Disney's Kim Possible: Revenge of Monkey Fist FAQ/Walkthrough Final
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: : : : Disney's Kim Possible: Revenge of Monkey Fist FAQ/Walkthrough

Disney's Kim Possible: Revenge of Monkey Fist FAQ/Walkthrough

by BurningFox   Updated to vFinal on
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                                                       Revenge of Monkey Fist
                                                FAQ/Walkthrough Version Final
                                        By BurningFox (Pikminworrior@aol.com)

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                              Table of Contents
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1) Introduction
2) Storyline
3) Controls
4) Level Passwords
5) Walkthrough
6) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
7) Legal Junk
8) Thanks
9) Version History

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Welcome to my FAQ for Kim Possible: Revenge of Monkey Fist for the Game Boy 
Advance entertainment handheld console. Throughout this FAQ you will find 
advice, strategies, and answers to your questions about this game. If for 
some reason you cannot find the answer to your question E-mail me at the 
E-mail address below the ASCII Art logo. This game way rather short and easy
to me, but none the less it was enjoyable. If you're a fan of the TV Show and
have $19.99 you may want to consider picking it up, it isn't terribly bad. 
Anyway chances are the people that are reading this are young children or 
parents so I won't make any jokes or rants in this document.

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Kim Possible: Revenge of Monkey Fist is based off the Disney TV Show Kim 
Possible. In the game you play as Teen-Hero Kim Possible through 8 stages 
trying to save Ron and stop Bad Guys. The game tries to blend several 
episodes of the TV Show like 'Return to Camp Wannabe' and the "Monkey Fist"
episodes. Because of the show not being like Dragon Ball Z where it continues
the storyline is a little messed up. Anyway, the general plot of the game is
to get Ron back and stop the Bad Guys. Your Computer genius friend Wade also
helps out by finding information and giving you hints. The story is pretty 
lack-luster, but it doesn't really matter in this type of game. If you're a 
die-hard fan of the series or a liker of Cartoonish games then pick up the 
game. It's your average Disney or Nick. game with a few twists and nice 
moves. As stated in the FAQ it's only $19.99 so it's not too hard on the 
pocket books.

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(for those of you without an instruction booklet)

Basic Controls
A Button:             Jump
B Button:             Punch
L Button:             Use Gadget
R Button:             SummerSault When Running
+ Pad:                Move
Start:                Go to Menu
Select:               Talk to Wade (only when communicator comes up)

Combo Moves

Drop Kick:            Jump up and while you're still in midair press the B 
                      button to attack and Kim will do a mid air-kick (a drop

Super Backflip Jump:  First start running, after a few seconds do a 
                      summersault. When you're about to exit the summersault
                      jump and Kim will do a backflip super jump :).

Cannonball Roll:      Start running, then do a summersault. When you're about
                      to exit the summersault press the B button and Kim will
                      crawl up into a call and roll :).

Wall Jumping:         Jump up against a wall and press A. You will jump off 
                      the wall preforming a second jump. You can do this 
                      several times as long as there is two walls.

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                               Level Passwords
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Because this game does NOT have a save feature they added the old school way
of picking up your progress Passwords! In this section I will give you the 
password to access each stage. 

Rufus, Wade, Kim, Shego, Kim, Kim, Kim 

Ron, Drakken, Kim, Drakken, Shego, Monkey Fist, Kim 

Rufus, Drakken, Kim, Shego, Drakken, Monkey Fist, Kim 

Kim, Wade, Monkey Fist, Wade, Shego, Monkey Fist, Kim 

Rufus, Wade, Monkey Fist, Wade, Drakken, Kim, Kim 

Kim, Drakken, Monkey Fist, Wade, Sheigo, Monkey Fist, Kim

Guard, Monkey Fist, Monkey Fist, Guard, Drakken, Kim, Kim

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= Stage One: Downtown Dilemma =

Start out by running right, jump over the table and jump onto and over the 
fridge. Continue on running outside and you should see something on a ledge. 
As you run out some more Wade will come up on your communicator, bring up the
communicator and listen to Wade's talking: "WADE: Some of the moves open up 
other possibilites. Test yourself. You might be surprised at what you can do"
Run over a bit and punch the enemy knocking them out. Now turn around and do 
a Super BackFlip jump (see controls for how to do it) onto the ledge and get
the item on it. After you get the item on the ledge jump up ontop of the 
house and get everything. After you get everything ontop of the roof head
right back to the ground and attack the enemies heading into Boyno Nacho. 
Inside collect crystals as you head toward the grill. When you get to the 
grill notice the fire, it goes in a pattern, after the fire on the first 
grill goes out jump on and run across quickly outside. Now that you're 
outside jump ontop of the first fridge. Head to the last fridge and jump 
from it to the big wall and jump over it. 

