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[edit] Background

Developed by Guerrilla, in conjunction with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Sony Computer Entertainment America's Santa Monica Studios, Killzone is a squad-based, first-person shooter, set in the near future during a period of planetary colonization. Drawing inspiration from classical military conflicts of the 20th century, Killzone captures the intense reality of warfare between the ISA Command and a ruthless, militaristic separatist faction called the Helghast.

Featuring four playable characters, Killzone provides several gameplay modes including single-player, multiplayer (team based and competitive) and online play for up to 12 players. Players can equip themselves with an armory of more than 27 different weapons inspired from today's modern weaponry. In particular, there are 21 first-person weapons that the player can carry, five emplaced weapons, and hand grenades. More than 11 intricately detailed environments showcase the harsh setting of a war-ridden planet, coupled with a unique graphical style designed to capture the grit and realism of intense military engagements.

For years, the success of planetary colonization has resulted in several planets to become inhabited by humans. While the majority of colonies have aligned to form the ISA, the Helghast, a ruthless, militaristic separatist faction have distanced themselves secretly planning to scale an all out war.

[edit] Gameplay

Killzone takes place during the initial Helghast blitzkrieg of the nearby colony of Vecta. As Vecta City's orbital defenses mysteriously fail, the Helghast have been able to land and deploy their troops rapidly and with ease. As the planetary defense forces become overrun and scattered into the city, the initial objective as an ISA member is to escort a high-ranking official to an evacuation point.

[edit] Features

  • Killzone is the premier first-person shooter, available exclusively for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system.
  • Killzone is an epic conflict, set in the near future, between an elite squad of human ISA forces versus the invasion of the Helghast.
  • Killzone features a unique graphical style to capture the grit and realism of intense military engagements.
  • Killzone is inspired by the classical military engagements of human history (ex: trench battles of WWI, city sieges of WWII and guerilla warfare in the jungles of Vietnam).
  • Killzone is an immersive cinematic experience integrated into several gameplay modes featuring single player, multiplayer (team-based and competitive) and online.
  • Online broadband gameplay supports up to 12 players coupled with voice-chat technology via the USB Headset (for PlayStation 2).
  • Players can select between four characters; each with special abilities and weaponry to accommodate their playing style - sneak through jungles or blast through alleyways.
  • Killzone features 11 intricately detailed environments that showcase the harsh setting of a war-ridden planet.
  • Players can equip themselves with an armory of 27 different weapons influenced by today's modern military equipment* *Weapons include 21 first-person weapons that the player can carry, five emplaced weapons, and hand grenades.
  • Highly-advanced artificial intelligence - Helghast enemies calculate threats, maintain squad directives and adhere to self-preservation tactics to determine a unique course of action.
  • Killzone features an original score performed by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus.

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Killzone Trilogy will only be available at one retailer in the UK

GAME grabs exclusive rights to collection

Oct 08, 2012, by Zak Islam | 4 comments
Killzone Trilogy coming next month, includes Killzone HD

A good excuse to play the original again

Sep 06, 2012, by Sean Ridgeley | 3 comments
Killzone Trilogy listed, priced and dated on Amazon France

Will apparently launch during closing stages of October this year

Aug 31, 2012, by Zak Islam | 2 comments

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Freewind Rider
Feb 21, 16 4:43pm

Killzone was one of those games I didn’t quite get when I first played it. It wasn’t like the...

Nov 16, 10 1:49pm
hi ppl ive just completed it Killzone
Sep 3, 10 2:20am
really good to play enjoyed it Killzone
Aug 22, 10 4:36pm
i like this game but it's hard to aim and if someone important on your team dies, you can't go on with the story. If you ask me i would... Killzone
Dec 14, 09 1:22am
loved killzone from the first time i picked the controller up to when i last put it down, need a ps3! Killzone
May 12, 09 11:24pm
AWESOME! Killzone
Apr 17, 09 12:56pm
...haven't passed the 1st level yet Killzone
Mar 17, 09 6:18pm
a high quality game, it's adviced to play this one before KZ2 Killzone
Feb 26, 09 2:41pm
This is a really good shooting game. Killzone
Feb 1, 09 8:27am
Quite fun. Not exactly Halo killer though. Killzone
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