Kim Possible: What's the Switch? Cheats

Kim Possible: What's the Switch? cheats, Glitchs, and Codes for PS2.


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Green circles around Shego
Go in the level Evil Lair and find the place with three bars in this position: Bottom right, Middle left and Top right. Then select the EMPunch with the Kimmunicator on the top left. Then go in the little part on the left of the bars. Double jump just above the Middle Left Pole. While still above the Middle Left Pole use the EMPunch and if you are exactly above it you will start swinging on the pole with green circles going around Shego. You can turn the circles off by:
. Using EMPunch again but on the floor
. Punching (You can keep the circles on AND attack by kicking)
. And lastly dieing
If you are wondering the Green circles may LOOK like a forcefield but they ARE NOT A FORCEFIELD!!!!! Have fun with the circles! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> 8D =vD