Continue on by heading into the arcade. Collect the crystals above the 
arcade machines and take out the bullies as you head out. Take out enemies
as you head into one last building for this level, the disco place -_-'. 
Knock out the enemies as you see them in the Disco Place and you'll soon 
finish the level.

= Stage Two: Middleton High High-Jinks! =

Level Password: Rufus, Wade, Kim, Shego, Kim, Kim, Kim

Jump up and get the blue crystal then head right getting the lipstick. Take 
out the Bully then continue to the right. A little bit over there will be a 
Bully and a locker, take the bully out then get jump over the locker. A little
bit to the right is some funky stuff, if you touch it you take damage so jump
over it and proceed on. Get the items as you go through the school, at the 
end of the hallway there is one of Drakken's guards, it has 2HP so you'll need
to attack it twice to defeat it and head outside. Quickly run through the 
outside attacking the enemies as you go and you'll soon be back inside. Once 
you're inside jump over the big door and onto the mini-locker and over the 
goop. Not far is some more goop, climb up on the locker and jump over the goop
and door. Continue on defeating enemies as you go until there is a goop and 
a crystal way above it. To get that hard to reach crystal do a Super Back Flip
Jump then continue on over the lockers and the door. As you head outside a 
bully and his four minions will attack you, take them out with some punches 
and head on outside.

Quickly pass through the outside portion into the inside again and take out 
the enemy. Jump and climb over the door and wade will come on the 
communicator. he'll say: "You can make a longer jump by doing a cartwheel 
(summersault) first." Do a Super Backflip Jump over the goop and exit finish
the level where Wade will tell you Ron's in trouble; it's off to Camp 

= Stage Three: Return to Camp Wannaweep! =

Level Password: Ron, Guard, Kim, Drakken, Sheigo, Monkey Fist, Kim

Start out by running and jumping over the goop then taking out Drakken's 
Guard. Continue on jumping over goop pits and taking out Drakken's Guards, 
but watch out because in some of the goop there is goop shooting monsters! 
Anyway, after a little bit you will encounter a skinny Drakken Guard. These 
guys only have one hit, but they have a long ranged attack. Take the skinny
guard out then head through the house collecting the Accessory and defeating
the guard. When you get outside there will be yet another one of Drakken's 
Guards. After you've taken out the guard continue on jumping over the pools
of goop until you get to a long pile of goop. Do a Super BackFlip jump over
the long pile of goop then take out Drakken's Guards as you head through 
another house. Wade will contact you after you leave the house, bring up the
communicator and use your Lip Stick Laser gadget to destroy the door. Defeat
guards as they head into the house, after they stop coming use your Lip 
Stick Laser again to destroy the other door. Outside you will notice some 
yellow stuff on the ground, all this stuff does is slow you down. 

Continue on by heading into the house. Do a Super BackFlip Jump to get the 
item on the top left corner then use the Mirror Bombs Gadget to destroy the 
door. Not much area left now, go through the short stretch of area defeating
Drakken's Guards to the end of the level.... or is it?

                        -= Boss Battle Sheigo =-

Sheigo isn't too hard and she doesn't move much making the boss battle rather
boring. If you run away she most likely will not follow you, but will hit you
with her fire-fists. Keep in close to her and just hit her with normal 
attacks. You may take some damage, or lose a life, but that's what Extra 
Lifes are for. Also, through fighting her several times I found out that she
attacks after you've attacked her 6 times and she attacks in strings of 

= Stage Four: Monkey Temple Madness! =

Level Password: Rufus, Drakken, Kim, Shego, Drakken, Monkey Fist, Kim 

Run to the right and take out the Monkey Ninja as you jump up and continue 
on. Take the Monkey Ninja's out as you go until you reach a monkey statue 
head. There is a bunch of stuff high up around this head, use Super BackFlip
jumps to get them then proceed right defeating enemies until you reach a 
giant monkey head thing and water. Do a Super BackFlip jump to get the blue
crystal then climb up the passage until you reach a hole at the end. Jump 
down the hole into Monkey Temple! Run left then jump down. Grab the treasure
then jump again to another platform. You should be able to see a +1 life now,
jump and get the +1 life then jump down to a lower platform. Continue on down
platforms until Wade comes up on the communicator. Listen to Wade's advice 
then shoot your grappling hook that you should of just picked up at the
loop and swing across the acid pit.

