenade launchers, and that's all. Weren't there 27 weapons? The offline multiplayer probably will wear out, and you'll get sick of it.


An overall good game. Though it could use improvement, the graphics are astounding. When you reload a weapon, it looks extremely realistic. It kind of made me want to reload my weapon over and over again =p. Also, the characters within the game are detailed. The sprays of blood from shooting people are fullfilling too. However, the gameplay is not that good. Often, thngs seem to occur over and over again. No strategy and tactics are used by the bots during offline battlefield which made me kind of disappointed. A pretty good game though, since I only got it for 10 bucks at Toys 'R' Us.

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