Jump down the hole now and proceed on by jumping across more acid pits. Jump
down and listen to yet another hint from wade about rolling (look in the 
control section for advice on how to roll) then roll underneath the small 
passage. Roll through another passage down below and you'll be in the final
portions of the stage. Jump and get the +1 Life then just head down the 
entire time. The rest of this stage is just jumping down and avoiding enemies
and spikes. When you jump down the final jumping place you'll appear in the
boss lair.

                      -= Boss Battle Monkey Fist =-

Monkey Fist moves a lot more than Sheigo and does slightly more damage, but 
he shouldn't be much of a problem. Basically just attack him with normal 
punch and kick combo's until he's been defeated. There is no real way to 
avoid his attacks, so you'll just have to bare with his damaging blows unless
you want to do rolls the entire battle. He shouldn't be much of a problem and
the battle should soon be over :).

= Stage Five: Situation on the Space Station =

Level Password:  Kim, Wade, Monkey Fist, Wade, Shego, Monkey Fist, Kim 

Head left, taking out the monkey ninja, then do a Super BackFlip Jump onto 
the higher ledge. Get the blue crystal then jump across and continue on by
taking out the monkey ninja and wade will come up. He will talk about wall 
jumping. Wall jump up to the higher platform then take out the robot. 
Continue on down all the way to the ground then walk over to the wall. Wall
Jump all the way up (I suggest doing a Super BackFlip jump first, I find it
easier). Walk over to the first pod thing now and press the attack button, 
you will be warped. Grab the lipstick then walk back over to the pod and warp
back. Now head right a little to another pod, and warp using the attack 
button. Blow up the wall with a few hits from your lipstick then run left 
destroying the robots. Now do a Super BackFlip jump against the wall and Wall
Jump up to the top. 

Head down, until you reach the bottom then head over to the wall and Wall 
Jump over and press the attack button at the pod to warp. Head on rolling 
under the broken pipes then jump down. Head on down, collecting crystals as
you go (make sure to roll under the pipes) until you reach the bottom then 
run over to the side and wall jump up onto the floating platform. Jump across
all the platforms until you get to the top one, from there jump onto the 
ledge and fall down. Run left and you'll see three pods. Head over to the 
third one and warp. Collect the lipstick at the very end then go back to the
pod and warp to where the three pods were again. Warp through the second one
and destroy the wall with your lipstick. Head through the final stages of the
level and make your way to one last warp pod. Warp then jump down to the boss

                      -= Boss Battle Monkey Fist =-

This is like your last battle with him, except he has monkey ninja's. Simply
avoid the monkey ninja's and use the same strategy as last time to defeat 
him, there should be little trouble defeating him.

= Stage Six: Perils In Paris =

Level Password: Rufus, Wade, Monkey Fist, Wade, Drakken, Kim, Kim

Immediately start running, and jump atop the roof. Grab the crystal then jump
down again. Take out Drakken's guard, jump over the roof again (grabbing the 
crystal) then do a jump kick down taking out yet another guard of Drakken's.
Continue on taking out assorded enemies, and grabbing blue crystals until you
reach a rooftop with a Grappling Hook Gadget. Grab the hook then jump down to
the edge of the pit. Use the hook to shoot yourself up to the top of a pole,
and from there jump to a roof top. Compared to Stage Five this level is a 
piece of cake. Run along, taking out enemies and grabbing blue crystals until
you get to a gate. Jump over it and take out all the enemies inside of it 
(make sure to get the free life) then do a Super BackFlip jump out of it. 
There isn't much new, it's much like before, just do what you've been doing
until you come across a roof with another Grappling Hook on it. Like before
go over to the nearby cliff type thing and shoot the pole sending you across.
You're now on the final stages of this easy level. Defeat the enemies as they
come, and run to the end.

= Stage Seven: Factory Foolery =

Level Password: Kim, Drakken, Monkey Fist, Wade, Sheigo, Monkey Fist, Kim

The first stage of the level is just jumping over pits, simply jump over the
pits as you go collecting blue crystals. When you reach a larger pit do a 
Super BackFlip Jump onto the platform above it, then do a Cannonball Roll 
under it. When you get to the second longer pit Walljump across the pipes to
the higher platform and continue on. The next pit is pretty tough, stand 
right next to the pit and turn around, jump against the wall then wall jump
up onto the platform.  Now there will be several things coming down from the 
wall, do Cannonball Roll's underneath them until you get to another pit where
you should Wall Jump onto the platform, head down, and wall jump across the 
pipes (you'll first need to do a Cannoball Roll though).

After you exit the factory there will be an enemies. Theses enemies can be 
quite tough, so watch out for their attacks, after you defeat all the enemies
and head back into the enemy-infested factory continue on doing the jumping.
The second jump should be too long to do, so use the aqquired gadget you just
got and shoot up at the hook. Repeat this until you come across some pipes, 
Cannonball Roll under them and complete the final stages of the level, which
is just a few jumps, face off against the huge bunny and head on to the boss

                         -= Boss Battle Sheigo =-

Sheigo has a lot of hits (around 35 I believe), but her attack is really weak
compared to Monkey Fist. Just keep on hitting her and the battle will soon be
over and you'll have to wall jump your way out. Wait until you can jump 
across the walls and start wall jumping up and you'll soon be finished.

= Stage Eight: Dr. Drakken's Evil Lair =

Level Password: Guard, Monkey Fist, Monkey Fist, Guard, Drakken, Kim, Kim

Start out by heading right and jumping onto the platforms. Head across them
and take out the guard. Jump onto the rock and then jump onto the higher 
platform now. Get the lipstick bomb then jump down, take out the guard, and
blow up the door with the lipstick bomb. Take out the spinning top of doom 
and jump up onto the platform with the lipstick bomb again. followed by 
jumping and getting the grappling hook. Head along until you reach a large 
pit, use your Grappling Hook to launch onto a rock and jump down to the 
other side of the pit.

Head across a bit and jump up onto the first platform you can reach. Head to
the left and get the Watch Gadget, which gives you invincibility. Head to 
the right now, across the spikes. Eventually you'll reach a small hole, use
a Cannonball Roll there and you'll soon be out of the spikes. Head along and
you'll soon reach a high stone wall, use a Super Backflip Jump to get over
it, take out the guards, and wall jump across the next wall. Jump down and
head along until you reach a log with spikes on both sides. Use a Cannonball
Roll here again and proceed on.

Jump over one hole then grab the Grappling Hook. Use the Grappling Hook to
shoot over a few platforms until you only have one left. Jump down and wait
until the enemy fires at you, after he does jump over and take him out. Grab
the Mirror Gadget and continue on across the pink platforms, and jump over
the huge wall. Use the Mirror on the wall and continue onusing it on the 
next aswell. There's another generic path, so just head right until you reach
a HUGE pit. Jump onto the platform, and across the next two and you'll be 
across the pit. 

Head right a bit and there will be another Watch, get it and head across
some minor obstacles.... and onto Dr. Drakken!!!

                       -= Final Boss: Dr. Drakken =-

Drakken is a bit of a Challenge, mostly because you can only hit him with
Drop Kicks after Super Backflip Jumps though. Your basic strategy is to stay
about a screen away from him, and when he stops to zap the ground do a Super
Backflip Jump and hit him with a kick or two in mid-air. Every once in awhile
he'll summon some Spinning Tops of Doom too, they're no problem though, a few
punches and they're crippled. Just keep on Backflipping when he stops and 
hitting him with mid-air kicks and you'll soon see the ending, credits, and
preview of the next game.

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                         Frequently Asked Questions
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1) Where Can I Get This Game?
2) How bout getting the ROM?
3) Is this game any good?
4) What are these Blue Crystals for?
5) I picked up something, and it changed something below my health!?!?
6) Ummmm.... What is the level password for this level?
7) I need help with this Stage!
9) What's with the score I have?
10) What's the difference in the difficulties?
11) How do I unlock Movies/Pictures?


Question 1) Where Can I Get This Game?
This is a Game Boy Advance game so it's not really that hard to find right
now. It costs around $20, and some places I recommend are: Toys R Us, 
WalMart, and Best Buy.


Question 2) How bout getting the ROM?
The ROM is findable in a few places on the Net, but remember it is illegal to
have ROMs. I don't suggest getting the ROM because it IS illegal and you CAN
get virus's, but the ROM number is 0772.


Question 3) Is this game any good?
It really depends on your liking in games. If you're a big fan of the TV show
then it is a good chance you will like the game. If you like Arcade Beat em'
up games then there is also a good chance you'll like the game. It isn't 
really that long, but you have to beat it in one sitting or use passwords and
it has pretty good Replay Value in my opinion.


Question 4) What are these Blue Crystals for?
Blue Crystals are used to get points. When you collect a Blue Crystal your 
points go up. Also, if you collect all of the Blue Crystals in the level you
have a change to get a perfect for the level which will give you a major 
point bonus and will unlock a picture :).


Question 5) I picked up something, and it changed something below my health?
That is nothing to be worried about, you just got a gadget! Press the L 
button to use the gadget. Some of the gadgets in the game are: Grapling Hook,
Lipstick Laser, and a Bomb type thing.


Question 6) Ummmm.... What is the level password for this level?
Let me direct to you to Section 4. It contains the Level Passwords for all 8
stages. It is located after the controls, but before the walkthrough. If you 
do not know which characters are which picture than E-mail me at: 
Pikminworrior@aol.com :).


Question 7) I need help with this Stage!
The section above contains a Walkthrough for each stage. Use that first, then
if you still need help feel free to E-mail me at: Pikminworrior@aol.com :).


No, I am not ten. I don't see anything wrong with playing a Disney Game, if 
you really think it's that immature then why did you click on this FAQ for? 
Also, what about Boy Meets World? That isn't exactly a 10 year old show. Nor 
is Sister Sister, or Smart Guy. Fact is you don't have to be 10 to enjoy the 
awesomeness of Disney. I think you're the one who needs to grow up if you 
think that!


Question 9) What's with the score I have?
The score really doesn't have any big significance. Mostly, it is just a 
bragging right, like saying: I got 50,000 points; I am the best! If you want
to know my highest score, I do not know it off the top of my head, if I 
remember it I'll tell here :).


Question 10) What's the difference in the difficulties?
Nothing much, the enemies are a bit tougher though, and it seems like there 
is a few more enemies. (To change the difficulty go to options)


Question 11) How do I unlock Movies/Pictures?
Pictures are obtained by collecting the Blue Crystals in a level and Movies 
are obtained by seeing the movie in the actual GamePlay.

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                                 Legal Junk
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This guide is copyright (c) BurningFox 2003. It may only be posted on the 
following sites:

o www.gamefaqs.com
o www.neoseeker.com
o www.cheats.de
o faqs.ign.com

If it is found anywhere else it is considered an illegal copy. If you read on 
further than the next line in an illegal copy you are contributing to the 
illegal acts of the Internet and therefor you are committing a crime. I'm not
strict at all on letting a site use my guides, just E-mail me at 
Pikminworrior@aol.com if you wish to host the FAQ. You may and are encouraged
to print out this document for completing the game or other Kim Possible: 
Revenge of Monkey Fist related things, But not to sell and or trade for 

.:*:.                    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                    .:*:.
':*:'                    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                    ':*:'

- www.networkscience.de/ascii   This website is where I got the awesome ASCII
art at the top of the FAQ generated from. If you ever consider doing a FAQ 
this is a great place to get some ASCII Art if you want to insert ASCII art 
to your FAQ.

- Disney, for creating the awesome TV series Kim Possible and this video 
game. Without Disney this FAQ wouldn't exist :).

- QuickSilver, for being the most awesome pet evar. :)

- HappyBuddha311, you rule dude.

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                               Version History
':*:'                    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=                    ':*:'

Version Final    KB= 30
Finished Everything. Nuff' said.

Version 1.5      KB= 28
Walkthrough is now updated through level seven. Only the last level remains,
an update for that should follow quickly.

Version 1.4      KB= 23
Added the fifth level to the walkthrough which is now like 62.5% percent 
done. (I can't believe I forgot the exact number for 5/8 X_X)

Version 1.3      KB= 20
Added the fourth level to the Walkthrough which is now 50% done! Also, I 
added Question #10 to the FAQ and some thanks. The FAQ is like 65% done now.

Version 1.2      KB= 18
Correction done on some information, nothing new really :).

Version 1.1      KB= 17
The Second Version of this FAQ. I added a few sections and redid a few 
things. The Walkthrough is now 3/8 done and overall the FAQ is about 50% 
done. In the future I may add one or two sections, but this FAQ will most 
likely only be updated in the Walkthrough for awhile.

Version 1.0      KB= 14
The First Version of the FAQ. Most of the Sections are done, and the 
walkthrough is only 1/4 done.